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Lots of pairings. Naruto guys first, HP next and then crossover pairings after.

Haruno Sakura / Rock Lee, Uchiha Itachi / Uzumaki Naruto, Sabaku no Gaara / Hyuuga Hinata, Sabaku no Temari / Nara Shikamaru, Hatake Kakashi / Umino Iruka, Aburame Shino / Yamanka Ino, Li Ling Tenten / Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Neji / Uzumaki Sai, Sarutobi Konohamaru / Akimichi Moegi, Maito Gai / Mitarashi Anko, Senjuu Tsunade / Gama Jiraiya.

Remus Lupin / Nymphadora Tonks

Charlie Weasley / Hyuuga Hanabi.


WARNING: Character death, slash, foul language, gore/violence, explicit scenes, slight Sasuke!Bashing, HP!Canon-buggering, Manipulative!Meddling!Dumbledore, Jounin-lvl!Iruka, Independent!Powerful!Bad-ass!Rookie 11, Evil!Self-serving!Village Council.


When Petunia Catherin Dursley – nee Evans, awoke to her infant nephew on the porch, she did the only thing she could think of that would keep the Freaks happy and the boy as far away as possible. She writes to her estranged older sister Rosemary, who eloped to the Far East with a foreigner some years before Lily was invited to attend Hogwarts and asks her to take the boy in.

Three years later, that letter finally reaches Rosemary Elizabeth Evans – in Konohagakure no Sato.


A Mile in Your Eyes

Chapter One


He wasn't sure if he hated, or if he loved summer.

There were lots of things he wasn't sure if he hated or loved.

He didn't have a very good concept of hate or love either. After all, he was only four.

Little Harry James Potter was smart, he was a lot smarter than his family, and because of that, he was smart enough to hide it. He was already a Freak, he didn't want to be a Homeless Freak that lived in the gutter eating rats and old boots like Uncle said he would if he didn't finish all his chores.

Which was why he was toiling away in the back garden under the harsh sunlight, feeling light headed and dizzy as he tended to his Aunt's rosebushes, another thing he wasn't sure if he liked or hated. The rosebushes didn't shout at him or insult him, they grew under his care, flourished even, they smelled and looked pretty but they were just plants, and they had thorns and he was always sent out to tend to them in the hot summer or the freezing cold winter. So he was conflicted.

For a four-year-old child, being conflicted was unusual, but Harry had always been unusual, so there was nothing strange about it.

He could hear his cousin Dudley screaming for more sweets and repressed his annoyance, there was no conflict when it came to his cousin, the blonde boy was a bully and he didn't like him, the feeling was mutual. The same with Vernon, Harry held him in equal parts fear, anger and dislike, just as Vernon feared, hated and got angry at him. It was his Aunt, Petunia, that confused him. There were times when she would be nice to him, not nice in the same way she was to Dudley, but nice in the way that she would let him sneak an extra slice of toast, or use proper shampoo in the bathtub 'by accident', or pretend to be bored enough to do the gardening herself, letting him stay in his cupboard with an old notebook and a pen to amuse himself. But other times, she was even meaner than Uncle Vernon, she would spank him hard enough to leave bruises for small mistakes, she wouldn't feed him at all, she'd send him out to deal with the roses in a thunderstorm – though thankfully it had only been the once, when he'd caught pneumonia and they'd needed to go to the hospital she learned that her nephew, despite his freakishness, was just as fragile as any other child.

He hummed a song he remembered hearing Aunt Petunia singing to Dudley when she put him to bed as he turned from the rosebushes to the little flowering shrubs just below, Dudley's screaming had stopped and he heard the TV flick on, obviously they'd given in and handed over the jar of gummies they'd tried to hide on top of the Fridge. They would be gone within an hour or so if Harry knew his cousin.

"Boy, that's enough." Aunt Petunia called from the backdoor, apparently she was in a 'Nice' mood today, maybe she would even let him have some of the orange squash from the fridge instead of just tap water? No luck, she'd already poured him a pint glass of tap water, he didn't complain though as he smiled gratefully at her and took the glass, he knew better than to sit anywhere in her clean kitchen so he made his way back outside and sat gingerly on one of the old rotting plastic deck-chairs he'd been forced to clean earlier to drink his water. Feeling liquid soak into your brain was a strange sensation but a very nice one he decided as his headache began to abate and his dizziness faded, the ever so slight trembling of his hands stopped, feeling the coolness doing down your neck and into your tummy was another strange sensation.

He looked up warily as he heard the doorbell, that couldn't have been Uncle Vernon, he wasn't due back for a few more hours, panic began to build in his little frame, if his Uncle saw him slacking off and drinking from one of the pint-glasses he would get upset. Harry jumped to his feet and scurried into the kitchen just as Petunia left to go and answer the door, the four-year-old quickly stuck his glass into the dishwasher and slipped back into the garden, he couldn't see anything else that needed doing but he was certain that his Uncle would so the smaller child hurriedly began to haul a bag of compost out of the shed to spread over the flower-beds.

Distantly, he could hear voices, his Aunt's, a strange man's with an accent he couldn't pin down and then... a young girl's, older than him but definitely younger than Aunt Petunia.

"Forgive my Teacher Dursley-san he unfortunately doesn't speak English. My name is Sakura Haruno, I'm looking for Harry Potter-"

Harry dropped his compost bag.


Sakura wasn't entirely sure about what to make of this.

This being the strange folded piece of paper her Shishou had just received with her mother's name on it and a strange foreign language neither of them had ever seen. Though the 14-year-old was willing to bet it was the same language her mother occasionally swore or hummed songs in while she was doing the washing up.

But her mother wasn't a spy, she was kind and sweet and even liked Naruto, she would scold her for saying harsh things about him, her father hadn't been happy to hear it but one look from his wife and he'd suddenly become that much more interested in his food. Sakura watched as the ANBU guard escorted her mother in, the pinkette didn't know what had been said but the moment her mother clapped eyes on her she was instantly swept into a tight hug.

"Oh thank the Kamis, when the ANBU told me to come in I feared the worst!" ah, that explained it, lack of information and a demand to meet with the Hokage, of course she became concerned with the wellbeing of her only child who just so happened to be the apprentice of said Hokage.

"I'm fine Okaasan. See? Picture of health, Tsunade-sama and Shizune-senpai have been taking good care of me." The newly promoted Chuunin soothed, pushing her mother back enough so she could get a good look at her. She gave an apologetic look to the blonde woman who merely waved it off and lounged in her chair, the strange paper square that caused her to summon the Chuunin's mother in front of her.

"Haruno-san," the Sannin spoke sharply, making Sakura's mother startle and look up at her, "I requested your presence because I have a few questions for you." She announced, watching the other woman shrewdly for any sign of discomfort, wariness, anything that could point the finger at her as a spy.

She merely blinked in confusion and nodded, "Of course Tsunade-sama, I'm just a civilian but I will answer as best I can." She agreed demurely, bowing politely. Well at least she had manners.

"Your records in the village are a little spotty; I would like to know where you were born." She didn't make that one a request and this time was rewarded with some very obvious signs of discomfort from the red haired woman.

"I wasn't born in the Village if that's what you're trying to get at Hokage-sama." She admitted, ignoring the slight tightening of Tsunade's eyes, she had grown used to the respect her position gave her and the way Haruno-san spoke was just shy of hostile. "I wasn't even born in the Hidden Countries before you go thinking that I'm a spy." She added, "When Takeshi and I met... it was overseas, he had joined with some of your Shinobi on a mission as a consultant, my father and I were going through a rough patch and we bumped into each other by accident. I remembered seeing some of them using some Jutsus and got rather excited, you see, my younger sister Lily, sometimes things around happen around her when she got scared or angry, glass objects would explode, the lights would flicker, there would be a breeze even though the windows were closed, sometimes things would even float or change colour or she would even teleport, kind of like the Yondaime but with a loud crack of sound instead of a flash of light. I thought that the Shinobi might be able to teacher her how to control it and begged them for help, I even paid them as best I could. They weren't going to do it but the team captain convinced them, he said that someone with an out of control Kekki Genkai was dangerous without training so they agreed and stuck around for a while trying to teach her how to control her abilities while I showed Takeshi around the city to see all the architecture and other things, he still won't tell me what he was looking for but that's fine.

"By the time the Shinobi gave up trying to teach my sister, we'd... well I was in love. My father refused to allow me to be with him so when it came time for everyone to return to Konoha, I went with them. The Sandaime was happy for us; he even presided over our wedding himself and allowed me to change my name. A couple of years later and I had Sakura-chan. I've sent a few letters back home but I never received any reply so I just... gave up. I guess I must have really hurt everyone by leaving like that."

"How romantic." Shizune admitted with a soft wistful smile.

"It was." Sakura's mother admitted with a warm smile, "He couldn't speak a word of my language so he kept having to mime everything or draw it on a notepad. It was so cute when he tried to ask me to go out on a date; he even got me a bouquet of white roses."

Sakura watched in amusement as Shizune and her mother began to gossip and squeal like preteens while Tsunade watched with a raised eyebrow and a smile of indulgence on her mouth.

"Enough. I think my ANBU are about to die of this." The blonde woman joked, casting a glance from the corner of her eye to the male ANBU guard in the corner of the room, "You said your sister had a Kekki Genkai, is it possible to pass onto Skaura? How did she awaken it?"

She shrugged, "I don't know. No one in our family has had it, only her, and the Shinobi said that it wasn't Chakra; she was using a different kind of energy. The white haired one, ummm..... Sakuma-Sakumo? He said that it was a kind of Hermit-Sage Chakra derivative, watered down and without physical Chakra." Tsunade stiffened in disbelief before she picked up the folded over paper.

"This was handed to one of my Jounin by a Merchant in Tea Country; he said it was from very far away. It has your name on it and a language I don't recognise." She announced, handing it over to the woman who frowned at it. "What is it?"

"It is a letter Tsunade-sama but... only my parents, Lily and Petunia know where I live now." She admitted cracking it open and pulling out the sheet of paper within, making the Shinobi blink in curiosity as she set the envelope down on the table and read through the letter.

"You said you changed your name, Haruno-san, what was your original birth name?"

"It was Rosemary, Evans Rosemary."


Petunia's face bleached white, "There's no Harry Potter here!" She snarled and slammed the door shut in that hooligan's face, imagine a young lady dying her hair such a ridiculous colour and cavorting around with a man three times her age who didn't even have the decency to wear normal clothing.

Harry peeked warily from the backdoor at her and she suddenly started to scowl, he was the reason why there were such ruffians on her doorstep, the blonde woman advanced on the child. "Get in your Cupboard. I don't want to hear a peep out of you for the rest of the day boy." She growled darkly, cruel fingers snagging the unruly mop of dark black hair that tangled into a birds nest on his head as she forcibly marched him into the cupboard under the stairs.

She ignored the doorbell sounding as she wrenched it open and roughly threw the four-year-old inside and slammed the door shut, sneering slightly at the faint whimper she heard from behind the thin wood as she locked it up tight and closed the air vent. The bell sounded again.

"GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!!" She shrieked down the hall as she turned and marched back into the kitchen.

Outside, Sakura and Kakashi exchanged glances.

"I'm surprised. Your mother is so kind but her sister seems to be even more foul tempered than the Daimyou's cat." Kakashi admitted lazily in Japanese, his voice dripping with dislike to the pinkette's ears – she'd learned how to read her Sensei effectively over the years.

"And no where near as attractive either." She added sourly before reaching behind her and removing her leather gloves, ignoring the way Kakashi took several steps backwards and the curtains of several neighbours twitched.

"Try not to destroy the entire house." Kakashi requested before burying his nose in his pervy book, Make Out Violence, silently praying that Jiraiya-sama would release his new book soon.

The two of them must have made quite the picture to the neighbours, a tall lanky grey haired man giggling over an orange book wearing a pair of blue pants with the ankles wrapped in bandages, a green flack-jacket with a red swirl on the back, a face mask and a strange metal plated headband slanted just enough to cover one eye and a sweet looking young girl with short bob-cut bubblegum pink hair, a similar metal plated headband used as a hair ribbon, a pair of black cycle shorts under a pale lilac swallow tail skirt, knee high black boots, and a similar green flack-jacket over a sleeveless red top.

Sakura smirked and glanced over her shoulder, green eyes glinting, "Of course not Kakashi-sensei." She soothed him with a sunny smile, "Only the door." She added with an evil smirk as she turned around and punched straight through the wood with a grunt of effort that turned into a snarl as she ripped the door clean off its hinges and tossed it casually into the street. Ignoring the screaming that suddenly erupted from within the house as she strode in calm as you please, the grey haired man trailing after her, giggling over his book.

The pink haired girl Glared at Petunia, "As I was saying before you interrupted." This was stated with an extremely irritated look that said she didn't think much of Petunia Dursley's manners, "My name is Sakura Haruno and I am here for Harry Potter as my mother is unavailable to travel right now." She announced brandishing an envelope under the blonde woman's nose.

Petunia gaped, that was the letter she'd sent three years ago to her older sister!



Do not for one moment think I am writing you out of any kind of desire to reconnect to my older sister. I have no desire to befriend the woman who tore apart our family so she could run off with some foreign trash who gave her a couple of good nights in exchange for trying to teach Lily how to control her Freakishness. Well she learned how to control it anyway; they have a school for Freaks up in the north, that's where she met her good-for-nothing Husband.

Didn't know we were both married did you? Not that you would care, dearest sister.

Anyway, Lily went and got herself blown up with her idiot husband and now I've been landed with their freak spawn. I will not have it in my house Rosemary. The freaks say that he can only go to someone who has a blood connection with him; I refuse to have that kind of Abnormality around my precious Dudley.

The boy is yours. Its about time you tried to make some reparations for all the damage you've done to this family, you can start with making sure this Freak doesn't destroy the family I've created for myself.

You'll find me at number 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey, the boy's name is Harry James Potter; he was born on the 31st of July.

Come and take the brat, I don't want you or him to be in my house any longer than you possibly have to.


P.S. Father had you legally disowned so don't go thinking you'll be getting anything out of their Wills.


Sakura was fast beginning to loose her patience with this woman.

She didn't think she'd ever met someone so close-minded and shallow in her life! Even Ino hadn't been this bad during the very height of their so called 'rivalry'.

Dursley Petunia was a foul, loathsome, petty little woman who spent all of her time trying to make herself seem more important by belittling others. She kept giving Sakura's hair dirty looks and Kakashi absolutely filthy glances every time he giggled over his book, apparently she had just about as much respect for Jiraiya-sama's literary genius as herself and Tsunade-sama. Oddly enough, Shizune was a fan much to her surprise; it just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover.

The woman was a poor Host as well, she grudgingly allowed them into the house but refused to have them anywhere other than the kitchen, her son was currently in the living room rotting his brain watching the TV and trying his damnedest to turn his blood into 80-percent sugar. She glared, growled and sneered at them and didn't even offer any refreshments, her mother had warned her that Petunia-obasan would be very impolite and unhappy to see them, but she wasn't expecting this level of petty hostility.

Things only got worse when Vernon arrived home.

Inner!Sakura was rampaging around her head, shrieking abuse and foul language punctuated with various ideas about how to kill them and hide the bodies so that not even Kakashi-sensei's Nin Dogs could find them. If the two weren't hurling not-so-subtle abuse at her mother's good name, they were insulting her for her hair – regardless of how many times she told them it was natural they either called her a hooligan for dying it or a freak because it was natural – Kakashi had put away his book and even though he wore the professional mask of a Shinobi she could tell he was seething.

"Enough!" She finally snapped, standing up and smacking her hand down on the table and glaring at them, "No! You will not be getting paid for taking care of him. He is your family; it was your duty so don't start whinging. No, you will not have to provide for anything. I have a high paying job as the assistant to the leader of our Village, my father is our head architect and my mother works part time at a flower shop, we have more than enough money to support another mouth. And lastly, no, we will not be coming back. Now where is he so we can be on our way?"

Petunia got up, muttering under her breath about lack of manners and Sakura's temper frayed just a little bit more, she frowned slightly when she heard something unlocking in the hall and movement before a second child came in, as different from the fat blonde brat in the living room as night was to day.

Harry Potter was a tiny little waif of a child, he was four but he had the height of a two-year-old and probably half the weight of one, his clothing was obviously second-hand and hung from his thin frame like a dress, the neckline threatening to slip off of his shoulders on occasion, his skin was pale but sunburned and dirty from being outside in the garden for too long, his hair was a thick unruly mess of pure raven black with a pair of bright emerald green eyes peeking shyly out from under a thick shaggy fringe. Sakura had to fight herself not to squeal and sweep the child into a bone crushing hug and pinch his cheeks, he was so frickin' adorable! Even Tsunade-sama would melt at the sight of those eyes.

Sakura got to her feet and smiled at the four-year-old before crossing the kitchen and kneeling in front of him, ignoring Petunia-obasan as she did so and leaving Kakashi-sensei to finish staring down Vernon-ojisan.

"Hey there Harry." She greeted softly, lifting a hand up, "My name is Sakura, it's nice to meet you."

Harry eyed her seriously, eyes too old to belong to such a young child before hesitantly taking her leather gloved hand with his own work rough and grubby little one and shook it slightly, "Nice to meet you too Sacrula." He replied quietly, stumbling slightly over the foreign name.

She smiled at him before patting his head softly, "Harry, you know how Dudley is your cousin, yeah?" She asked, watching as he nodded, "Well, your mummy, Aunt Petunia and my mummy were all sisters, which means that my mummy is your Aunt as well. I'm your Aunty Rosemary's daughter, which makes us cousins too." She explained, watching as his nose scrunched up adorably in thought before he nodded hesitantly, "Aunt Petunia wrote to us when you were given to her, she wanted us to come and take you in because it would be easier to take care of you, I was already old enough to take care of myself so my mum could spend all her time with you. But the letter took a long time to arrive, we only got it a few days ago, but we'd still like for you to come and live with us." She explained soothingly, ignoring the way Petunia was watching the exchange with a sneer curling on her lips.

Harry stared up at her with big green eyes, "You... want to take me away from the Dursleys'?" He asked hesitantly, "You want me to live with you?" He asked, his voice confused as he tasted the words like they were a kind of foreign substance. Which, they probably were considering how everyone else was acting.

"Of course we do Harry-chan. I wouldn't be here if we didn't." The pinkette pointed out with a smile, it was like trying to get Tora to trust you after he'd been through a particularly harrowing escape from the Daimyou's wife, Shijimi-hime.

Slowly, like the sun peeking out from behind dark clouds, the child began to smile.

Sakura smiled back happily, before holding her hand out, "Now, why don't you show me your room so we can get your things, ne?" She suggested, tilting her head with a smile.

The four-year-old nodded happily as he tugged her out of the small kitchen and into the hall, "This is where I sleep." he announced happily as he pulled open the cupboard door revealing the nest of old clothes, blankets, the ratty mattress and assortment of little shoe boxes that had all his worldly possessions within. Sakura had to bite her lips and clench her fists to prevent herself from marching back into the kitchen and punching through Petunia like she had the front door.

"It's a little small, Harry-chan." She admitted before winking at him, "Your room at my house will be much bigger, promise. Don't bother taking your clothes; kaachan has some waiting for you at home."

The child beamed at her and took one of his shoe boxes from the shelf and began to pack all his worldly possessions into it, a few chipped and broken toy soldiers, an old notebook with what she could see were a few leaves, flowers and the occasional scrap of spare paper stuffed into it, an earring with a mother of pearl chip set into the silver and lastly an old orange blanket with bluebirds and deer stitched into the corner, it was ratty and dirty with age and lack of washing but obviously very well loved.

While Harry was busy packing, Sakura slipped back into the kitchen and gave Petunia a look of poison, "If it were allowed in our Mission parameters, I would kill you." She spat, green eyes narrowed.

"Maa, maa, Sakura, you're leaking Killing Intent, try not to scare little Harii-chan just yet." Kakashi admonished her in amusement. Watching the two foul Civilians wilt and shrink away from their fourteen-year-old niece – who just so happened to be capable of shattering stone with her fists – his nose and ears were highly accurate, he could smell the hunger, enclosed spaces, sickness and dehydration on little Harii-chan, he heard the cupboard under the stairs being opened and Petunia forcibly dragging the child out by the arm, hard enough to leave bruises that were only just beginning to form on his arm.

"They deserve it." The pink haired girl seethed but never the less restrained herself just in time for Harii-chan to peek into the kitchen, shoebox held tightly to his chest. "You ready to go Harry-chan?" The Chuunin asked brightly as she smiled at him, Harry nodded shyly and squeaked slightly uncertainly as the 14-year-old swept him up, balancing him on her hip and holding the shoebox out to Kakashi. "This is Ka-Ka-Shi Ha-Ta-Ke, he's my teacher and a friend." She explained to the child, pointing to the grey haired Jounin as they made their way down the hall and out of the house.

"Cacashie Hahtackie?" The four-year-old repeated hesitantly, pointing at the Jounin to confirm, Kakashi-sensei smiled and waved cheerfully, guessing that they were talking about him as they left the garden, ignoring the people who had come out of their homes to stare at the splintered ruin Sakura had made of the Dursleys' front door.

Sakura giggled, "Kaka-shi Hata-keh, Harry-chan, keh." She explained, trying to distract little Harry from the staring of those around them, it seemed to work but he was beginning to tense in her arms the further and further away they moved from the house. "Calm down Harry-chan, we would never hurt you or let anyone else hurt you." She promised.

"Let's go Sakura; it's a long trip back." Kakashi told her before beginning to jog down the street.

"Hai Kakashi-sensei. I'm going to start running now Harry-chan, you hold on tight to me and tell me if you start feeling queasy, we're going to be going really fast now." She warned the four-year-old and felt his grip on her tighten, she smiled, he had a good grip, he would make a good Shinobi if he ever wanted to make a go of it.

A split second later, the two Shinobi vanished; leaving little more than a few leafs to drift absently in the wind.


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