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Fox Trapped at Youkai Gakuen

Our favorite blonde hair blue eyed knuckle headed ninja had just finished his 24th bowl of ramen and was getting ready to start his next bowl when he heard someone scream. He asked the chef and his daughter at the ramen shop "hey did you guys here a scream?"Teuchi and Ayame looked at Naruto funny and just said "no." Naruto decided it was nothing and went back to eating his ramen. After Naruto finished his 30th bowl of ramen and paid the bill he said "thanks for the ramen." Then left with his usual huge grin on his face.

As Naruto started to walk back to his house to get his gear to start training since he was officially a ninja thanks to Iruka-Sensei he heard the scream again. He looked around and notices that no one else had heard it. Since no one heard it he decided to investigate himself to see what it was. Walking around the outskirts of town he heard a crash and saw a few of the trees around the mountain that the hokages were carved in had started to fall.

Naruto hid behind one of the trees that had already fallen. He looked up to see something that completely shocked him. There were craters everywhere and tons of trees had been knocked over, but what truly shocked him were the two girls in one of the craters. The smallest one had orange hair tied up in two pig tails with emerald green eyes. She had cuts and bruises all over her and was leaning on one knee. Naruto figured she was probably a few years younger than him.

Then he turned his attention to the other one she had long silver hair with red eyes that had black slits in each. Naruto couldn't stop staring at her he thought she looked absolutely beautiful in his eyes. Before he knew it he was walking toward them just to get a better look.

"Onee-Sama one more round please." Begged Kokoa.

"No Kokoa you already can verily stand take a break for awhile then you can try to attack me again." Said Moka glaring at her sister.

Kokoa started to get up ignoring what her sister said and ran to hit her in the head. Moka getting angrier that her sister had just ignored her kicked Kokoa in the stomach sending Kokoa crashing against a tree with a load crack and thud when she hit the ground. Kokoa verily conscious leaned against the tree holding her stomach and was scared at what her sister was going to do next since she disobeyed her.

Moka started to walk toward Kokoa when all of a sudden there was a thud and load "OWW" right behind them. Startled by the sound she quickly turns around in a stance to attack. What she saw was a blonde haired boy with three whisker marks on each cheek with sky blue eyes. He had a huge grin on his face and was staring at her causing her to blush a little and look away. She quickly shook it off and got back into her fighting stance.

Kokoa ran up behind her sister and yelled at the blonde "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT." Mad that someone had stopped her and Onee-Sama from their fighting session.

Naruto put his hands behind his head and started to walk toward them but a little pissed at what the red head had said. He just ignored her and said "Hi the names Naruto Uzumaki the future hokage. What's yours?" with his huge grin on his face.

Moka looked at him for a second staring at him with a weary look wondering if she should tell him. "The names Moka Akashiya this is my little sister Kokoa Shuzen" still in her fighting stance.

"Moka-Chan that's a really cute name." Said Naruto causing the girl to blush a little again.

Kokoa was mad at how this Naruto had just said her Onee-Sama's name so causally without getting kicked in the face. Naruto notice Kokoa getting mad so decided to say "what's wrong Chibi-Chan." This made Kokoa even madder causing smoke to come out of her ears. She ran at him trying to knock that smile off his face.

She smirked when she heard a nice crunch sound between her fist and Naruto's cheek. Both of the girls were shocked when Naruto went up in poof of smock and was replaced by a log. They started to look around when they heard Naruto say "that's not very nice Chibi-Chan." The girls turn around to see Naruto behind them without a scratch.

This intrigued Moka so she asked "Would you fight me." Kokoa stared at her in shock there was no way this Naruto could stand a chance against her Onee-Sama.

Naruto's grin got even bigger than before he never had anyone to spare with except for his clones. "Sure but if I win u have to be my friend."

Moka smirked at that then she said "sure but that's only if u can be beat me, but if I win you have to teach me how u just did that thing when Kokoa punched you." She already knew she was going to win there's no way this boy could beat her.

They both got into their fighting stance and waited for Kokoa to tell them the battle had started. As soon as Kokoa said start Moka ran at Naruto. Naruto started doing his hand signs then said "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." In a poof of smoke four other Naruto's appeared shocking Moka and Kokoa even more.

The four clones started to circle around Moka all with a kunai in hand. Moka did a round house kick hitting two of the clone's making them disappear in a poof of smoke. She smirked at this thinking this was going to be easy.

Naruto jumped up in the air over Moka's head and threw six shuriken at her. She dodged the first four with ease but was hit in the back with by the other two.

As soon as Naruto landed he was hit with a kick to the stomach sending him flying into a tree. Moka thought she had finally hit him but frowned when he was replaced with another log.

Kokoa was shocked when Naruto had beaten her Onee-Sama with one last punch to the face. Even more so that he was only just starting to break out in a sweat after they had been fighting for two hours straight.

Moka was furious that the boy had actually beaten her it was impossible in her mind. "What are you?" She asked.

Naruto looked at her questionably and said "human of course what else could I be?" Moka gave him the death glare thinking there was no way possible for a mere human to beat her.

He was a little scared at the look she was giving him so he started to chuckle and held out his hand to help her up. When all of a sudden there was some blood that started to go down his arm. Moka smelt the blood and was immediately intoxicated by the scent. She grabbed his arm and pulled it towards her.

Pulling up his sleeve she saw the line of blood going down his arm she couldn't hold it any longer and licked the blood off of his arm.

Naruto face turned completely red like a tomato. Then he noticed that Moka had pair of fangs. He froze right then when he heard a "CHOMP" and looked down to see that Moka had bit him on the neck sucking his blood.

Moka noticed that Naruto had gone limp in her arms. She stopped sucking his blood and looked up to see that Naruto had fainted. She picked him up and walked to Kokoa who had saw the whole thing and was shocked at the events that had gone on between her Onee-Sama and Naruto.

Naruto started to wake up still tired from just getting up he had forgotten everything that had just happened. He looked up and noticed that he was sitting under a tree. "Where am I? How did I get here? What was I doing before I feel asleep?" He wondered.

All of a sudden there was a load "GASP" and an "ONEE-CHAN" Naruto-Niisama is awake. He looked up again to see an orange haired girl and a silver haired girl running toward him. Then he remembered everything which made him stand straight up as fast as he could in shock.

Naruto pointed at Moka and said "Y-Y-YOU J-J-J-JUST S-S-S-S-S-SUCKED MY B-BLOOD" stuttering uncontrollably.

Moka frowned and looked down to her feet and said "I'm sorry it's just I'm a vampire and your blood just smelled so good I couldn't resist. Just to let you know it was the greatest blood I have ever tasted and you're also the first human I've sucked blood from. If that makes it any better."

"THAT IS FREAKIN AWASOME" Naruto yelled. Both Moka and Kokoa looked at him in surprise at what he had just said.

"So you two are like those super strong super hot vampires that suck blood that you read about in fairytales." As he remembered the few scrolls he had stolen about them.

"No wonder I thought you were so cute when I first saw you that explains everything. I'm so glad that you two are my first friends."

"Wait your not scared of us and all?" Moka and Kokoa asked at the same time.

"Nope why should I be when I already beat you in combat just a little while ago." Moka blushed at that completely since she had forgotten that Naruto had beaten her.

Kokoa ran up to Naruto and said "YAY" hugging him at the time. "I'm so glad Naruto-Niisama isn't sacred of us."

"It's ok Chibi-Chan there is no way I could ever be scared of to cute girls like you." He said with a chuckle.

Kokoa pouted at Naruto for still calling her Chibi-Chan which Naruto laughed at.

The sun was setting as the three were still talking under the tree when Moka remembered that she and Kokoa needed to leave before papa got worried and came looking for them. She got up and said "Kokoa we need to leave now before papa comes looking for us."

Kokoa frowned but said "ooooookkkk" since she knew what papa would do if he saw where they were and was talking to a human at that. She said "good bye to Naruto-Niisama and I hope we get to see each other soon." Then walked away and just disappeared into some type of portal.

This shocked Naruto he ran up to where Kokoa had disappeared. Only there was nothing there which made Naruto mad since he couldn't follow them like he was planning to. So he could surprise them tomorrow by him knocking on their door.

Moka laughed at how Naruto was trying to jump through air where Kokoa had just left. She walked up to him and said "only vampires can go through there." Which made Naruto even sadder. Since it meant only Moka and Kokoa could come see him but he couldn't go see them.

She noticed the frown on his face and sighed. "Naruto me and my sister will be here tomorrow If you want to see us."

The blonde ninjas completely lit up with the biggest smile anyone as ever seen when she said that. This caused Moka to blush again at how cute he looked with those whisker marks on his cheeks.

She walked toward portal and heard Naruto say "see ya tomorrow Moka-Chan." Causing Moka's blush to be even more noticeable. She ran through the portal hoping Naruto didn't see here blush.

Naruto also went back to his house. Only one thing was going through his brain when we went to his bed to sleep."MOKA-CHAN IS SO CUTE!!!!!!"

When Moka had gotten through to the other side of the portal she noticed Kokoa was as white as a ghost. She looked to see their papa was right in front of them in a very bad mood. She froze knowing what papa might do.

"H-Hello father I'm sorry for being late me and Kokoa got a little side tracked while we were… fighting." Moka said stuttering.

This did not make his mood any better he said "very well but the next time you are late you shall be grounded for a month if not more for making me worried about you two."

She sighed glad that her father had not smelt Naruto's scent on her. He turned back around and asked. "By the way what is that horrible stench on you it smells as If human was with you."

Kokoa looked at her sister in horror knowing what papa would do to Naruto-Niisama if he found out. Especially if her papa had found out that Naruto-Niisama had beaten her Onee-Sama in combat.

Moka and Kokoa both stayed quiet trying to think of an excuse. After a few minutes he said "Never mind ill shall let it slide this time go take a shower both and get that horrible stench off of you."

They both ran for the bathroom knowing if they stayed their papa would probably bring the subject back up. After they were finished Kokoa asked "Can I sleep with you tonight Onee-Sama."

Moka sighed and knew even if she said no Kokoa would still come to her room anyway. So she said "Fine but only for tonight." Kokoa jumped for joy and hugged her Onee-Sama then ran dragging Moka with her to the room. They quickly got into bed.

Kokoa asked "So Onee-Sama do you like Naruto-Niisama."

This caused Moka to punch Kokoa in the face sending her flying into the wall with a huge crash. She said "Good night Kokoa." Then went to sleep. Kokoa grinned and staggered back to the bed knowing that Onee-Sama liked Naruto-Niisama.

Naruto woke with a huge grin on his face knowing he would get to see Moka-Chan again today. He quickly got ready and ran out the door, but forgot to put his Hitai-ite on and quickly ran back in to put it on, "Phew don't want to forget this." He thought. Then ran back out the door to go eat his most favorite food in the world "RAMEN".

He took a seat down at Ichiraku's and said "One order of miso ramen and make it fast I'm in hurry today."

Teuchi gave a questioning look toward Naruto. "Oh and what's the rush you normally have about ten bowls before you leave."

"Not today old man I got to hurry so I can meet up with my friends." Naruto grinned and took the bowl of ramen from Teuchi and slurped it down ten seconds flat paid the bill and ran back out.

This stunned the chef never had he ever heard Naruto say anything about having friends. "Glad to see you finally made some friends Naruto." He smiled as he watched Naruto go.

Naruto sat under the tree that he and Moka-Chan had sat under yesterday day dreaming about what they would do today. Before he knew he had fallen asleep.

Moka and Kokoa walked out of the portal and saw Naruto asleep under the tree. "

Hey Onee-Sama why don't we pull a prank on Naruto-Niisama for falling asleep?" Kokoa asked.

" Oh yes Kokoa that is the best idea you have had yet." Moka replied. They both had an evil grin on their faces as they walked toward Naruto.

Little did they know they were being spied on by a few of the kids in the area. One of the kids ran back to town to tell the adults that the demon child had made friends with other demon children. When the child got there he yelled to the people nearby "HELP THE DEMON CHILD HAS MADE FRIENDS WITH TWO OTHER DEMONS AND ARE HOLDING MY FRIENDS AS HOSTAGES."

This caused the whole town to grab whatever weapon was near them and make a huge mob near the gate closes to where Naruto was.

One of the men in the mobbed yelled "I knew we should have killed the demon child when we had the chance."

Another yelled "I told you this would happen if we let him live." The mob started running to where Naruto was.

Naruto awoke from hearing someone laughing. Then he felt weird for some reason he felt like he was upside down. He realized that he was upside down tied by his feat to the tree. Looking down he saw Moka and Kokoa beneath him laughing like crazy that did it he was mad.


The girls both jumped when they found out he had woken up. Kokoa started laughing again when she saw how red Naruto's was. Moka just smirked then said "it's what u get for sleeping when we get here."

"I'm going to get you two so bad when I get out of this you won't know what hit you." Naruto said as he wiggled out of the ropes falling head first to the ground with a thud. "OWW that FREAKIN hurt." The girls burst out into laughter again.

All of a sudden there was "RAWRR" in the air and the sound of lots of people coming toward them. Then they heard "KILL THE DEMON CHILD HE HAS GONE TO FAR THIS TIME."

Naruto stood in fear as he knew who they were talking about and what was coming for them. He shouted "Moka-Chan Chibi-Chan get out of here do not turn around and GO HOME NOW." They stare at Naruto only to see that in his eyes he was scared yet maybe sad at the same time.

"I SEE THE DEMON CHILD HIS RIGHT THERE GET HIM." They ran even faster now that they saw Naruto not too far in the distance.

This scared Moka and Kokoa they didn't know why this mob was running after them. "Naruto why are they calling you a demon child and why is there a huge mob coming after us?" Asked Moka giving Naruto a very worried look.

"Don't worry Moka-Chan just take Chibi-Chan and run home as fast as you can and don't look back." He said looking at her with the sadist loneliest eyes she had ever seen. Moka just nodded and grabbed Kokoa's arm and ran for the portal.

She pushed Kokoa though the portal and looked back to see Naruto staring at her with kunai stuck out all over his body and a huge hole in the side of his stomach.

Naruto saw that Moka had looked back and gave her the biggest grin he could. Then said "I told you not to look back as he fell to the ground with a thud."

Moka watched in horror as Naruto fell to the ground in front of her but right before he hit the ground she could have sworn Naruto said "it was fun playing with you Moka-Chan. I really like you." Then her sister grabbed her arm and dragged her through the portal.

A few days later Moka tried to go back through the portal to see if Naruto was alive, but the portal was blocked so she could not find out if he had died which she refused to believe, or if he had somehow survived.

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