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This is another TV Tropes Prompt, where I hit "Random Item" on the TV Tropes website, and use whatever page pops up as a prompt. This fic arose from the page on "Hostage Spirit Link". As you can probably tell, the fic mutated a bit from that idea, but I 'm not complaining.

Not the Best Hostage

by Olive (the Olive)

Kaitou Kid was an untouchable phantom. He had been held at gunpoint before, but Snake had the tendency to underestimate the elusive thief. It must have been extremely frustrating, if Snake's change in strategy was any indication. This time, the gun wasn't pointed at Kid, and while Kaito had his own card gun out and pointed at Snake, he couldn't fire.

Snake was standing across the rooftop, holding a gun against Edogawa Conan's head. Tantei-kun had tensed up, but all you could really say was that he looked surprised. The kid didn't frighten easily, even when professional assassins scooped him up like a sack of potatoes and stuck the barrel of a gun in his face.

Still, Kaito guessed it wasn't an extremely comfortable position to be in.

For a moment, neither of the two men spoke.

"Put him down, Snake." Kaito kept his voice level and stared Snaked down, or tried to, at any rate. This man was one of the few people who tested Kaito's resolve to never steal a life.

"The gem, Kid," Snake spat. "Hand it over. And throw away the gun, damnit, or this kid gets a few extra holes in his head."

Kaito lowered his card gun, thinking quickly. He really didn't have any other choice. He tossed it to the ground. The motion seemed careless, but it skittered to a stop just a couple feet away, in easy reach if he had to duck bullets. He hesitated for a split second, before reaching into an inside pocket for that night's prize, a multi-faceted diamond.

"I don't see why you'd want it. It's not what you're looking for, after all," Kaito said coolly. He pulled a glittering, crystal clear gem from his jacket and held it out a little in the moonlight.

Snake tensed, obviously expecting Kid to pull some kind of trick. Apparently, he had begun to learn from past encounters.

As a matter of fact, Kaito did have a trick all lined up. He had just opened his mouth to say "Catch!" (a necessary precursor to tossing the sleeping-gas-rigged fake to his mortal enemy) when there was a small *thwipp!* and Snake swayed on the spot.

"Are you two done with the dramatic showdown yet?" asked a sardonic voice.

The gun slipped from Snake's hand, and he keeled over. A small figure adeptly twisted out of his grip just as the body hit the ground. Conan looked almost bored.

Kaito stared, a bit surprised at the hostage's effortless self-rescue. Well, he could have done it, of course, but it seemed out of place for a self-proclaimed detective. Of course, no one ever said that detectives couldn't be good at getting themselves out of a tricky situation, even when there wasn't time to analyze things, but Kaito still thought it seemed strange.

Kaito considered the possibility that he had been hanging around Hakuba far too much.

* * *

Snake awoke to handcuffs and a lot of policemen. It took a minute for him to piece things together and figure out just what had happened. When he did, he swore softly under his breath. Apparently, Edogawa Conan was not someone who could be underestimated, either.

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