Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Lost Feelings 2

by Aduna99 (Real Name: Aduna)

Chapter 1: Normal Life.

2 months had passed since the fall of Haster. New Domino received help from the UN and slowly, they were rebuilding the fallen Utopia. Trudge was now an important member of Security. He was more of a detective now, although he still enjoyed playing 1 or 2 Turbo Duels and races against Yusei and Crow. The city's was always being visited by people from all around the world, it became a popular destination after the events that almost led to World Domination. Popular sites were "The ashes" where the crumbled tower was located, "The Spirit's Memory" was a huge pillar that was build to honor those who had died in the fight. And lastly "Hero Garden", a huge Rose Garden decorated with bright colors. "In the memory of Judai Yuki" it read on the entrance. The Garden always had a nice smell, that's why you could usually find Aki and Yusei sitting there.

Peace was in the air for the residents of New Domino... or at least that's what they were told. Trudge had been very busy the past few weeks, strange murders were taking place on one of the reconstructed areas of the city. Most of the victims had a limb or 2 missing and a text written in blood was always found on the crime scene.

Jack and Crow were visiting Martha to see everything was fine. They were all sitting on the table looking at some pictures.

- So, you're trying to tell me the Dark Signers are alive!?!?! - Jack said as he stood up from the table.

- Yep, Kiryu came by the other day to explain the details of their rebirth. It seems since they didn't become Dark Signers on their own free will they were allowed to live again, everyone except their Leader Rudger. - Martha said as she served herself some juice.

- Does that mean Carly is alive too!? - Jack began to shout.

- Yeah, she is. However, they are not here. Everyone left except for Kiryu.

- Huhhh, now there's a curious story...- Crow said as he took a loaf of bread and stuck it in his mouth.

Meanwhile, the Duel Stadium (which was quickly reconstructed by Kaiba Corp.) was at it's full capacity. The King of Turbo Duels Yusei Fudo was taking on Hunter Pace in the first Official Turbo Duel since the incident. People from all over the world came to New Domino very often, but today, they hadn't come to see the "Hero Garden" or "The ashes", they just came to see Yusei finish Hunter off.

Yusei 1200LP 5SC Hunter 1800LP 12SC

- Hah! Yusei, you might think your a Hot shot, but you are no way near me! Bow down to me! Skull Flame! attack his Junk Warrior! - Hunter said as he raised his hand to wave at the crowd. The burning monster rampaged against Junk Warrior, Yusei smiled as he felt he had everything under control.

- Sorry Hunter! But once again, you'll have to leave this Stadium empty handed! - Yusei replied - I have a Speed Spell to Activate! GO! Speed Spell - Silver Contrails! This will boost my Junk Warrior's ATK by 1000! And to that.. I'll chain the Trap Card "Rising Energy"! This gives my Junk Warrior 1500 MORE ATK Points! (4800 ATK)

- What!?!?!?!?!?!?! - Hunter cried. Junk Warrior raised his fists and with a swift strike, it completely anihilated Skull Flame.

Yusei 1200 LP WIN Hunter 0LP LOSE

Hunter's Duel Runner stopped. He got off and sat on the floor. Yusei gave a victory lap, smiling at Aki who was sitting on the first row. He tried getting down, but as soon as his boot touched the floor, the crowd got into the Track and carried Yusei to the entrance. Yusei tried to get down and talk to Aki, but everyone kept pulling him away. Aki tried to help Yusei, but in the end just followed the crowd to pick Yusei up after they were done.

Night came and everyone was at the Bootleg bar, even Leo and Luna were celebrating. However, they were only able to drink milk. Jack and Crow were having a blast, everyone was pretty much drunk by now, except for the twins, Yusei and Aki.

- You played your cards right Yusei, it was an amazing duel. - Aki quietly said.

- Thanks, but it wasn't a tough Duel. - Yusei smiled at Aki, they were both having the best moment of their lives. Since most of the city was destroyed, everyone had to help pay a House in one of the reconstructed areas. They were all living there, everyone had they're own room, except for Yusei, who sometimes slept on the couch, and sometimes ended up in Aki's room. Luna noticed both Yusei and Aki couldn't take their eyes of each other. She felt a bit jealous, but couldn't really understand why.

- Hey Yusei! I think Crow needs your help... - Luna said when Yusei and Aki seemed to be getting closer to each other.

- Huh..what? - Yusei foolishly said. He turned around and saw Crow on the floor, with everyone trying to get him to stand, Yusei stood up and went over there to help. It was clear Crow was drunk, he had this smell that made everyone think about Tequila (Mexican alcoholic drink that tastes like pure alcohol).

- Crow, How much did you drink? - Jack asked trying to not fall down as well.

- What do you care!? You think your so tough just because your tall and blond!? Huh!? Answer me Brad Pitt! - Crow said as he waved his fists in front of Jack's face.

- I think it's time we leave.. - Yusei said.

Meanwhile, Yamamoto Yui had just gotten out of work, she had no car for herself, so she alway had to walk back home, she had long Brown Hair and a pale, soft skin, her eyes were green and big, her father was an important business man who lived in Tokyo, and her mother was a classic American designer. She had a good life in college, everyone wanted to go out with her, she was the hottest girl in campus according to the male students, her life was perfect, except she had to walk back home after a day of working at a 24 Hour Fast-Food Restaurant. The streets were dark, a strange figure moved in that absorbing dark, following Yui. She kept on walking but stopped after feelings a cold chill run through her spine.

- W-Who's there? - Yui asked in the middle of the darkness.


No answer was given, she could only hear her toughts, and some footsteps coming from the distance.

- Don't get any closer!! - She shouted.

(Why? Do I scare you?)

No answer was given again, she felt an even bigger chill running through her spine, were her own thoughts answering her? Or were they someone elses thoughts? She kept on walking, ignoring the footsteps behind her.

(You can't run from me, you can't hide from me, Amber)

"Amber? Who's Amber?" She thought. She kept on walking, until she began to hear breathing in her left shoulder. She quickly turned around and saw nothing. She turned around again to keep walking but quickly felt a hand grabbing her legs. She gave a loud cry , but before she could shout even more, a hand covered her mouth, she looked down and saw the hands that were grabbing her came from under the earth, they were not human. The strange figure that had been following Yui showed up, the darkness covered his face, only a wicked smile, and 2 eyes that were constantly changing color between, green and orange, and complete yellow were visible.

(Come to me...Amber)

The hands turned into claws that quickly dug into her skin, she tried to break free, but with every movement she made, another hand filled with claws grabbed on to her.

- S-stop... - Yui said. But the man made no sound, he placed his hand on her abdomen. The hand began to burn into her skin. The man enjoyed the feeling, she was twisting her entire body, crying, shouting for help, he could feel her insides, the sound of her blood coming out and he ribs breaking apart every time he moved his hand was music for him. Yui closed her eyes and let a tear fall from her cheek. The man stopped laughing, he could feel how the heat from her insides dissapeared, he closed his fist and broke apart her body with a swift move of his hand. he pulled his hand out of the mutilated bodyand placed it on a wall.

(My message for the Signers is almost complete)

The man began to write on the wall with the blood of his victim. He looked at the remains of the body and took a cup out if his pocket, he tried to grab a bit of the blood that was pouring out, he filled his cup and took a drink.

(Soon, the blood I drink will be the one of a Signer... doesn't matter if it's Yusei's..or Akiza's..)


Uff, I had been a while since I last wrote something in english. Here's Chapter 1 of Lost Feelings Season 2 hope you enjoyed it, I'lll try to update weekly, but I can't promise anything. For those who didn't understand anthing I wrote about, please read Season one. Please review, any comments will help me out.