A Reflection of the Past

It was October 1st, 2006. It was 5 in the evening, and I was at a stage crew meeting in the auditorium for the fall play of the drama club at my high school.

As the director, Susan Fox, talked, I was playing with a key on a necklace that I always wear. My dad said that it used to belong to Ichabod Crane. Yeah, right. The fictional guy from the play we're the stage crew for…

"Katrina! Are you listening to me?" Susan screamed at me.

"Yes. I am so listening to you!" I replied.

"Then, what was I saying?"

"You were saying… that… we need to figure out why the actors have been getting those letters from the so-called Headless Horseman and who's really sending them."

"Exactly. Y'know, you really should think about acting instead of always teching! It really looked like you weren't paying attention!" she said.

Whew. Lucky guess.

Then, the light board operator, Ray Wood, spoke up. "I thought we were talking about the letters! Not random stuff!"

What an idiot.

As I walked home, I continued to play with my key. The moonlight showed something that I'd never noticed before: two small letters. I.C.

"I.C…. Ichabod Crane?" I thought aloud. "Nah! It couldn't be. Could it?"

As I walked up to my front porch, I thought I could hear voices coming from my attic bedroom window. Katrina, Katrina! it said.

I started freaking out again. "That sounded like… Johnny Depp! It couldn't have been. Probably just the wind," I thought out loud.

Except, there was no wind that night.