Chapter 1.

The wind blew gently against Megumi's face, whipping a few strands of hair across her face. Lifting her hand to sweep her hair away, she took one last look at the place which had been her homeland for the past 23 years.

" Saiyonara." she whispered softly to herself. " Who knows when will I see you again?"

Almost as if by instinct then, her hand went to her skirt pocket and she took out the letter, which though just recently sent, was quite crumpled and yellow due to the many times she had folded and unfolded the letter. Just then, Megumi recalled the conversation that she had had with Kenshin a few weeks back.

" You wish to leave Japan for a period of time?" Kenshin had asked then.

" Yes. I know that it is a sudden decision, but it has always been my dream to learn more curing and helping people, and what other better country to do it than China? Dr. Gensai was very kind and wrote a few letters to his friend living in China. I just received a letter from the medical institute of China yesterday." Megumi placed the letter she had received from the institute on the table. " It has invited me to replace one of their doctors who had just passed away a few weeks ago. I feel that this is the opportunity that I have been waiting for."

" But. doesn't that mean that chances are that you won't be back for a very long time! Megumi, China is a foreign country, and you don't know anyone there. Furthermore, with the rebellions going on now." Kaoru had said then, however, Megumi had remained stubborn in her decision and finally Kenshin said

" We will miss you terribly Megumi, I'm sure that you know that, but if that is truly what your heart wants to do, then I'll support you fullheartedly."

There was a certain ache in Megumi's chest as she remembered the conversation. She too had been quite sad to part with her friends, however, she just had to do this, for herself, and for everyone she loved. The only person who didn't know of her decision was Sanosuke Sagara. Megumi frowned as she thought of him. 3 years had almost passed since he had escaped from Japan on a small rowing boat in the middle of the night. After that, he virtually lost all contact with them, except for an occasional postcard which assured them that he was still alive and kicking and currently exploring as much as he could of the world. In his recent postcard a few months back, he had been in Mongolia, and living with a tribal village there.

Everytime Sano and Megumi met, they would always start to bicker and argue with each other. Somehow or other, whenever Megumi saw Sano, she could never resist the urge to point out one of his many faults, especially his habit for fighting and damaging his fingers time and time again. To a stranger on the street, it would seem that the both of them were the worst of enemies, and there was nothing in the world that both of them could agree on together.

And yet, when Sano had left that night, all in a rush, just saying a goodbye and then he was gone. Megumi had felt a stab of pain that night. At that time, she had dismissed it to be just thoughts of missing him. However, during the first few weeks, things always seemed quiet as there was no one to argue with now. It was then Megumi realised that she actually missed Sano and arguing with him. With him gone, life seemed to become a monotonous routine. However, with new patients and other new happenings, Sano had disappeared to the back of Megumi's head. until now.

Megumi shook her head in order to clear her thoughts of Sano. Where ever Sano was now, it didn't matter much to her. She had a job to do, and she couldn't afford to let Rooster head make her lose her sense of concentration.