Teen Titans

Search and Find

Chapter 1- The Game Begins

Olivia- Inspiration can strike at the weirdest times. I got the idea for this story while I was typing another. Talk about strange. This fic, as all my others, incorporates my OC along with Emma and Jac's; Joy, AJ and Bohusk. Let me know if I should continue with this story. It's robxstar, bbxrae, cyxbee and bohxfal.

Full summary- Starfire, Raven, Falcon and Bumble Bee are kidnapped on four different days by Slade. Now, each Titan boy must face mulitple challenges to get back the one he loves.

I don't own Teen Titans, fore if I did, our OCs would be real and BB and Raven would be together, Terra would've died in 'Aftershock' (courtesy of Raven) and the series wouldn't have been cancelled.

Robin walked groggily through the doors of the living room. He made his way over to the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee. After a few sips, Robin's mind cleared enough for him to think straight. Masked eyes surveyed the room and imediately, he saw something was amiss. Beast Boy was passed out on the sofa, Bohusk and Cyborg were playing video games, Bumble Bee, whom was paying Cyborg a visit, was busy making breakfast, and Raven and Falcon sat at the kitchen table sipping thier tea while reading. "Wait!" Robin thought. "Where's Starfire?"

"Has anyone seen Star?" he asked.

"Not since last night." replied Raven, not even looking up from her book.

"I can try her communicator." Falcon offered. She reached into her cloak pocket and produced her own Titan commuicator. She pressed a few buttons and then waited for a responce.

"Hmm. That's strange. Usually she would've responded by now." she said after about a minute.

"Split up and search the tower!" Robin yelled to his team. Everyone nodded and took off in different directions in search of the Tameranian. Robin was the first to reach Starfire's room. He threw open the door to reveal the pink room. Her bed was a mess. Something unusual for someone who sleeps backwards. Upon closer inspection, the boy wonder found drops of blood and rips throughout the sheets. He panicked and called for the others. Seconds later, the sorceress twins appeared at the door.

"What's wrong?" asked Raven.

"She's gone." Robin half sobbed. He held up her sheets for the girls to see. Falcon was shocked but kept her cool.

"Don't worry bird boy. We'll find her and bring her home."

Suddenly, Cyborg's voice rang throughout the tower over the PA system.

"Guys, theres something yall need to see."

Robin and the girls burst into the living room to see Cyborg, Bee, Bohusk and Beast Boy standing around the supercomputer. Above them, on the monitor was a not so friendly sight. Slade.

"Hello Robin. Nice day isn't it?" he asked in a menacing voice.

"Where is Starfire!" Robin shouted.

"My, My, Robin. You really should learn to control your temper. And as for your little girlfriend...she's alive and well...for the moment."

"Give her back!" Robin's jaw clentched in anger.

"Now what fun would that be? I wanted to play a little game with you Titans."

"We refuse to be pawns in your sick and twisted games you freak!" Beast Boy thundered.

"But you don't really have a choice in the matter, now do you? I have your precious team member so you have no other option but to succumb to me."

"What are your demands?" asked Raven in a serious voice.

"Demands? I have none. But I do have rules for the game I want to play. You have 24 hours to find Starfire, before she expires. Thier will be twists and turns so be expectant. This game will be a test of knowledge...something you Titans lack most of the time. One question and or riddle will be given to you every 3 hours. Good luck." Then the screen blackened.

Once everything sank in, Robin set his watch for 24 hours.

"Ok, we're on borrowed time. We're to find Starfire at all costs. Keep your commuincators on don't let your gaurd down for a second. Slade said to expect twists and turns and we're not sure what he means by that so be careful!"

"Maybe we should call in Joy and Aj as backup?" suggested Bee.

"Good idea, Carrie. You and Cyborg stay here and await thier arrival. Raven and Falcon; you two are a team. Try to find Star's location with your powers. Bohusk, Beastboy; you're with me. We're going after Slade."

With Starfire and Slade

Starfire awoke from a dreamless sleep to find her arms and legs bound together on a metal table.

"It's nice to see you awake, my dear." came Slade's evil voice.

"What is it you want with me?" she asked weakly.

"That is for me to know and for the Titans to try and figure out. But don't worry, you won't be alone long. I have other plans for your little friends."

"You will not touch them!" she yelled. Her starbolts failed her as did her alien strenght. So she was trapped. Slade only laughed and dissapeared into total blackness.