Teen Titans

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Chapter 15- Told You So

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"Ugh I really hate this." Falcon grumbled, holding her throbbing head.

"But I bet you hate this even more." AJ called, pointing to the open door to Slade's hideout. They could easily see the cage that witheld the boys, Raven chained to the wall and Slade standing over her. Such sights set the younger Roth's blood aboil. She growled low in her throat before dissapearing into a flame of white aura.

"Oh no." AJ groaned. "This wont end well."

Slade slowly made his way back over to the weakened mage. He placed two fingers under her chin, forcing her head up to look at him.

"Ready to finish what we started, my dear?"

"Over my dead body, you sick bastard." came a malicious hiss. A large white flame appeared behind Slade and from the fire, came Falcon. Her aura engulfed hand wrapped itself around the arm that was touching the elder Roth. Slade whimpered slightly as he felt the bone break and flesh melt. Falcon's anger and rage were fighting to be let loose and for the moment, she didnt have much of a problem with it. After the initial shock of the moment, Raven felt a smirk tug at her lips.

"Hey, Nessa, how bout we finish this together?"

"You read my mind, sister dear." Falcon seemed to effortlessly toss Slade into the nearest wall while freeing her bound elder as AJ tended to the boys. Easily overpowering the energy cage used to keep them confined. The second Beast Boy's paws hit the stone floor, he dashed in Slade's direction but was halted by a burgundy force feild, separating him from his target. He stared at the small red headed sorceress with anger slitted eyes.

"This isn't your fight, Garfield." she reasoned. He gave a howl of disaproval and stared on at the developing fight before them. Vanessa supported most of her sister's weight as they chanted together. A mix of Azarathian, english, and other langages rolled off thier tounges as white and black magic swirled, crackled and flickered around them. Finally, with a final chant of thier signature magical words, the two empaths seemed to meld together. This newly formed mage stood half as tall as Trigon the Terrible. A black hooded cloak fluttered around a white leotard and red jeweled belt. The two chokers the girls wore had merged as well, and the moon and sun gems had come together as one and now glowed in a multitude of colors, each one symbolizing each emotion each girl felt. Four peircing red eyes stared at the orange and black villain while a wicked, fanged smirk played at her lips. The mage said nothing as she outstretched her hand and shot forth a beam of white and black energy, effectively forcing Slade into the concrete wall several meters away, leaving an impression of his frame. He fell to the floor in a boneless heap, struggling to stand. The same aura lifted him and slung him from wall to wall like a rag doll. Finally securing the man in a orb of energy, shrinking in size by the second. A mangled cry left his lips as he felt almost every bone in his body began to break from the sheer force. The mage only cackled in amusement. Jhonen, Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy and AJ could only stare in a mix of horror, glee and amazement as the life was literally being squeezed from thier arch enemy.

Just as Slade was on the verge of death, the mage gasped, almost in pain, and began to separate back into Raven and Falcon. The magic encasing Slade desentigrated as the two exhausted sorceresses fell to the floor, Raven unconsious and Falcon shaking and struggling to breathe. AJ imediately let go of her force feild to rush to the twins' sides. Taking advantage of this, Beast Boy lunged forward and grasped Slade's throat in his mighty jaws. The second he tasted metalic blood, he let go and transformed back into a human.

"I've got a riddle of myown for ya, scumbag." He growled as he lifted Slade up to look at him eye to eye. "What's deadly, makes a big explosion and has your name written all over it?" Slade only groaned in responce. "Give up? Well i'll tell ya. It's a nuclear atom bomb." He turned and gave a signal to Cyborg who already had said devise hooked up and ready to go. With the twins in hand, AJ teleported everyone out of the asylum seconds before the place went up in red, orange and yellow flames.

"It's finally over." Robin muttered as he watched the building burn into ashes. "The nightmare is finally over." Jhonen and Gar held thier girlfriends tightly in a bridal possition.

"We need to get them to the medical bay, ASAP." the boy wonder commanded gruffly.

The once errie silence that had fallen over Titans Tower was instantly gone when the boys and Argyle returned with the twins in hand. Bee, Starfire and Joy buissied themselves by tending to the battle worn Titans. Garfield's emerald eyes winced slightly as Joy poured anticeptic wash over his wounded leg. Robin had done a good job patching him up earlier, but regular cleaning and medicine was needed to make sure the changeling didnt get an infection. He watched carefully as Starfire placed a now clean and bandaged Raven on the medical bed. Bumble Bee did the same with Falcon who kept going in and out of conciousness.

"It's a mix of fatigue, delayed shock and trauma. They need bed rest for at least a week." stated the caramel skinned woman. "And I should say the same to you too, Gar." The changeling only chuckled in responce.

"Naw, i'll be as good as new in a day or so." His signature toothy grin brighting up his face. A few moments of silence followed before he spoke again, this time, speaking directly to AJ. "So what exactly happened back there?" he asked, gesturing to Rachel and Vanessa.

"Raven and Falcon have an ablility to merge with eachother in times of extreme danger. Like a defence mechanism. It causes thier magic levels to increase 100 fold making them almost as powerful as thier father."

"If that's true, then why did they separate when they did and both were completely drained?" Bohusk asked while cleaning the dried blood off his jacket and face. Starfire continued where AJ left off.

"Friend Raven had once told me that she and her sister can combine powers. Since they are literally two halfs of the same whole. Both are in control of the newly formed body, but if one or the other becomes too fatigued and can not continue to help with the control of magic, the two separate."

"Makes enough sence." Cyborg mumbled.

"So what became of Slade?" Carrie asked.

"Well after a total thrashing from the wonder twins," Jhonen began, "Grass stain here bit him in the throat and then Robo Cop blasted his ass to Mars with a nuclear bomb."

"So he is dead?" Starfire asked, almost ashamed to be hopeful of such a question. All four Titan males plus AJ nodded thier heads. A collective sigh of relief left the girls' mouths.

It was late the next day before either Roth woman awoke. Amethyst eyes struggled to open. She groaned and sat up in her bed, holding her throbbing head. Memories of the night before came washing back to her and she gasped as realization dawned on her.

'Did we really do it?' she asked herself. 'Did we finally take him down, for good?'

"Nessa!" the violet mage all but screamed as she tried to shake her twin awake in the bed next to her. Ice blue orbs opened slowly as the med bay doors swung open.

"Good morning, sleeping beauties." Gar chuckled, holding a tray of herbal tea.

"Beast Boy! What happened yesterday! Where's Slade?" Raven yelled frantically.

"Relax, Rae." the changeling laughed. "He's long gone."

"So you mean he's dead?" Falcon asked, taking a mug from the green teenager. He nodded once.

"Yup. Jump will never again be threatened by the likes of him." Contentment filled the Azarathian beauty as she drank the hot tea her boyfriend made for her. He kissed her gently on the forehead and left the two alone to sleep. Amethyest eyes closed when her head sit the pillow.

'This isn't over, Raven.' came an all too familiar voice. Raven sat bolt upright in her bed, looking frantically around for the source of the sound. But the room was dark and showed nothing out of the ordinary. Thinking it was only paranoia, she turned to lay back down, not noticing the shadowy figure smirking in the dark. One bright orange eye gleamed before vanishing.

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