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Ash: Uh…why do you want to own us?

Me: *slaps him hard* That's none of your business!

Ash: OW! That hurt!

Me: *laughs* Good! It was supposed to hurt.

Ash: *frowns and crosses his arms* you're mean…

Dawn: Just start the story already!

Me: *still laughing at Ash* okay, fine!

Dawn sighed, and looked out to the rising sun as she sat down in the grass near the tents they had set up in the forest. Brock was cooking breakfast, and Ash was still fast asleep in his tent.

The three of them were headed for the nearest city, where they would meet up with Brock and Ash's old friend, Misty Waterflower. The redhead was coming to visit them, just to spend some time with her two old friends again…and also to meet Dawn, but mostly to see Ash and Brock again.

In fact, it was all Ash could ever talk about for the past days. It was Misty this, Misty that…he would even talk about the adventures he and Brock had had with her.

And Dawn couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy.

Yes, it was true. Dawn began to develop strong feelings for the raven-haired boy months ago, and now she knew that she truly was in love with the Pokemon trainer. She would stare at him without even thinking. She loved talking to him. He was always on her mind. She couldn't help but smile if he just called out her name. And she loved how he was oh so daring and brave, and kind and caring…and he loves Pokemon so much.

She sighed dreamily as she continued to think about Ash.

He was just so…amazing. And he even looked amazing, too. She had never met anyone as unique and wonderful as him.

But she knew that he didn't love her. It was clear to her that he had feelings for the fellow redhead that was visiting them today. Dawn knew that Ash and Misty had known each other longer and been through so much (despite the fact that Ash rambled about events he, Brock, and Misty had done in the past).

Dawn sighed. 'He'll never see me more than a close friend,' she thought to herself, resting her chin on her hands. 'He just sees me as a friend. I'm just a friend…'

"Dawn," a voice breathed out.

Dawn jolted up and turned her head only to see Ash taking a seat beside her. His red cap wasn't on his head, so his messy shaggy ebony hair was exposed.

"Oh, hi Ash…" Dawn replied, her dreary mood hinted in her voice.

Ash looked at the blue-haired co-ordinator, worry in his brown eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked her.

Dawn looked at him and faked a smile (well, it was more of a weak smile). "Nothing's wrong!" she protested. "No need to worry!"

Drew looks at me

I fake a smile so he won't see

That I want and I'm needin'

Everything that we should be

Ash wasn't convinced by her act, and continued to frown. "That's when I worry the most…come on Dawn, I know something's wrong," Ash told her. "You're my best friend, I know you better than anyone, tell me what's wrong."

Before Dawn could say something, Brock called out, "Hey you two! Breakfast is ready! We should start eating. Misty's probably waiting for us!"

Ash grinned at the mention of food. "Alright, we're coming!" he yelled back, and raced over to the picnic table where Brock was setting up breakfast.

Dawn couldn't help but laugh at the raven-haired boy's usual reaction to the mention of food. "Ash Ketchum, don't eat all the food! Save some for me!" she called out and walked to the picnic table where the two boys had started eating already.

The blue-haired co-ordinator took a seat beside Ash and grabbed a plate and put two pancakes on it, and then started to dig in.

"Misty called," Brock announced after he gulped down some orange juice.

"Really?" Ash replied eagerly. "What'd she say?"

Brock smiled at the trainer's excited attitude towards the subject of Misty. He's always suspected that Ash did have some feelings for that girl. "She said that she'll arrive at Sunyshore City in about an hour," he told him.

Why had they chosen to meet her at Sunyshore City? Well, they all knew Misty's love for the ocean, beaches, and water pokemon and Sunyshore City had all of those things in it. Plus, it was one of the nearest cities from where they were.

"Cool! I can't wait to see her," Ash beamed. "Man, I haven't seen her for a long time. I wonder how her pokemon are, and I wonder what she's been up to lately…"

Dawn looked down at her food, becoming a little depressed again.

It's not that she hated Misty…in fact, she was really excited to meet her. She sounded like an amazing, friendly girl. It's just that Ash talked about her so much, and she felt like that was all he could ever talk about now. And she couldn't talk about anything that compared to what Ash said…she didn't have anything as exciting as the stories Ash would tell.

'I know it's natural to be excited to see a friend again…' the blue-haired girl thought to herself, 'But his eagerness isn't just natural, I can tell. He's really missed her…he must love her so much.'

I'll bet she's beautiful

That girl he talks about

And she's got everything

That I have to live without

"Dawn," Brock called out to her.

Dawn lifted her head up to see that Brock and even Ash were already finished with their breakfast. She looked down at her own and saw that she only drank a third of her milk and she merely touched her pancakes. "Yes?" she replied.

"Are you done with your breakfast? Or do you want to finish it while Ash and I clean up and pack?" the older brown-haired boy offered.

Dawn flashed a smile. "No, I'm finished! I'll help you guys clean up!" she replied cheerfully.

And so, the three started to clean up their meal and the picnic table (Pikachu, Piplup, Pachurisu, Buizel, and Sudowoodo helped too). Then, they packed up their belongings and took down the tents. As they did, the Pokemon rested and started playing with each other and Ash, Brock, and Dawn started talking about the following activities that they were planning to do in Sunyshore City with Misty.

Then they started heading to the City, where Misty would probably be waiting.

"Remember how you two used to argue a lot?" Brock reminded Ash while grinning.

The raven haired boy laughed. "Yeah, I remember…we used to argue over the silliest things," he reminisced. "We even argued even though it was pointless to!"

Then, Dawn giggled. "That reminds me of how you and I argued when we started travelling with each other, Ash," she added. "We argued almost everyday!"

Drew talks to me

I laugh 'cause it's just so funny

I can't even see

Anyone when he's with me

Ash grinned. "Oh yeah, I remember!" he replied. "We used to argue about gym battles and contests so much…how stupid were we? And remember the time you accidently threw the pokeball at me instead of Buneary?"

Dawn laughed, delighted that she could finally talk about something so funny and interesting to Ash. "Yeah, I remember that…"

Flashback- Three Years Ago

A thirteen year old Dawn was getting ready to catch a Buneary and a fourteen year old Ash was supervising her. A sixteen year old Brock was watching the two of them along with Pikachu.

"Here we go!" Dawn cheered as she was readying to throw the pokeball at the Buneary to catch it.

Ash widened his eyes. "Hold on!" he yelled at her. "You gotta make your pokeball bigger first!"

Dawn looked at her pokeball and then began to panic, almost dropping the pokeball. She finally made it bigger. "I'm ready now!" she proudly said.

Then she grinned and threw the pokeball. "Let's go pokeball!" she cheered, but then the red and white ball slipped from her hands and hit Ash on the face instead.

Dawn gasped as it slipped from her hands. And Ash fell over, with the pokeball rolled over to the side. Brock looked at the two, amused but worried and disappointed at the same time.

Dawn looked at Ash. "Oops! Sorry!" she apologized.

Ash got up and glared at the blue-haired girl. "Watch where you throw that thing!" he angrily shouted at her.

This made Dawn angry, and she glared back at him, putting her hands on her hips. "It was an accident!" she yelled back. "If you hadn't been yelling at me, my hand wouldn't have slipped!"

"You weren't doin' it right!" he told her.

Brock, Pikachu, and Piplup just watched helplessly as the two continued to bicker and argue.

"Look, don't you get nasty with me!" she warned Ash.

"Just get it together and I won't have to," Ash told her.

Piplup looked at the two arguing, and then looked at the Buneary Dawn was trying to catch. It had run away! "Piplup! Piplup! Piplup!" the blue pokemon yelled, showing the two that the Buneary had run away.

Ash and Dawn stopped arguing and saw the Buneary run away, too. "No! Buneary!" they both yelled in unison.

Dawn angrily glared at Ash. "Well, I hope you're happy now!"

Ash glared back. "Don't look at me!"

"Why not? It's your fault!"

"You're yappin' scared Buneary away you know!"

Brock looked at the two helplessly. "This is going to be a long day…" Brock muttered to himself.

End of Flashback…

"Haha, we were so stupid and dumb to argue like that," Dawn said.

Ash nodded, smiling. "Yeah, but now we're different and we understand each other…'cause we're really close friends now," he agreed.

Dawn laughed nervously at the mention of them being close friends. "Yeah, we're best friends now…" she muttered to herself. And she knew it would just be that way, they would never be more than friends.

"Do you see Misty?" Ash asked Dawn and Brock.

They were at the dock in Sunyshore City. The sun was shining high in the sky, it was noon. The ferry had arrived and tons of people were piling out of it…maybe because it was summer and they were excited to head off to the beaches, swimming pools, and summer resorts to cool off. Ash, Brock, and Dawn were looking around for Misty, even their Pokemon were helping!

Dawn laughed. "For the millionth time, no!" she told Ash.

Then she muttered to Brock, "He must be really excited to finally see her."

Brock nodded and grinned. "Yeah, back then he had a small crush on her when we were traveling with her…I don't know if he still does, but it's possible he might."

Dawn's smile immediately wiped off her face. 'So he did have a crush on her…he probably still does…' she thought to herself. Brock noticed the blue-haired girl's disappointment and was about to ask her something, until Pikachu started yelling.

"Pika, Pikachu!" the yellow mouse pokemon yelped, catching Ash, Dawn, and Brock's attention.

"What is it Pikachu?" Ash asked him.

Pikachu pointed straight ahead of them. They all looked and saw a redhead with a ponytail and she was about seventeen years old. She was wearing a sleeveless yellow vest with blue buttons, a red tank top, yellow shorts, and dark orange sneakers…and she looked somewhat beautiful.

It was Misty!

"Misty!" Ash and Brock shouted in unison.

The redhead saw the three and ran up to them grinning and dragging her luggage along. "Ash, Brock!" she happily yelled.

She ran up to Ash and hugged him. Ash was caught off guard and blushed a little, and then he hugged her back. Dawn felt a pang of jealousy and sadness and looked down to the ground, and Brock noticed this too.

'I wonder…is she…?' Brock thought as he looked at Dawn.

"Hey Misty, I missed you," Ash told her.

Misty blushed and smiled. "I missed you, too," she replied and then bent down to Pikachu and rubbed its head. "And I missed you too, Pikachu!"

Pikachu grinned and cheered, "Pika pika!" which probably meant "I missed you too!"

Then Misty headed to Brock and hugged him. "I missed you too, Brock," she told him, though their hug was way shorter than the hug she gave Ash.

Then she walked over to the blue-haired co-ordinator. "Hey, you must be Dawn!" Misty greeted, holding her hand out to Dawn. "Ash, Brock, and May have told me so much about you. I hear you're a great Pokemon co-ordinator!"

Dawn smiled a sweet smile back, and took Misty's hand and shook it. "Oh thanks! And you must be Misty!" she replied cheerfully. "Ash and Brock say that you're an awesome water Pokemon trainer!"

"Looks like Dawn and Misty are getting along just fine," Brock told Ash as the two girls continued to small talk with each other.

Ash grinned and nodded. "Yeah," he beamed, "Just like when May came for the Wallace Cup."

Misty petted Dawn's Piplup. "Oh, I love your Piplup!" she squealed. "It's a really cute water pokemon!"

Dawn laughed. "Thanks! And it's a really strong one, too!"

"Piplup! Piplup!" the penguin pokemon chimed in.

Misty smiled at the pokemon, and then turned back to Ash and Brock. "Oh, and you won't believe who I ran into on the ferry," Misty told them, rolling her eyes.

Right on cue, a voice called out, "Hey Ashy Boy! Long time no see!"

They all turned their heads, only to see…

"GARY?" Ash, Dawn, and Brock yelled in unison.

Gary smirked and walked over to the group. "Yep, that's right Ashy Boy!" Gary said. "Hi Brock, Misty, Dawn."

"You've met Gary before?" Misty whispered to Dawn, surprised.

Dawn nodded in reply. "Yeah, once," she replied. "He came and helped Ash and his Gliscor."

"Gary, what are you doing here?" Ash asked the auburn haired boy.

"Well, I decided to take a little break and hang out in one of the summer resorts here," Gary explained. "Who'd thought I'd run into you guys again?"

"Well, which summer resort are you staying in?" Misty asked him.

"The Sunyshore Beach Resort."

Dawn grinned. "That's the same exact one we're staying in!" she exclaimed.

Ash groaned. "Oh no…"

"Come on guys, we need to get our reservations before the Check-In Desk closes!" Brock reminded them.

Dawn looked at her poketch to check the time, and her eyes widened. "And the Check-In Desk closes in thirty minutes!"

They all gasped, grabbed their bags and started to run to the Sunyshore Beach Resort as fast as they could, fearing that they'd lose their reservations if they didn't make it to the Check-In Desk on time.

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