Let Our Days Together Grow

Kagome of course had no idea what was happening now in the future. She stood for a couple of minutes in the bottom of the well before dropping her bag and starting to climb out. She dismissed the fleeting fears that Inuyasha had moved on and wouldn't be in the village anymore; she had burned her bridges and there was no going back.

As she reached for the top, her hand was grabbed in a strong grip and she was pulled out of the well into the welcoming arms of her beloved Inuyasha. The look on his face told her all she needed to know and her heart soared; very little needed to be said beyond an easing of tension with a few banal, but fond comments.

Inuyasha had been playing with the twins when he was certain he had scented Kagome, and he was off like a shot towards the well, but then caution set in. He had thought and dreamed of her return for so long and her scent was always part of the dream; was he setting himself up for yet more hurt? It was true that her scent had never stayed so long or been so realistic before.

He stopped before the well and steeled himself to look down once again; to his delight he saw the raven head of Kagome and then her amazing eyes looking upwards, and he reached down his hand and grabbed her own, pulling her up and out of the darkness. All they could do was gaze at each other until Inuyasha needed to feel she was real and pulled her to his chest; his heart was beating so fast that Kagome could feel it and felt reassured that he still wanted her.

Long seconds passed, although not long enough before the rest of their friends appeared, drawn to the well by Shippou's assertion that he could scent Kagome. Miroku only paused long enough to pick up the twins and wonder how he would deal with and comfort Inuyasha if something were playing a cruel trick on him.

They stopped in amazement at the tableau, Kagome closely held in Inuyasha's arms, with him silent for once as he looked back at them. Kagome didn't want to leave Inuyasha's warmth but her friends too had suffered the loss of her and she of them; there was a lot of catching up to do and soon all were heading for Kaede's hut.

There were greetings and messages of good luck called to her as she arrived in the village and an impromptu party was organised for the evening; Rin and Kaede came out to greet her having heard the general hullabaloo. Kaede was wise and instantly recognised what Kagome had done and what she had given up and took the girl into her hut while keeping everyone else out.

Then Kagome gave way to her feelings of loss in private, but said that it was the last time she would do so, she didn't want Inuyasha ever thinking she had regrets. He though stormed in after eavesdropping on them and told her not to be so foolish, he would never think that, and of course she would miss her family, even he did.

Kaede was satisfied it had done what she wanted; Inuyasha wouldn't misunderstand now, because it was already explained and he had accepted it. Kagome thought Rin was a surprise but she liked the young girl and knew they could become good friends and of course she instantly became Aunty Kagome to the twins and their tiny brother.

There was so much to do and see and Inuyasha told her that she didn't need to do everything in one night. Arrangements were made for Kagome to share with Rin until Inuyasha could build her a hut. He wanted to court her properly and prove that he had changed and grown from the boy who didn't always consider her feelings.

When Sesshoumaru arrived and after Kagome teased him gently, she asked to have a private word with him and on this being granted, she asked if he would be prepared to look after her dowry and hold it. When asked why, Kagome answered that she didn't want Inuyasha feeling inadequate, this was her inheritance and she wanted to keep it safe in case there ever came such times as they would need it.

Sesshoumaru agreed but also told her that the brothers were now on friendlier terms, Inuyasha and his family would never want for anything in any case. Kagome smiled and replied that she was so very glad that they were reconciled for both of their sakes. Family was so very important. She tried not to cry, but tears would force their way to her eyes and she apologised.

The Daiyoukai told her not to be overly concerned; things had a habit of working out. He did not tell her at this time that if she mated Inuyasha, she would have his lifespan as his chosen one; he didn't want to put pressure on either one of the couple, as they were only officially courting as yet. But it would be a nice present to give when the occasion arose.

That led him to thinking that there were some things in the Western Palace that had belonged to Izayoi that would be appropriate gifts for Inuyasha to give his mate. He would have Jaken sort that out and invite the pair to dinner and give them to his brother. It should help bind them together further, or so he hoped.

One early evening Inuyasha and Kagome wandered over to Goshinboku, hand in hand, not talking but not needing to. Suddenly he grabbed her and held her close to him, snuffling in her hair and trying hard not to be overcome by his emotion. Kagome just relaxed against him and pretended for the sake of his pride that she didn't feel the hot drops that fell on her neck.

"Kagome, I can't tell you how much I missed you; I don't have the words..."

"It's O.K. we're together now and we never have to part again Inuyasha. I never want to be without you; I was so alone..."

"There were times I thought I'd go mad."

"Hush, it's fine...look were are where it all began. Kagome looked around and an idea sprang to mind. "Inuyasha, stand up there on that large root for me please, that is how I first saw you asleep. You were so beautiful...quiet and peaceful." She giggled and he smiled down at her.

"We are back where it started and every nasty thing is past; from here we can all go forward with our lives and our friends and also our families with Sesshoumaru. I think that's all anyone can ask for, don't you Inuyasha?"

"Go forward from this point as if nothing else has happened, I'll have to think about that, but it seems a good idea."

"Yes, but one thing's lacking before we can go onwards and put the rest behind."

"Alright wench, I know that look...what do you have in mind?" Inuyasha's eyes narrowed as he looked at Kagome's own gleaming eyes. She leaned forward, licking her lips and crawled up his body which for the first time obviously responded between them, making him slightly alarmed. Kagome of course noticed and inwardly rejoiced, but that was not her target this time.

As she reached up higher, she leaned in for a true kiss and in response Inuyasha closed his eyes and relaxed into the feeling while Kagome reached again and took a puppy ear in each hand and tweaked them gently, grinning at the needy moan that came from her hanyou.

"Now we have come full circle" she said jubilantly.

The End

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