I am veyr sorry everyone, i have probably let you all down, taking forever to update, i really hate myself for it, i have had way too many things going on andhyave not been able to write.

to start off my computer broke, had to re-buy windows, to fix it that was around $200 with an external to port hard drive, then my charger fried, another $100 there then, i was hit with a ridiculous work load, valentines week was horrid for me, i don't want to talk about it at all but somethng very depressing happened with a female that has completly drained any desire i have to write anything romantic, and fluffy, it would end up very depressing if i tried to now, and in this horrible state i have been in, failed two college tests, so im in a really bad spot, so i hope you guys can forgive my momentary absence, im going to try hard, to get back in my old self, and write again, i hope i don't lose to many readers.

be back hopefully soon, Arker