AN: Some sexual content in this chapter.

In the bedroom, Sasori turned to Deidara and said, "Strip for me."

Deidara slipped out of his robes. He'd never really been body-shy, but still, a flush rose into his cheeks as he exposed himself to Sasori's gaze. Those amber eyes moved up and down, scanning the length of his body. "It's bigger than I expected."

"Eh?" His flush grew hotter.

"Your penis. It's larger than I thought it would be." His tone was perfectly neutral; he might as well have been making a comment on the weather.


"It wasn't a compliment. Just an observation."

"Well, thanks anyway. Say 'cock,' though. Penis is such an un-sexy word…don't you think, un? So clinical."

"If you say so." He tilted his head, took a step closer and ran his fingers over the large, stitched-shut mouth on Deidara's chest. "I haven't seen this before."

"Yeah, I know, it's kind of weird, un. Imagine what it was like for my mother when I was born. Y'know, usually the first thing the doctor says is, 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl,' not, 'what the fuck is this?'" He realized he was babbling and chuckled nervously, gaze downcast. He'd fantasized about stripping for Sasori many times, but he'd never imagined it being so awkward.

Sasori placed his hands on Deidara's shoulders. "You're trembling. Why?"

"I don't know, un. Just a little nervous, I guess. Can I take your robes off?"

Sasori hesitated, then nodded.

Deidara slipped off Sasori's robes, exposing his body. He'd seen it before, but still, his pulse quickened at the sight—its beauty, its strangeness—the porcelain smooth skin, a shade somewhere between cream and almond, the jointed limbs like a doll's.

"Lay down," Sasori said.

Deidara stretched out on the bed, and Sasori lay down next to him. For a minute or two, they just looked at each other. Then Deidara lay a hand on Sasori's chest and rubbed in a circle. His fingers slid down over Sasori's stomach, over his smooth groin, his thigh. He touched the joint of his elbow, traced the seam where his hip joined his torso. He scooted lower, examined Sasori's left foot, ran his finger along the sole and played with the delicately jointed toes. The nails, like his fingernails, had been painted a dark green. The mouth in Deidara's left palm opened, and the tongue slipped between Sasori's first and second toe.

Through it all, he didn't move, just watched Deidara with those large eyes. "You enjoy this?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah." He ran his fingers along Sasori's leg. "I do wish you could feel it, but even without that, it's still nice to touch you."

Sasori sat up. "If we're going to do this, we should keep it a secret. Others might see it as a weakness or find some way to use it against us."

"Use what against us, un?"

"You know. If we become…involved. Sexually."

Deidara stared at him. "Then you do want to?"

"Well…" Sasori cleared his throat. "I could try. I mean, I can't do the same things another human could do, but…maybe I can do some things. We could experiment." He met Deidara's gaze. "Are you sure you still want it, though?"

"God, yes."

"It will get frustrating for you, being with someone who can't respond to you physically. You'd be happier with a normal human."

"I don't want a normal human. I want you, Danna."

Sasori looked up. Then he wrapped his arms around him, pulled him close and pressed his cool lips to Deidara's. The kiss was awkward, clumsy. Sasori's lack of experience was apparent. But all the same, it sent a chill skittering down Deidara's spine, and his toes curled.

"You like that?"

"Yeah," he whispered.

Sasori's fingertips skimmed over his naked chest and found his nipple. Deidara watched, breathless, as Sasori traced a circle around it, and the nipple puckered and hardened. "Your body is very responsive," Sasori said. He trailed one finger down Deidara's stomach. "I can hear your heart beating. It's beating very fast."

"You do that to me."

Sasori stroked Deidara's thigh. Then he leaned in for another kiss. Deidara didn't have much more experience with kissing than Sasori, but he tried to guide him through the process, anyway. Thirty-five years old and he's never even been kissed before now, thought Deidara. His heart ached.

Then Sasori's fingers brushed his cock. He gasped and twitched as pleasure shot through him like a jolt of electricity.

"It gets larger when I touch it." There was a hint of wonder in his voice, as if erections were a new concept to him. His fingertips slid down the length of Deidara's cock.

He had such smooth, soft hands. Like a girl's, really…but the softness was deceptive. Those were the hands of a killer, an unrivaled puppet master. Now, Deidara watched them toying with his most vulnerable parts, and a tremor of pleasure ran through him. One slender finger pressed against his balls, and a little moan escaped his throat.

Sasori raised an eyebrow. "You like that?"


"Hmm." He pressed a little harder.

"Careful." Deidara gulped. "They're pretty sensitive."

"I can see that." He paused, studying Deidara's balls. Then he said, "Roll over. Onto your stomach."

Deidara obeyed, heart thumping. He felt Sasori's deft hands part his cheeks. For a moment, he just stared at Deidara's exposed hole. His thumb brushed over it, and Deidara felt the muscles of his rim contract at the touch. "When you fantasize about me," Sasori said, "what do you see, exactly? What do you envision me doing to you?"

"I…I think about you taking me…" He gulped, his mouth dry.

"Really." One slim, cool finger traced a circle around his asshole. "Of course, I can't do that without a cock. But I can do this." Sasori's finger pressed into him, and he gasped. He wriggled, biting his lower lip, and looked over his shoulder. Sasori stared back at him with those emotionless amber eyes. Then he added another finger and moved the digits in a scissoring motion, stretching Deidara's rim.

Deidara whimpered and squirmed. "Unnn…"

"Hold still, brat. If you wriggle around like an excited puppy, I'm going to end up hurting you."

"I can't help it." He panted.

"Then I'll have to restrain you, won't I?" The long, metal cable slithered out from the compartment in his stomach and wrapped twice around Deidara's body, pinning his arms to his sides. "There. That's better."

The sharp tip of the cable swayed back and forth, gleaming with liquid poison. Deidara's gaze followed it involuntarily, and he gulped.

"Relax, brat. I won't let it scratch you. I'm more careful than that."

"You're not gonna shove that inside me or anything?"

"No. Not unless you want to spend the next three days feeling your bowels burn with indescribable agony while the poison seeps into your system and eventually kills you."

He laughed nervously. "No, I could do without that."

"Though perhaps if I modified the tip…well, that's an experiment for another day." Sasori leaned closer, examining Deidara's stretched asshole with a keen, focused gaze. It was the same look he got when he was working on one of his puppets. He pushed his fingers a little deeper. "You're extremely tight."

"W-well, I've never really done this…I mean, I've stuck my fingers inside myself before—just to see what it felt like, y'know?—but it's a little different when someone else is doing it." Sasori twisted his fingers, and Deidara's breath hissed softly between his teeth. "Ooh…" His eyes slipped shut.

"Keep those eyes open."

Deidara gulped and opened them.

"Good." He added a third finger, and Deidara gasped. "I like to see your eyes while I'm doing this. I've grown very adept at reading your emotions in them, you know. I can see if what I'm doing is causing you pleasure or pain."

"S-sometimes they go together." He smiled. Then Sasori's fingers jabbed deeper into him, hitting his prostate, and he twitched. He felt his eyes widening.

"Ah." Sasori smiled. "That's the spot, isn't it? Right there." He pushed harder. One finger rubbed back and forth across the sensitive gland.

Deidara bit his lower lip. A warm trickle of blood ran down his chin, and a thin whine escaped his throat.

Sasori chuckled softly. "I rather like this. Look at you. You're such a pretty, responsive little creature. All I have to do is apply a little pressure right here…" He rubbed that spot again. "…and you're moaning and drooling helplessly."

Deidara realized, to his embarrassment, that he was drooling. He swiped the back of one hand across his lips, his cheeks hot.

Sasori chuckled again. "So cute." With his free hand, he traced a circle on Deidara's full, tight balls. "What else would turn you on?"

"Unn…" He pushed back against Sasori's fingers. "Call me names."

Sasori tilted his head. "What?"

"Say I'm your little slut."

Sasori blinked. "You like that sort of thing? Really?"

"Yeah." Deidara licked his lips. "Insult me."

Sasori's lips curved in a smile, and his lids lowered. There was a wicked, predatory glint in his amber eyes. "You're such a perverted brat."

"Mmm, yeah." He ground his cock against the bed.

"Look at you, you filthy whore." Amusement danced in his eyes. "You little slut. You like being my little slut, don't you?"

"Yeah...oooh, keep going."

"You're just a nasty, dirty-minded little brat, aren't you? A brat with bad art…"

"No, don't say that!" Deidara frowned at him, pushing out his lower lip in a pout.

"What? You wanted to be insulted."

"Not my art. It makes me feel bad when you insult my art, un."

Sasori sighed. "You're so picky. How am I supposed to know which insults turn you on and which make you feel bad?"

"I dunno. You were doing so well until then."

Sasori scowled at him. Then the scowl melted, and a smile spread across his face. "I like it when you sulk."


"Yes. Though I suppose I shouldn't encourage you, or you'll start doing it all the time." He paused, then resumed moving his fingers inside Deidara. His free hand reached out to play with his hair, twining the long golden strands around his fingers.

"Unn…c-can you…can you touch my cock?"

"Beg me a little more."

A jolt of pleasure shot through Deidara. Did Sasori know that being forced to beg turned him on? "Please, please, please, Danna." He writhed on the bed. "Please touch my cock. I need it."

"All right." Sasori retracted his cable, freeing Deidara. "Roll over."

Deidara rolled onto his back, flushed and panting. Sasori's fingers were still inside him, applying that delicious pressure. As Deidara watched, trembling with need, Sasori lowered his head and rubbed one smooth, soft cheek against his hard cock. "Ohh," he breathed. "Oh, wow…"

Sasori wrapped his free hand around the base of Deidara's cock and continued to nuzzle it, rubbing his lips and cheeks against it like a cat marking his territory. When he dragged that silky red hair across the head, Deidara gasped. "Good boy," whispered Sasori. His eyes gleamed. "Just relax…" He cupped Deidara's balls and squeezed them gently.

"Oh God. S-Sasori…I'm going to…"

Come spurted from the tip of his cock and onto Sasori's face. He blinked, ran his fingertips through the thick, white fluid and rubbed some of it between a thumb and finger.

"Oh, wow." Deidara sank into the bed, his head spinning.

"You got it all over me." Sasori sounded cross. "It's going to seep into my joints."


"Hmph." Sasori carefully withdrew his fingers from Deidara's body, grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on the nightstand and cleaned himself up. Then he stretched out beside Deidara and rested a hand on his stomach. There was a thoughtful look on his face. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh, God yes. Thank you." He smiled through the haze of bliss. "I wish there was something I could do for you in return."

"I like observing your reactions. I find it interesting." Sasori rested his head on Deidara's shoulder. His fingers wandered across Deidara's chest and down to his spent cock. He touched it lightly, then lowered his hand to the bed.



"Do you really think my art is bad?"

"You know what I think. Why do you care, anyway?"

"Well, I admire you, un. You're probably the greatest artist I've ever met. If you think it's stupid…"

"Stop obsessing over my opinion. Do you think I care about what others think? Do you think I'd let anyone's opinion stop me from making my puppets?"

"No, but…I dunno. Everyone in my home village thought it was stupid." He stared at the ceiling. "Art explained so much to me. It made the world make sense, and it made me happy. But every time I tried to share it with someone they just laughed at me or insulted me or ignored me. No one saw anything of value in it. I always told myself it was just because they couldn't understand, because they weren't artists. I thought you'd be different. But even you think it's stupid. Maybe I'm just…"

"Deidara." He aimed a long stare into his partner's eyes. "I'm telling you that a true artist—a great artist—doesn't let others' opinions discourage him. If he loves his art and understands its value, then that should be enough for him. He doesn't need anyone's approval. So stop asking for mine."

Deidara's eyes widened. For a moment, he couldn't speak. A lump had risen into his throat, cutting off air and voice. Then he lowered his head and hid it against Sasori's chest. Tears stung his eyes, and he hugged Sasori tight. "Thank you, Danna," he whispered.

"There's no reason to thank me. I just told you…why are you crying, brat? What's the matter with you?"

He smiled through his tears and kissed Sasori's cold lips. "Nothing."

-The End