Chapter 7

Peter and the gang are in his lair. It's dinner time.

Wendy asked her brothers, "Michael. John. Do you remember your parents?"

Michael replied, "Yeah."

"They're in the room," John continued.

Wendy asked, "Ok. Who's Dad?"

Michael answered excitedly, "Peter!"

"And Mom?"

John told her, "You, Wendy!"

"Wrong, and wrong," she said.

"WHAT?" everyone else in the room screamed, shocked.

Wendy explained, "Michael, John. Our real parents are George and Brittney Darling. Don't you remember Aunt Sophie?"

"Oh yeah," Michael said.

"I want to go home!" cried John

Peter changed the subject. "Well, time to go outside!"

John sat with his teddy bear, without the ears, in one hand and the ears in the other hand.

"Aww, man! Teddy's ears fell off!"

Princess Redbird came in.

"Hey! Maybe I can fix Teddy!" she told him. "Oh, darn. I forgot my sewing kit."

The Indian Tribe came in.

"There it is. Thank you, Tiger Lily."

One of the people in the ensemble gave Princess Redbird her sewing kit.

"John, hand me Teddy and her ears. I won't hurt her. She's getting her ears back," the Princess told the boy.

John handed Teddy to Princess Redbird.

The Tribe members started to sing. "Fix the little bear. Warrior. Save the little bear. Warrior. Love the little bear. Warrior. The cute little bear. Warrior."

Teddy was fixed.

"There. She's done."

"Thanks, Princess Redbird! Come on, Teddy. Let's go."

John runs away.