Ch. 1

You would thing that after 10 years of being a vampire you would think that I would be used to being a high school graduate by now." I said with a laugh.

"Bella, you never will get used to it. After centuries of doing this I'm still not used to it." my boyfriend Edward said as he took my hand and led me into the house.

My name is Bella Swan, I'm 18... well I have been 18 for ten years. How is that possible? Well, I'm a vampire. Edward turned me one night on accident... we were practicing for our wedding night and well... he lost control of himself and a few days later I was one of him. Needless to say, after that accident our wedding was off.

"Bella, love, are you OK?" Edward asked.

"Huh?" I snapped back to my reality at the sound of his voice. "Yes Edward I'm fine." We walked into the house that we shared with Edward's family. Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rose were sitting around the room when we walked in. Carsile was at work like most days when we returned home. While looking around the room Edward froze in his spot and turned his head toward the kitchen, where I could hear Esme talking to someone. "Edward?" I asked sniffing the air not catching anything unusual. "Oh wait... there are visitors in the kitchen?"

Alice stood up, "Yes Bella there are. They showed up while you guys were at your graduation ceremony."

"Who are they?" I asked.

Edward snapped back to reality, "They are nomads, love. They want to join our family." He turned away from me and headed toward the kitchen. "Esme?"

Esme walked out of the kitchen with the guests following behind her. "Edward, Bella welcome home. This is Malachi and Aaron." She pointed to each nomad. "They would like to join our little family... Carsile will be back from work soon." She finished as she fluttered out of the room leaving the nomads in front of Edward.

Edward turned his back and walked away and I just watched him walk away. After he left the room I looked at Alice who didn't seem upset by Edward's temper tantrum. "He'll get over it Bella." Was all she said to me.

I sighed, "Hello, I'm Bella." I introduced myself. "I'm sorry about Edward's behavior." As I talked I looked our guest up and down to get a feel for them. Malachi, was tanned skin; which reminded me of my best friend Jacob; he had liquid red big eyes, and short black hair that looked spikey. Aaron on the other had was the completely opposite in looks. He was short, had long hair that came to his shoulders, his eyes were the same color as Malachi's, but his skin was ghostly white; paler than any other vampire I have ever seen. "He's not used to people just showing up out of nowhere..." I said with a small laugh.

Malachi smiled at me, "It's our fault Bella. No need to apologize, we did just invade his comfort zone."

I nodded. "Esme, you said that Carsile would be home soon?"

"Yes" She said in a low voice from the kitchen.

"OK I'll be back when I hear him." I turned toward Malachi. "You wanna join our family? Well then you better start now." I stiffed a giggle as he looked confused, "You see we don't hunt humans, we are vegitarians, only animal blood. Care to join me while we wait for Carsile?" I asked both Malachi and Aaron. Aaron didn't say anything as he backed away.

"Sure I'm up for a challenge." Malachi said.

"Well then follow me." I said as I ran out of the door only turning to see Edward from our window. He'll get over it. I thought as Malachi caught up to me laughing.

"You're extremely fast Bella."

I slowed down my pace just a little, "Sorry, I'm used to having to keep pace with Edward. How long have you been a vampire?"

"Oh about 15 years..." he said. "I was changed when I was 20 in human years. How about you?"

"10 years as a vampire... I was changed when I was 18." I replied as I came to a stop. We were now deep enough into the forrest that we would find some decent game. "Now hunting an animal is all about instinct. Watch me first and then you try to copy my moves... think you can handle that?" I asked batting my eyes at him.

"You bet." He said smiling. I sniffed the air and listened, in the area we were in was 2 large bucks. One was to my right and one was straight ahead of where we were standing. I took off after the one on the right at full speed, as soon as I was within 10feet of the buck I jumped at it and landed with my teeth around the flank of its neck. As I finished drinking I heard Malachi take off toward the other buck, I listened and about 2 seconds later I heard what I was waiting for. Which was the thunk of the buck hitting the ground, I headed over toward the sound and got there just as Malachi was finishing up. When he stood up I couldn't help but burst into laughter. When he heard my bell sounding laughter he stood up and turned around to face me. "And what is so funny Miss. Bella?" he asked in a teasing tone.

"Your a mess.." I said trying to control my laughing, "I'm sorry but seeing you like this, covered in blood all over, reminds me of my first animal hunt. I looked exactly like you do now... cept my clothes were torn."

Malachi brushed himself off as best he could and said, "I really doubt you looked as bad as I do. I don't think you could ever look bad."

Is he hitting on me? I thought. "I guess you would have to see it to believe me... Now have you finished feeding?" He nodded, "Well let's head back Carsile will be back shortly." And then we took off running through the woods back to the house.