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Summary: Bella moves to forks to live with Charlie where she meets the Cullens. Bella already knows about vampires and holds a grudge against them all. Will she tell the Cullens what happened?

Chapter 1 - Arriving in Forks

It didn't surprise me; the traffic there was in forks. It was the usual time for people to have finished work and when there's a police car about people tend to slow down.

Just my luck I was in said police car. No I wasn't in trouble, my dad was Charlie Swan, chief of Police here at sunny old forks. As if. Forks and sunny do not go in the same sentence, unless you say, "it is sunny in forks at least three days of the year!"

So yeah, Charlie is a cop, and my dad, picking me up from Forks airport. It's not like I wanted to be here. Don't get me wrong I love Charlie but I didn't want to leave my grandma, but she was too old to look after me and had to go into an old people home, scarily opposite funeral directors.

Story is my mother, Charlie's ex-wife Renee, died four years ago, I won't go into details, and I was sent to live with her mother, my grandma. Unfortunately she got sick and I wasn't able to look after her so I left that job to the people at the home and decided to move in with dad who I haven't seen in years, since I was eight. And now I'm seventeen. And I wondered why there is an awkward silence between us in the car.

"Your hair's longer." Charlie finally broke the silence.

"Oh, yeah. Guess it grew back, I cut it since I last saw you." I mumbled quietly but load enough so he could hear.

Charlie grunted in acknowledgement. Another minute of silence. Charlie turned the radio up and tapped the steering wheel along with the music.

I inwardly sighed and looked out the window of the police car. One word. Green.

All around was trees, trees, a patch of grass and more trees. A few mountains in the distance. Clouds in the grey sky that was slowly but surely darkening.

After what felt like forever the cruiser pulled into the drive of Charlie's house. My old home, my new home.

"Here we are. Welcome back Bella." Charlie said with a smile.

I said nothing as we got out of the car. Charlie went to get my things from the back; I just stood and stared up at the house. It hadn't changed much, a few thin vines slowly climbing up the house front, weeds all over the grass and paint beginning to peel on the windows.

"A little help kiddo." Charlie grunted dropping some of my things onto the floor accidentally emphasizing his point.

I ran over to help him. We took my bags into the house. Charlie had obviously chosen not to redecorate.

I looked over to the living room where, still perched on the fireplace, were pictures of me, Charlie and Renee.

There was a picture of me; the latest one of me on the fireplace was me at eight years old sitting with a book, smiling a cheesy grin at the camera with one of my teeth missing. The picture next to it was of me, Charlie and Renee. One happy family once upon a time. I was only four then so I don't remember it much.

It was the third and final picture that made me look away and trek up the stairs to my new room. It was Charlie and Renee on their wedding day. It was obvious that Charlie hadn't gotten over the end of their marriage and he took her death even worse then the divorce. I was sure that I felt worse but I didn't show it, only allowing myself to cry when I was alone.

Swallowing down the lump that was building in my throat I walked up the stairs.

"Second door on…"

"The right. I know Dad." I finished, remembering exactly where my room was.

I walked in. The walls were the same sky blue; the wardrobe sat unmoved collecting dust, as did the desk. The bed sat in the middle of the room.

"I got you a new bedding. The lady at the store chose it. You like purple right."

"Yeah, purple's cool." I said.

"Oh and I got you a computer. The Internet connection may be a bit slow but it'll do."

"Yeah, thanks dad. It's great." I turned to give him a smile. He smiled back and dropped the bags on the floor before walking out of the room to let me unpack.

My smile dropped as soon as he was gone. I dropped onto my bed and took in my bedroom. It could use some cleaning. I'll do that tomorrow.

"Bella, I'm gonna get some pizza, you want?" Charlie called up.

"Sure dad." I called back, walking to the bathroom to place my items on the shelf.

The next day

I awoke to the sound of the fire alarm going off.

Jumping out of bed I ran downstairs to see what was happening. Charlie was in the hallway on a chair swishing the smoke detector with a dishcloth.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I burnt my toast." Charlie grumbled. The fire alarm stopped and Charlie went into the kitchen. I followed.

"Toast? Of all the things to burn you choose toast?" I stifled my laugh.

"You know I can't cook. I tried making a stir-fry and you don't want t o know how that turned out." Charlie admitted.

"It's okay dad, I can cook for us. Grandma taught me a few handy recipes."

"Okay. Right Bella, I have to work. Billy and Jacob are going to pop over later to watch the game, if they come before I'm back then tell them I'll be home shortly. You remember Jacob and Billy right?"

"Yeah dad I do."

I did remember them, vaguely. Billy Black lived on the La Push reservation along with his son Jacob Black.

I waved Charlie off and went inside the house to start cleaning my room. Maybe the whole house if I get too bored.

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