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Chapter 7

"Portlyn is fiiine." Nico commented and everyone looked at him, "Sorry, I just bumped into her when I was coming in. I know our shows are against each other but do you think she'd like me?"

"It's possible; she likes guys with dark hair and dark eyes and with your type of personality." Tawni murmured and her cast mates all looked at her, "Not that I'd know." She added hastily.

"I have an idea!"

'More ideas?' Tawni thought darkly. "What is it?"

"Why don't we watch a scary movie with the guys from MacKenzie Falls, I can hang out with Portlyn!"

"Portlyn would come." Tawni murmured, "So would Chad, Skyler might and Portlyn would be able to twist Chastity's arm to get her to come but Marta and Ferguson won't come, they hate us with a passion."

Everyone stared at her again, "What?" Grady frowned.

"I mean… whatever. I don't care." Tawni quickly muttered,

"They'll say no." Grady insisted.

"Sonny, will you ask Chad to ask the others?"

Sonny frowned at Tawni, wondering if this was another plot, "Why?"

"Well, if any of us ask, he'll say no but if you ask him, he'll say yes and since they all do what he says, they'll come."

"That won't work."

"Just give it a chance! For Nico." Tawni patted Nico on the head – since he wasn't wearing his hat for once. Sonny looked at her suspiciously and Tawni rolled her eyes, "This isn't one of those set ups."

"What set ups?" Zora frowned.

"Nothing." Sonny frowned at Tawni who shrugged.

"Just call him and ask!"

Sonny sighed and picked up her cell, she dialled Chad's number and he answered on the fourth ring, "CDC here."

"Hey, it's Sonny."

"Sonny? What have I done now?"

"Nothing. Look, Nico likes Portlyn…"

"Sonny!" Nico gaped.

"… and wants to know if you, Portlyn and some of your other cast members want to come over… uh… tonight to watch some movies."

"Meh. Sure, see you at seven? In the main TV room?"







"See ya!"


Tawni's eyes flashed, "Do not tell me you are doing that again?"

Grady leant over to Nico, "Do you feel like we're missing something?"


"We have to be at the TV room at seven." Sonny explained. "I didn't even know there was a TV room."

"Well, most of the other shows get along but they don't want to hang out in one set, so that's why there's a TV room, its so the other shows can bond, I've never been with some from MacKenzie Falls though." Nico admitted, "Are we all going?"

"I'm not. I have things to do." Zora announced.

"Like what?" Grady frowned.

"I'm hanging out with Nix."


"He's the guy on Tween Gladiators."

"Zora!" Sonny scolded, "They're all like sixteen!"

"Not Nix, his twelve. He's the youngest one there." Zora told them quite proudly.

"Nice one, Zora." Tawni congratulated.


At seven, the cast of So Random appeared in the TV room, which had a sofa and several beanbags, a wide-screen TV, a stack of DVD's and a mini fridge.

Nico and Grady immediately settled on two of the beanbags and – surprisingly – Tawni sat on the floor, her back against one of the beanbags, Sonny lounged on the sofa, "What film do you think we'll watch?"

"I say something extremely scary." Chad appeared in the doorway, wearing casual clothes, Skyler, Chastity and Portlyn were behind him. "Randoms." He greeted.

"Falls." Sonny muttered.

Portlyn half smiled at Tawni and sat next to her, leaning against the beanbag next to it, Skyler sat on the floor, next to Tawni and Chastity sat next to Portlyn. Chad glanced around and then moved Sonny's leg and slumped down next to her.

"Like what?"

"How about Candle's Flame? It's supposed to be the scariest movie of the year." Chastity suggested, "It was in my dressing room so I brought it with me."

"Put it on." Grady suggested, eyeing Chastity with a slightly dazed expression on his face, Chastity tossed her hair in a Tawni way and slipped the disc into the DVD player.

The movie was terrifying and a little confusing and soon, the bowls of popcorn were forgotten and everyone was watching the movie anxiously.

At several points, Sonny jumped and buried her head in Chad's chest without realizing what she was doing and Chad hadn't even noticed that he had put an arm around her and was holding her close to him.

The movie was coming to an end and Tawni peeked through her fingertips, "This movie is horrible!" She hissed to Portlyn.

"I know. But its kind of good." Portlyn murmured, she glanced around, "What do you guys-" Her mouth dropped open.

Tawni glanced around and her mouth also dropped open.

What at?

At the sight of Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Monroe making out.

Tawni and Portlyn gaped at each other and then Tawni smirked and held up a finger, "One." She whispered.

"Two…" Portlyn held up two fingers.

"Three." They both said.

"AHEM." They both cleared their throats loudly.

Chad and Sonny froze, their lips pulled away from each others and Sonny flushed the darkest shade of red and her herself in Chad's shoulder, Chad suppressed a laugh as he spotted everyone staring at him.

"Well… if you'll excuse me for a moment." Chad snickered, still trying not to laugh; he jumped up and held out a hand to Sonny.

Sonny lifted her head, most of her hair covering her flushing face, she smiled and took it and the two rushed out the room, giggling like two little kids.

Tawni and Portlyn glanced at each other, then they both cracked up laughing and high-fived, "It worked!" Portlyn cackled, "And we finally got to say 'ahem'!"

"Technically it didn't since this wasn't part of any plan."

"Yeah but I bet they only started making out because they had spent all their time together and had gotten to know each other! It's because of us that they're together." Portlyn pointed out.

"Fair point! And we finally get to say I told you so!"

The two girls cracked up again and high-fived once more.

Meanwhile, Sonny pulled away from Chad, they had been making-out against the wall outside of Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, she smiled at the boy who had stolen her heart, "How did this happen?" She murmured, her hands twisted in his hair.

He breathed in deeply and sighed slightly, "I have no idea, but I'm not exactly complaining."

"I guess its kind of down to Tawni and Portlyn…" Sonny murmured, "If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have gotten to know each other at dinner, then we wouldn't have been pulled closer by that small kiss and then we wouldn't have talked so much in that closet."

Chad nodded slowly, "Point. And I guess sitting next to each other, all close and everything with a scary movie and that let out what we feel for each other."

"So what do you feel for me?" Sonny teased.

Chad flushed slightly, he had been doing that a lot lately, "I like you Sonny Monroe." He admitted, "A lot. What about you?"

"I like you, Chad Dylan Cooper, a lot." Sonny copied, "So what does this mean?"

Chad thought about it for a half-a-second, "Will you be my official girlfriend?"

Sonny grinned, "Yes." A strange feeling welling in her stomach.

"Can I kiss you again?"

"Please." Sonny chuckled and his lips met hers once again.

Tawni and Portlyn peered round the corner and then quickly ducked back around, the both grinned crazily, "You know, I thought we agreed that once they got together, we'd stop stalking them." Portlyn whispered.

"How about this is the last time. Just to check!"

"I was hoping you'd say that."

The two girls cackled,

"Did you hear something?" They heard Sonny's voice asked.

There was a deep sigh, "Tawni, Portlyn, leave."

The two girls glanced at each other and rushed off, giggling.

Chad rolled his eyes and looked down at Sonny who was chuckling, "Do you think they're friends now?"

"I don't see how you can stalk two people and not become friends."

Chad smirked, "Good point." He gently lifted Sonny's chin up with his thumb and kissed her again.

Tawni and Portlyn peered at them through the window and then ducked down and looked at each other, "I'm getting very worried for my health now." Tawni whispered.

Portlyn giggled, "I know, me too, okay, how about this is the last time?" She suggested, "They're just such an addictive couple."

"I know. But they are finally together! Because of us! Kind of."


The two girls looked up to see Chad and Sonny staring down at them, both of them trying not to smile.

Portlyn and Tawni looked at each other and then at the couple and then stood up, "We should get going." Tawni smiled innocently.

"You should." Chad nodded in agreement, a smirk curving onto his lips.

"Bye!" Portlyn and Tawni both rushed off again.

Sonny shook her head slightly, "They worry me."

Chad rolled his eyes, "I don't care about them. I only care about one thing…"

"Is it Chad Dylan Cooper?" Sonny asked seriously.

Chad looked insulted, "No! I'll give you a clue…"

They both smiled at each other and kissed once more.



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