I wish it wasn't time for some author's notes, but I feel it is (unless feedback indicates otherwise). Apologies to those who expected a 'real' update. There are 'peaks' at upcoming events in this fic laden throughout, even if not everything one could infer is going to happen will.


Cameron and Uncle Bob (and all Skynet assets including Skynet itself) are machines, artificial constructs, not genuine, spurious, Mickey Mouse...So I have tried (and failed) to use "it" rather than "he/she" as the pronouns for these devices. Yes, canon does indicate that they have every gender indicator (even *shudder* T4, and its masking of Arnold's CGI form). Yes, both characters show and will continue to show culture based gender roles in canon and the fic, ranging from Cameron's spiteful pancake bite in front of Derek Reese in the show (a very feminine passive aggressive thing to do) to Uncle Bob's "Hold this" in T2 (a very overly machismo, forced apathy yet showy gesture).

However, this fic being what it is, all (well, close enough to 'all' without plot interference) machines will self identify as 'it' unto themselves. People, human or otherwise, will self identify as a gender even if that becomes difficult (e.g. A transgender character in the 'post-Judgement Day future' setting would not be able to obtain non-war relevant medical procedures. The character may verbally insist that everyone refer to the character by the opposite sex, but still be pronouned in narrative as the biological birth gender if and only if the character still views oneself as that gender. Even if feeling that the person in question was 'supposed' to be born the other.)

Eric Reese-

Is Derek Reese. In this fic, the Reese boys were born to different mothers. Hence one thin and wry, the other with more bulk. Eric, being born after Judgement Day in 1997, is the son of a woman who died in in child birth due to no facilities and with her dying breath tried to name him Derek but failed. Derek Reese was born on the very same day, before Judgement Day 2011, whose parents' marraige ended without a casualty. When the time line changes, so will the character name.

While we're on the subject, this is a topic I'm going to mess up on due to how very far I'm reaching and how little mind I'm putting to it. On one hand:

Kate Connor exists only after John Connor is put in foster care circa pre-T2 and as far as I've seen John 'would be' in foster care. It's specifically stated in T3 that they didn't end up together because T2 took John out of the neighborhood and killed his foster parents. Due to Sarah Connor being schizophrenic (and grand applause for first recognizing that schizoprhenia is a medical, drug treatable condition that would show up on a catscan so a woman screaming about machines from the future being ignored as lunatic would only happen if she actually was crazy and secondly for having the juevos...the cajones...the sheer moxy to have a female action drama lead character be mentally ill and still in the leadership role)...where was I? Oh yeah. Due to Sarah Connor being schizophrenic, it is reasonable (for a fanfic) to presume that John Connor would be placed in foster care whether or not T1, even if a lack of T1 creates a 'what father' paradox.

In the other hand:

I have to keep straight whether or not Jesse (T:SCC), Jose(T3), Captain Perry(T:SCC), that one girl's sister who'll have the immunity, the other dude who tortured a Derek (not this Eric, or that Derek or the one[s] in between but the one after), etc. etc. exist in any given timeline.


The show and the movies go pretty far out of their way to point out that a time line can change.

Yes, this is probably impossible. All my reading on the subject backs up that time travel still has to follow the dimensional layout of the (singular) universe (even a 14 dimensional one) and any change to the future was already done in the past because both sides of the time travel have to be anchored to one another as much as a drive from Mexico to Canada is. This is generally presented as the reason why no time travellers have been detected:no one's developed time travel so no one can precede the present, not that any time-glitches are fixed or covered up. Some (few) have pointed to the Large Hadron Collider Curse as supporting this: activating it would cause a miniscule (on the level of Plank Time, and on a microatomic scale) temporal event due to Membrane-Theory (which, as of right now, is more of a hypothesis than a theory like evolution or gravity) and therefore can't be activated to cause such a thing. Long story short, you can be your best friend's grandfather but not your own and only if you invent time travel when you're an infant.

That being said, any Terminator fan fic set post Judgement should have to keep track of all the time line changes that 'actually' happen and how they change history. Let alone, any additional ones the fic presents.

Machine thoughts-

This is what I'm trying to write about.

Too often, writers/ficcers have machines/aliens/gods feel or think or introspect the way humans do. This turns machines/aliens/gods into simply 'them'. When the antagonist, they're just stand ins for the ole them in 'us vs. them' whether they be Nazis, Indians or whatever constitutes the target the audience will accept obliterated by the end of the story (thankfully, that target is Nazis nowadays much more often than it is Indians as it was in John Wayne's heyday, horrible behavior vs. birthplace and all). When they're on the protaganist side, they pretty much end up being an excuse for a character having a power or *scoff* importance or worse:being the deus ex machina for the other characters.

I've always appreciated this about the Terminator franchise: the machine characters are just as much characters as anyone else. Yes, there's the generic endoskeleton but only as much as there's the generic cop. The T-800 that attempted the assassination of Sarah Connor was as much of a soldier as Kyle Reese. The very last scene of T2 may have been the best acting Arnold has ever done in his career (compare it to anything in Sixth Day or Total Recall). One of the top five attributes of the show (in my opinion) is that Summer Glau emotes as Cameron but always in a machine way. Whether in her airy "I feel" to John, "John Connor cannot be harmed" to Derek, the subtle flicker of her gaze in response to Sarah's "Don't you kiss me", etc. Yet never do they stop being machines.

'Thought' still follows the rules of existence even if 'perception' has yet to be defined. Men being dangerously or self-defeatingly stupid around attractive women (I don't know if this was normed for homosexuals) is still a completely logical result of evolution:increased risk taking leads to a higher probability in creating offspring to be present in the next generation. Just because an object is a machine instead of a dog or a person doesn't mean it's always going to reach perfect conclusions:the prime example that comes to mind is one computer that kept being programmed for A.I asserting that most people were famous because it's data set was encyclopedias. And just because a character is one that is nigh-always stereotpyed ("I'm a robot, roger roger.") or ignored traits ("I won't believe I'm a machine, I lust after you too much because I was built to look like a teenager") doesn't mean it would.

So I will try to explain characters thoughts as they percieve them. It's a premise of Terminator that terminators can't feel fear (hence, Uncle Bob isn't worried sick over Cameron, no matter how dismal the odds of it being recoverable) or pain (Cameron understands exactly how much the drop injured her, but it didn't hurt her at all). That doesn't mean they won't care, be offended or even hold opinions and feelings that are completely alien to a biological condition (e.g. When was the last time you reprioritized your shape recognition over your depth perception to appreciate cubism? Therefore, can you appreciate cubism as much as it is appreciable?).

Original characters-

I detest original characters in fanfic. Does my writing suffer for it? Well...I can think of at least one case that will be corrected, eventually. That being said, the story requires survivors of Rico's Roughnecks. If I can't come across some Terminator characters to fit the bill, I'm going to introduce other series to fill up the spot.

Fic's Future (not Terminator's)-

Firstly, I'll try to keep to canon. That's not going to happen. It's a time travel shifts the time stream show. T4 doesn't happen in T:SCC because T3 now didn't. Also, I heard a rumor the franchise was on the auction block (and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sold for $60,000,000). So will si-fi pick up T:SCC like it did Stargate (and we should all hope so). Or will Midway-now-WB Games kick out Mortal Kombat vs. Terminator *shiver*. Either way, something's gonna happen that will deviate what should have happened from what will happen...like Morris, remember him?

Secondly, this looks like it's going to be in four parts. "My First Boyfriend" is already out there. The others you should see coming. The second to last chapter of "My First Girlfriend" is the obvious scene from the show. "You Murdered My First Boyfriend" is the obvious story, with easily guessed major events and a known event as the last chapter. "Revenge for My First Boyfriend" is simply persepective for show/movie events and will be my first 'behind the scenes'/perspective story.