Two Hearts Revealed: Misao and Ayano's Story

Chapter 1: Why Do I Feel Like This?

Beginning notes: Alrighty people…This is a branch off story of my original... don't worry that one is not dead I am just planning out the next few stages and as I do that I am going to write this… also this is not the winner you guys voted for… that is a strict Yutaka x Minami one… I will start that one eventually.

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(A week before golden week and the party)

"Ay…" a voice called out, but was barely heard.

"…Ayano…" the voice said again.

"AYANO MINEGISHI!" The voice yelled once more, this time rather angrily.

"A…ah wa…what?" Ayano stammered shaken from her daze, remembering she was in class. many students now began laughing at the orange haired girls blunder.

"Miss Minegishi, If I find you not paying attention again there will be severe consequences… now as I asked what is the answer to number 5?" the teacher said calming down.

"…I'm very sorry… I don't know it." Ayano regretfully said.

"…normally I would send you out for that… but you are usually not the one to do this so I will make an exception… please pay attention next time…" she said, turning away.

"…What is wrong with me…she has me not even paying attention…Misao, why do I find myself staring at you so much?" Ayano thought returning to her previous state, this time though actually paying attention.

"Aya-chan what is wrong? You don't usual doze off, that's my job." Misao whispered leaning over towards her friend.

"…I am sorry… I just had something on my mind."

"…well… Okay but try to pay attention, I don't want you to get yelled at again."

"Heh sorry."

BEEEP. the bell chimed away, signaling the end of class, as the students ran out in a frenzy, three friends remained.

"…so what was that about Ayano?" Kagami asked walking towards her desk after the bell to class had rung dismissing everyone.

"Yeah Aya-Chan you seemed off all class." Misao chimed in.

"...I…I am sorry, I guess I was just distracted."

"Are you alright?" The fanged girl asked.

"…yes, I…I just had something on my mind…anyways would you two like to hang out today?"

"Yeah sound like fun… how about you, Hiragi? You busy today?"

"…sorry, I am hanging out with Konata today."

"Ehh you're always busy with her… you never hang out with us anymore."

"Sorry…she…um …she wants to study, so I said yes…maybe next time." Kagami said running off before they asked any questions.

"Hmm… she and Isumi-San do hang out often." Ayano pointed out.

"…true…I wonder if something is going on between them."

"I wonder…" Misao said looking off obviously thinking.

"…two girls huh? If they are doing it…then maybe it would be okay for us...We have been friends for so long…maybe…maybe we could be more." Ayano thought as she stared at Misao who was still staring up, her tongue slightly sticking out and her fang showing. "…she looks so cute…I love how her fang sticks out like that when she is thinking...I also like her cute golden eyes,"

Misao just continued to stare off into the distance making bizarre little noises as she did so, the noises Ayano was so acustomed to hearing her friend make.

"…those cute little noises she makes too...and she is so athletic, not to mention pretty…how long have I felt this way? I have always enjoyed spending time with her and taking care of her… ever since we were kids we had hung out…"



"Hello-earth to Ayano, You there?" Misao asked waving her hand in front of her face.

"Ohh…. Sorry, guess I spaced out for a sec again." Ayano said shaking her head.

"Your so spacy today, What's up with you?" Misao asked confused.

"Ohh...Um...Its nothing."

"Well Okay…anyways, you said you wanted to hang out… what did you have in mind?"

"Ohh…um….want to just head to my house for a bit?"

"Sure, I guess it will just be the two of us." Misao said looking out the door the way Kagami ran.

"…is there something wrong with that?" Ayano said sadly.

"No, no, of course not… I didn't mean it that way."

"Heh I'm joking, I know you didn't mean it like that." Ayano said cheering up.

"Well…lets head out, no use standing in class alone all day."

"R...Right, let's go."

(That night)

Misao and Ayano sat in Ayano's room playing a fighting game, neither one obviously winning more of like a steady game of tug-of-war with neither moving an inch.

"You're pretty good at this." Ayano said

"…you too… you're pretty good with those aerial attacks." Misao said mashing the buttons, getting hit by another combo

"Yeah but your pretty good at shooting those projectiles," Ayano said now getting hit by a return combo.

"Ha-ha I got the smash ball!" Ayano said as her character turned into a giant ball of lightning and flew about the screen.

"Aww I guess that means you win." Misao sadly stated as her green tunic wearing character flew off the stage.

"I just got lucky that match. Usually you beat me." Ayano stated trying to cheer her friend up.

"Well you have been getting good pretty fast. Lately you win a lot of our matches."

"…well that just because I had a good teacher." Ayano said looking at Misao smiling, a slight tint of red appearing on her cheeks.

"…You…you give me too much credit."

"No you're really good at this…If it weren't for you teaching, I would still be bad."

"…well, you weren't bad when we started…anyways…want to play again."


After a few hours the two girls got bored and moved on to random small talk as they didn't really have much else to do.

"Can you beleive all that homework we had to do? That was crasy"

"Yeah i know what you mean...Its like the teacher wants us to have no personal life."

"ha-ha yeah that's true."

"So...Whats new in the world of Misao?"

"...Ehh... Nothing much...but how are you and your boyfriend?" Misao bluntly asked

"I…I don't really want to talk about that."

"Why? Did something happen."

"…no…I…Um never mind, let's just move on."

"Well…okay I guess. But if something happens let me know, okay..." Misao said offering her a friendly shoulder to cry on.

"…thank you, Misao."

"…why did she have to bring that up…how am I supposed to tell her I just made him up to stop boys from asking me out…I hope she doesn't think I don't like her because of him…that would be like a complete backfire…maybe I should just say we broke up."

"…anyways…It is getting pretty late…are you tired at all?"

"…yeah kind of…are you?"

"…eh I usually stay up a bit later but if you are tired we could go to bed."

"Well if you feel like staying up longer I don't mind."

"Nah…now that I realize it…" Yawn "I guess I am a bit tired."

"…even yawning she looked cute… her little fang sticking out like that."

"…let me get a cot for you..." Ayano said quickly getting up and fetching the cot that Misao usually slept in setting it on the floor near her bed, then pulling out the comforter and pillow she often used.

"Heh… this is the same stuff I always use when I sleep here…and it is always right there in your closet."

"…yeah well I know you like it so I'm sure to leave it in my room for when you stay the night."

"…thank you." Misao said laying down fluffing the pillow she often used.

"…would you like anymore pillows? I could give you mine." Ayano said pulling the extra pillow from her bed.

"…but that's yours… I thought you really like that one?"

"…well I just thought you might want another one. I noticed you always sleep with two at your house…besides I have an extra one here I can use."

"…Th…Thank you… that's really nice of you." Misao said pulling the pillow away.

"…why is she being so nice…I mean she is always nice, especially to me, but… this is more than that even… oh well…I'm sure I'm just over thinking things."

"…good night." Ayano said hiding her face, as she was now brightly blushing and did not wish for Misao to see.

"…yeah, night."

(3 days later)

"Misao, I made you some of those cookies you really liked." Ayano said handing Misao a bento box filled with the cookies that Ayano made the day before.

"…you didn't have to do that."

"Yeah…well… You really liked them, and besides I like cooking so I thought I should make some for you."

"…yeah, but yesterday you made me those meatballs I really like…and the day before you got me a box of Pocky…why do you keep doing these nice things for me?"

"…I…I just figured…I mean… well you like them, so I…" Ayano said fidgeting around.

"Yeah, but why? You never make anything for anyone else like Kagami…why me?"

"I…I am sorry… I just figured you liked them…so… I…I wanted to make them for you." Ayano sadly stated thinking Misao was angry at her.

"…I just don't understand why you do all this for me...Its kinda weird that you do all this for me." Misao said obviously confused by the event, not really understanding, or even comprehending Ayano's feelings.

"Well…we are friends…and…I…I…I'm just going to go sit down now…class is going to start soon." Ayano said retreating to her seat, looking away from Misao.

"…I'm so stupid… why did I have to make those for her… I just wanted to make her happy… now she probably thinks I'm weird… I knew she didn't like me back…I'm such an idiot." Ayano thought putting her head on her desk, looking away from Misao sadly.

"…why is Ayano being so weird lately? I should not have called her out like that…She was just trying to be nice to me… but why is she doing all these things for me?" Looking over she noticed Ayano with her head down looking away from her. "She looks sad…I think I upset her…I'm an idiot…here she is, doing all these nice things and I call her out and make her sad.

"…Aya-Chan…I'm sorry… these gifts are really nice…" Misao said trying to cheer her friend up.

"…" Ayano just stared away from her, not replying.

"…I'm sorry Ayano… Please don't be sad…I really do like the gifts…"

"…Its okay…just…just go sit down please."

"...I…um…okay..." Misao began saying something, but stopped and returned to her seat.

"…Misao…I…I'm sorry. I don't even know why…I just want to do nice things for you…I just want to be near you…Why do I feel like this? Misao…Why do you, make me feel like this?"

"…great… I guess I did upset her…" Misao opened the box seeing a piece of paper, on top of a large pile of cookies…at least 2 or 3 batches. Pulling it out she immediately felt even worse.

Dear Misao.

I made you those cookies you love. I know you work really hard in track and stuff so I decided to make an extra batch for you, and I made them my best too because I figured these would be a nice little pick me up for you. Anyways enjoy them and I will make another batch for you.

Best friends forever Ayano : )

"…she is so nice…why did I have to say that…I'm an idiot….I really am. No wonder she feels so sad."

Walking in Kagami immediately noticed Ayano with her head on her desk and Misao looking down sadly, Kagami just walked to her desk, not wanting to make matters worse.

After class

"Aya-Chan…I'm really sorry. I read that note… it was really nice of you, and they tasted really good." Ayano said walking up to Ayano who had run out of class after the bell had rung. Luckily Misao being a good running caught up with her after she had stopped running.

"…It's okay...really… don't worry about it."

"But… I made you so sad."

"…just forget it Misao…Its okay really… you didn't mean to."

"…okay… do you want to hang out later?"

"…Um…I have to go home today… I have stuff to do…Sorry maybe later." Ayano said running off.

"…I must have really upset her… but she said it was fine…I am so confused...I don't get this at all."

The day ended with neither one talking to each other, both afraid to call the other, not wanting to upset them more, even though both were very confused by the whole scenario.

(The Next day, 1 Day before start of Golden Week)

"…heya, Misao…what are you doing over the break?" Ayano asked obviously now in a better mood.

"Ohh I don't know… want to hang out some day?" Misao asked noticing the obvious lift in Ayano's mood.

"Sure… I don't have anything planned."

"Hey guys…Um…I was wondering if you were busy tomorrow." Asked Miyuki who was apparently sent by Konata.

"…ehh, I am not sure, why do you ask?" Ayano asked first.

"…Um…I'm having everyone over for a party kind of thing." Miyuki asked obviously nervous.

"…sure Miyuki, we can make it." Misao replied.

"Yeah I would love to hang out with everyone." said Ayano.

"…Alright… If you will excuse me." Miyuki said running off obviously trying to find everyone else.

"Hmm, a party with everyone sounds fun." Ayano said first.

"Yeah…I wonder what the occasion is."

"…who knows…?"

"…Ohh well. Anyways…I gotta go, I guess I will see you at the thing.

"Yeah… talk to you tomorrow."

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