I Will Never Forget

By: ME!

Preview: The life of the Axis Powers is well, and perfect, as always they do their duties and continue their training and missions…soon time passes to the point where Japan leaves Italy and Germany alone, and the two continue their life together. When Germany finally decides to express his feelings, Italy flee's…what had happened? What is going on?

Note: The first chapter is the most recent; while the next chapters after this are the chapters that lead to this one…kind of like a reversed story if that makes sense lol. This is my first axis power Hetalia story, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

This story is rated M for Mature because:


Use of Language

Sexual Scenes

History that minor's couldn't understand

History that is made up by me so minor's couldn't understand.

Chapter One: The Issue

Italy blushed from the sudden closeness, though his smile didn't clear his face. He was still clueless.

Germany breathed in deeply as his arms wrapped around Italy's torso, and he pulled the male into a warm hug before he breathed out "Italy, understand this…I wish…we can perhaps, well…" The blonde's face was already turning red, and Italy still had no idea what was going on. Italy made a light laugh "Do you…want Pastaaa~"

"No, not that." Germany said as he lifted and placed his hands on Italy's shoulders "Understand this, I like you…a lot, please understand how troublesome you are and how I always have to protect you, it's annoying…but I feel that it is my duty."

Italy's smile finally faded, and a frown of sorrow replaced the happiness "B-but… I'm that annoying…?"

"N-No…!" Germany quickly shook his head "I love you-" He paused, and both the male's gasped from what had just happened. Then suddenly a spark went off in Italy's mind, and he blurted out "I can't!"

Germany's eyes widened, and he cleared his throat "Wh-What…?"

Italy's eyes filled with tears as he backed away "You don't understand! I can't! I won't! You can't make me! I won't break my promise!" Germany tried to stop him, but was shoved back and he slipped.

Italy gasped when he noticed Germany on the ground, and he rushed to his aid "Ah-Are you okay?" Before Germany could answer, Italy yelled "Well I don't care! You can't make me break my promise!" He sobbed uncontrollably, and he quickly turned around and ran off.

Germany quickly stood to his feet, and he yelled "Italy! I'm sorry—wait!" But the brunette disappeared in the distance, and Germany was left heartbroken.

Promise? What promise? Germany didn't understand why Italy would overreact like that… he had never seen Italy act so angry and hostile, especially towards him, ever. Germany felt horrible for hurting Italy, especially hurting the male's feelings. He probably ruined a friendship as well…

Germany headed home alone, even if Italy was mad at him, where else did the young male have to go? Besides his brother's, or to an Italian restaurant.

Germany made it to his house, he heard no noise, only silence. That was mainly because Japan had left back to his own homeland. He used to play his oriental music throughout the house; his excuse was that it would create a calmer and more peaceful environment. It worked for Italy, but Germany always felt a little more stressed as the annoying strange sounds started to play.

Now it was silent.

Though Japan left, it was always still loud when Italy was around. He sang and danced and made funny noises when doing…almost anything.

Now…it was silent.

"What did I do wrong?" Germany asked as he went into his office and sat at his desk. He looked at a picture frame; it was a picture of Italy and Germany together…in a very uncomfortable pose. Germany stood as stiff as a soldier and Italy had his arms wrapped around him in such…a loving and caring way. Germany saw all the signs, the hints, Italy practically was telling Germany to MARRY HIM from all the hugging and kissing he was doing. So what happened? Were the signs, all lies?

Germany leaned back in his chair as he stared up at the ceiling. The ceiling slowly darkened as time passed and it became night. No sign of Italy entering the home.

"Promise…?" Germany said gently as he continued to look up. The room was now pitch black, though the only light was the outside world and the moon that shone through; there was nothing else to guide Germany if he wanted to leave his office.

"What promise did this friend make…to cause Italy to react in such a way?" Germany wondered to himself as he slowly felt his eye lids grow heavy. He sighed and slumped into his chair, before he heard a soft echo, of a cute…young voice whisper into his ear. The voice sounded like a lovely sweet melody, it sounded familiar and friendly, and loving…it sounded familiar.

"I'll wait. I'll be waiting…I'll wait with plenty of sweets. And don't get hurt or sick. Let's be sure to meet again. For sure…for sure!"



The atmosphere of Germany felt just like the Holy Roman Empire, but it wasn't him… it was Germany.

Italy felt like he had almost betrayed him, he would never do such a thing…he would wait, for as long as it took. No matter how much he cared about Germany, even if the male seemed so much like the Holy Roman Empire, he would never BE him… and Italy promised to wait for him...and that he will.

Italy's tear's continued to pour down his face, he used his sleeves to clean off his eyes from the excess water that kept falling down. What could he do? What could he do? He just lost a friend for the sake of love…he just lost a best friend for the sake of love!

Italy continued to cry and sob to himself. He sniffled and whined constantly as he sat on the hill. It was just a hill, it was nothing now at least…but he remembered the place, it was where the Holy Roman Empire said his goodbye's, and promised to return.

"I don't even know how to make sweets yet!" Italy cried out "Please come home!" He laid himself back in the grass, then he rolled onto his side and curled up into a ball. He felt miserable, Italy…the guy that always cheered everyone up and could never feel such misery…he felt horrible knowing that he almost broke a promise to someone that was so dear to him. He missed Holy Roman Empire, he missed him so much.

"Please come back! Please come home…" He sighed and sniffled, before he slowly fell into a deep sleep.

"No matter how many years past, I'll love you the most of anyone in this world…!"


When did all of this suddenly happen? When did it all go wrong?

Italia stared ahead of him, as he waved to Holy Roman Empire. The blonde waved back, and he blew a kiss before he marched off with Spain. Italia made a small smile, before he closed his eyes and whispered "I promise, I will wait forever for you…"

His empty hands, his broom was now gone.