Eric Reese nearly gagged. He may never kiss Jesse again after this.

The captured metal code-named 'Uncle Bob' had just kissed the other metal. You know, the one made out of the hide of a damn fine scout so it married that bone-jarring terror of realizing the person next to you was an unsouled killing machine to the gut-wrenching disgust of an animated corpse. Then it told Cameron, "For luck." And damned if the thing didn't look like it was comparing the mission success probability now calculated to the previous one before nodding its head. The killing machine pretending to be a little girl then turned away as expressionless as ever.

"Ain't this a bitch.", Kyle Reese agreed. "Hey, metal! You ever kiss anything in front of me again and I'll forget you're reprogrammed."

This was an if-then statement. Consequences resulting from the choice presented would execute. Those consequences may interfere with standing orders and therefore projecting responses ahead of time were tactically advantageous and programatically necessary. Because most branches are usually taken, it would be best to analyze the possibility that he did kiss something in front of Kyle Reese again before not.

Uncle Bob brought up projections of behavior overlayed on its HUD. Kyle Reese, being special forces attached to TechCom along with his brother, held destroying Skynet assets as his primary occupation. The only other behavior that he ever exibited besides maintaining combat readiness were a)uneccessary, unwarranted and exaggerated debreifs b)staring at a picture of General Connor, John's mother c)obeying General Connor, John and his brother. Should Kyle Reese forget that Uncle Bob had been reprogrammed, he would identify the T-800 as a Skynet asset that had not been reprogrammed. If the T-800 was assummed to be a Skynet asset, let alone in the proximity to Resistance sensitivities that a Resistance asset was allowed, then Kyle Reese would attempt to destroy it. The loss of a Resistance asset would be in direct contraditon to Standing Order #2:Protect Humanity.

If it did not kiss anything in front of Kyle Reese again, Kyle Reese would remain an unanticipated threat but the loss of benefit to said behavior would result. Cameron had agreed with his assessment that when Resistance assets were kissed for luck, missions had an anecdotally indentified increased rate of success by as much as 5.7 percent. In the first debriefs related with observational distance of the couple, it appeared this was the case only for personnel. But as more anecdotes were added to the field acquired database, the practice was consistent for any number of equipment types: ranging from canine detection units to lucky charms to named vehicles. Particular missions could protect humanity more than a single T-800 if completed, even with partial successes. Cameron, in particular, was a highly valuable asset. Missions that she served on that had her safe return had a 100 percent success rate currently, just as missions with her returning damaged held. The jeapordy not kissing Cameron on in front of Kyle Reese may not be able to be afforded.

Was there anything preventing the if-then statement to be compiled correctly? The condition tested only existed in front of Kyle Reese. Because the practice only occured in non-combat, non-time sensitive situations only minimal effort would be required to change position at an execution of it thereof. Benefits of the practice could be maintained while theoretically never setting the statement to true.

"Acknowledged.", Uncle Bob replied at a randomly selected interval ranging from 2 to 400 milliseconds after Kyle Reese' vocal resonation descended beneath the threshold decibel level for human perception, having taken 1.84 milliseconds to compute the conversational interpretation and abstract analysis with an appropriate but not too generous portion of system resources. "The next time I kiss anything for luck I will be at least one-sixth pi off your center axis."

Before Kyle could object, Cameron preceded the Connors back into the room. It entwined its hand in Uncle Bob's and stared blankly as it tended to when no knew information would be gained from additional scans. The people present had come to expect but never become accostomed to her gaze resting on Uncle Bob. Just something about appearance of a teenage girl staring at what it called its boyfriend with all the emotion of a well-forgotten rock never did sit right.

"Alright, you know what it means when I call you two and just you two.", General Connor told the brothers. He took what used to be a cell phone with an unrolling electronic ink screen from his ever present satchel.

"This is our target:a Skynet R&D base. I'm throwing a force at it from the south here, at its storage area as if to steal manufactured and refined supplies we have a hard time generating. I need some boom brought here on the west side of it just after we hit it."

Eric furled his brow. "But boss, don't you mean before? How are we going to be the distraction if we start blowing stuff up after our boys make their move?"

"They're the distraction too.", John answered. "I need to sneak someone inside to smell what Skynet's cooking. As an R&D hotspot, it's not only got the goods but should be in constant communication with every other thinkbase in the world. If I hit it with a force, Skynet's gonna chew through them as hard as it can. A couple of guys making a ruckus, Skynet's gonna understand they're the distraction and expect a blow from some other direction. This way I can get a third party in without the big metal looking for it, because it's gonna look like I sent the larger force to distract them from guarding against you. You madmen couldn't sneak into anything, so when you try to blow your way in and they stop you it'll look like a botched op."

Kyle asked, "So who are you sending in for real? Not Jose's fat ass, right?"

John Connor chuckled. "No, I'm sending Cameron. That way everyone can scatter like cockroaches as soon as things get hairy. We won't lose anyone if everyone working distraction has to bug out early this way. And if it is captured before it can gather any useful intel, there's a virus bomb in her chip that'll not only keep her from spilling anything but go after the data and bounce it our way. Any other questions?"

"Yes.", Cameron stated simply. "We have not been able to determine how good luck charms function. We have seen Reese, Kyle stare at the photograph of your mother for hours before a mission but the only effect we've noticed is his inflamed lust. Can you help us understand the acquisition, designation and operating procedures for good luck charms?"

Colonel Connor narrowed her eyes. "Any other questions about the mission?"

"Oh. No.", Cameron conceded. "Thank you for explaining."