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School's In Session




12 year old Zoe Orimoto jolted awake from her alarm clock. She rubbed her eyes and checked the calender. Once she saw what day it was she had a huge grin on her face and pumped her fist in the air "Woohoo! First day of school!" she screamed. She jumped out of her bed and opened her window, letting the wind blow through her long blonde hair.

"This year's gonna be a good one…" she smiled and rested her hands on her cheek "I'm gonna miss the others though" she sighed as she remembered the faces of all her old friends from back in the digital world.

She stood there, staring at the beautiful sunrise for a couple more minutes until she left and took a shower. Then changing into her regular outfit, leaving out the purple beanie.

Zoe took one last glance in the mirror and smiled. She grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs through the kitchen. "HeymomheydadIgottagotoschool,loveyabothBYEE!!" Zoe said quickly and ran out the door, forgetting to eat breakfast due to her excitement.

"…Why can't she be a regular girl and slow down in the mornings" Mrs. Orimoto sighed and shook her head

"What can I say? She has the Orimoto blood in her" Mr. Orimoto said proudly

Mrs. Orimoto looked at her husband and smirked "Then why don't you wake up energized in the mornings, mister?"

"I-uhm…I have my reasons!" Mr. Orimoto blushed in embarrassment and made his way to the door "Ihavetogonowdear…SO BYE!" he said quickly and left.

Mrs. Orimoto smiled and headed to the living room "Oh yeah, she definitely gets it from his side of the family" she chuckled.


Zoe headed out the door and a few blocks after spotted her friend, Jeri Katou. "Hey Jeri! Wait up!" Zoe shouted and ran over to her.

"Hey Zoe!" Jerry smiled. The two continued walking to school, catching up on what happened with each other ever since the end of camp.

(Jeri and Zoe met at a summer camp shortly after Zoe visited the Digital World. They became very close, and found out they were going to be at the same school with each other the coming fall. )

Jeri looked at the blonde next to her "How was your summer?" she asked

Zoe smiled "Pretty good, I even met a few new friends…Too bad I won't see them for a while. Because of school and all" she sighed

"Don't worry Zoe, just wait 'til you meet my friends!" Jeri smiled "There's Takato, Henry, Rika, and Ryo! You'll just love them!"

"Well, it can't hurt to meet more new people" Zoe shrugged

They continued walking until they finally came unto the school grounds. "Here we are! First day of middle school!" Jeri cheered. Zoe looked around and spotted a crowd of kids near the entrance. A boy with goggles, another boy that seemed to be smirking as a girl was glaring at him, and a guy with blue hair.

"Hey, are those your friends?" she asked and pointed towards them

"There they are! Come on, let's introduce you to them" Jeri smiled and dragged her to the others. When they reached there, all eyes were on Zoe. "You guys, meet my new friend Zoe!" Jeri introduced

"I'm Takato Matsuki, hi there!" The boy with goggles greeted. He held out a hand and Zoe shook it politely.

"I'm Zoe, it's nice to meet you" she smiled

The boy with blue hair smiled "I'm Henry, welcome" he greeted

The brunette on the left grinned at Zoe "I'm Ryo, and the cutie over there is Rika" he smirked, gesturing over to the girl with orange hair.

"Gosh, would you stop with the pet names!?" Rika growled

"I would if I could…But I can't pumpkin" Ryo laughed

"Wow, nice to meet everyone" Zoe laughed




Rika began walking towards the door and looked back at the group "Well come on, the more we stand her the more late we'll be" she said

"Coming!" everyone yelled and rushed inside

Jeri walked along Zoe's side and checked her locker number "Hey Zoe, my locker's 266 what's yours?"

Zoe looked in her pocket and took out the paper withal her school info on it "Hmm, mine's 256! I guess we'll be right next to each other!"

"Cool!" Jeri laughed

The two made their way to their locker and put all their stuff in. Whole they were there, the two checked to see if they had any classes together.

"Oh look, we have science together!" Jeri squealed

"We also have social studies and language arts!" Zoe smiled

"Great!" Jeri grinned "So Zoe, what do you think of my friends?"

"They remind me of my other friends, especially Takato…" Zoe answered, slightly blushing.

"Takato...How?" Jeri tilted her head in confusion

"He looks a lot like Takuya" Zoe said shyly

"By the look on your face, it seems that you like that Takuya boy!" Jeri smirked

"N-No!" Zoe shook her head "We're friends, that's all"

"I'll buy it…for now" Jeri rolled her eyes and walked off to class "See you at lunch, Orimoto!" she called out

"See ya!" Zoe waved.

Zoe closed her locker and began looking for her homeroom. She was assigned to room 215 and began looking at every room number through the hallways. All of them were in the 100's though.

"I think I might be lost…" Zoe sighed. She looked around and spotted a boy with auburn hair with his back turned to her. "Maybe I can ask him" she whispered to herself.

Zoe slowly made her way to him and tapped him on the shoulder "Excuse me, do you know where room 215 is?"

The boy turned around and a big smile formed on his face "ZOE!"

To Be Continued

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