Ch. 18

Edward stopped running when he reached the field where he first showed Bella what he was. Maybe this will remind her that we were meant to be together. He thought as he waited for her to catch up. "Edward?" I said. "Are you OK?"

"Am I OK? Bella you know me better than to think that I'm OK. You just told me that you were marrying someone who you've only known for about 2 weeks. We have been together for about 11 years." he said looking at me.

I could sense the pain that this was causing him, "I'm sorry Edward. You know that I wanted to be with you forever but you've changed too much. I don't think that we could get along for much longer besides just being friends. Even brother and sister, but not as lovers or husband and wife." I reached for him only to have him pull away, "I didn't ask to imprint on Malachi, Edward. You've heard Jacob and the pack talk about imprinting for years and you know that there is nothing that I can do about it. Sure I could not be with Malachi and be with someone else but I won't be truly happy."

"Bella... I... oh never mind. There's isn't anyting I can say to stop you from marrying him is there?"

"Edward, I stil love you and I always will. You gave be what I wanted and you have so good to me all these years. The only problem we had was that you were controling. Freaking out when I would want to hang out with my friends that you told me I had to make. I was content just hanging out with you and the rest of my family in school."

"I can stop being controling Bella. I will try very hard if you will just stay with me." Edward said pain in his voice, like he was close to crying. He reached toward me, wrapping his arms around me.

"Edward... I...." I started and faltered. I still love him.. I realized. But can I really get over the pain he's put me threw? No I couldn't... we aren't as compatible as we used to be. "I can't." I backed away out of his arms. "I won't be happy with you... we can still be friends and brother and sister but nothing more. You had your chance, several chances to redeem yourself and change how you treated me." I backed away from him, "I'm marrying Malachi just as soon as Alice and I can plan it. I'm sorry I hurt you but you hurt me first." Then I turned my back and ran back to the Cullen's house not bothering to wait for Edward or even stop when I heard Edward call after me. Just get back to Malachi and everything will be fine. I ran threw the door right into Carlile's arms and started to cry. "I pushed it too far this time Carlile..."

"Come on Bella let's go to my office so you don't freak out Malachi." he led me upstairs to his office. "Now what happened?" he asked when the door was securily closed behind him. So I told him everything that happened out in the field. "He will come around Bella. You shouldn't worry about him right now. You have a wedding to plan and you shouldn't stress yourself too much because of the baby."

My hand fluttered to my stomach, "I understand. Thank you for listening to me cry, I think I should go find Alice and Esme to work on the wedding. Oh where are the boys?"

Carslile laughed, "Emmett and Jasper took Malachi out for some brother bonding time."

I rolled my eyes, "they better be on their best behavior." I said and then walked out of the office. "Alice? Esme?" I called when I closed Carslile in his office.

"We are in my room Bella." Alice replied.

"How did it go with my son?" Esme asked.

"Not so well." I replied, "Were you planning my wedding without me?"

Alice laughed, "Not really we were just discussing locations. Where would you like to have it?"

"Well... I've always wanted a wedding on the beach... ceremony and reception." I said. If I could still blush I would have.

"That sounds really nice. Do you think the pack will let us use the reservation's beach?" Esme asked.

"I don't see a problem but I'll ask them tonight. How soon do you think we can have it? Cause I got to let my mom know."

"Umm.. how about a month? What type of dress do you want?" Alice asked.

"A month will will and why don't you take care of that Alice. You are the queen of shopping and you always know what will work for me perfectly." I said smiling. Alice smile and hugged me, and then not saying another word she ran from the room. "I guess she decided to go shopping." I said with a laugh. "I think I will go back to my house on the reservation... I've got to call my mom and talk to the pack. Unless you need me for anything else tonight?" I turned to Esme.

"Oh no honey, I think Alice and I can handle things for tonight. I'll probably just end up working on a small guest list of people you would want there." she hugged me, "I'm glad that you found someone who will make you happy."

"Thank you Esme." I said hugging her back. Then I turned and walked back to the reservation.

Once back at my house I went to the phone and dialed my mother's number, she picked up after the 2nd ring. "Hello?"

"Hi mom."

"Bella? It's been forever since you called me... is everthing OK?"

"Yea mom, everything is wonderful... that's actually why I called I have exciting news. I'm getting married..."

"To Edward?" Mom asked a little shocked.

"No, you remember the guy that I was telling you about? The one from the school I've been working with?"


"Well, he proposed tonight. The wedding is in a month... Alice and Esme are helping me plan it."

"Oh my Goodness! Bella this is so exciting!" mom squeeled. "Phil! Bella's getting married in a month! Isn't that exciting?!"

I laughed at mom's excitement. After she calmed down I said, "Mom there's something else... You're going to be a grandma."

"What?!!!? Who's the father?"

"Who do you think mom? Malachi is the father!"

"A grandma? How soon?" she asked once she calmed down.

"About 2 weeks..."

"Why did you wait so long to tell me? Have you told your father? How long have you known?"

"I just found out about a week ago." I lied. "I wasn't having any symptoms. I told dad and Sue last night. I'm due around the same time Sue is. And dad knows about the wedding already, he gave Malachi grandma Swans' engagement ring."

"Wow, that was really sweet of him. Do you want me to come up early and help out with the baby?" Mom asked sounding hopeful.

"I don't know about that yet mom. Let me talk to Malachi and see what he thinks. I will text you later and let you know OK?"

"OK Bella I'll wait until I hear from you before booking a flight out there. I love you."

"I love you too mom. Talk to you soon." I said and then hung up. "You can come in now Jake." I called to the front door with a laugh.

"Hey Bells. Did I interupt?" he said.

"No, I just got off the phone with my mom. I had to tell her about the baby and that Malachi proposed." I smiled.

"Yea, I stopped by the Cullens' and Esme said you had come back here to call her. Congrats Bells." Jake said trying to sound excited.

"Thanks Jake. Oh, I had a question... would you and the pack be OK with Malachi and I using the beach for the wedding?"

"No problem. I still get to be the best man right?"

"Of course!" I said hugging him. "Hey, are you free to hang out?"

"Where's Malachi?"

"Apparently Jasper and Emmett took him for some bonding time... so I have all afternoon free."

"Oh cool. Yeah, we can hang out. What do you want to do?" Jake said with a smirk.

"I was thinking riding our motorcycles, we haven't done that in forever." Jake didn't even answer. He just laughed, took my hand and we ran out of the house to his garage where the bikes were kept. We spent the rest of the day riding our bikes and then later that night we went back to my house and watched movies.