Harry Potter and all related characters, events, concepts, terms, profits, and adulation belong exlusively to J. K. Rowling. We wish otherwise, but facts are facts, however personally disappointing.

Some liberty has been taken with the fictional facts, however, so as to present the tale we wish to tell. Think of it like historical fiction and be lenient with us when we bend a few characters and events, because this is the closest we'll get to all that adulation.

The Sisters Black

Written by Elenatintil and MJ; Edited by Bookwyrm

One is seduced by the promises of ultimate power.
The other is trapped in an ever-widening web of intrigue and betrayal.
This is the story of two sisters, united by blood in a bond stronger than death, yet who could not be more different.
What can cause them to embrace darkness . . . and can anything redeem the choices they make?
The untold tale of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, the Sisters Black,
is finally revealed within these pages.

Chapter 1

Bellatrix Black sat down on the plush carpet in the front room of the family mansion, a few feet from where her younger sister Narcissa lay belly-down reading one of her books. This was hardly unusual, even right now before breakfast; Narcissa was always the better student. Bellatrix, on the other hand, was more interested in power. She thought her little Cissa spent too much time seeking knowledge for its own sake, rather than looking for how it might benefit a cause.

"Good morning, Bella," Narcissa said, not looking up.

"Morning, Cissa," Bella responded. She turned her wand over in her hands, looking at the window in front of her.

"Is today the day they send out the prefect and Head Girl letters?"


"I hope you get Head Girl, Bella. You deserve it."

"It's about time a Slytherin got it, too," Bella said, scowling.

The sound of an owl's screech came from outside, and Bella immediately stabbed her wand at the window. "Aperio!" The window thudded open, and the mail owl flew in to drop its burden on top of Narcissa's book. It flew out without waiting.

Narcissa quickly found an envelope with the Hogwarts seal. "Here you go!" she said, tossing it to Bella.

Bella opened it, excited. This was her seventh year, and she had a very good record as prefect. Surely . . .

"Well?" Narcissa asked. "Did you get it?"

A small, familiar badge slid out of the envelope, green with a large letter P.

"Oh," Narcissa said, looking disappointed. "Well, at least you're still a prefect this year."

Bella scowled. "You'd have to be a bloody idiot to not remain a prefect after two years. That's not special."

"Who's the Head Girl?"

Bellatrix pulled out the letter, scanning the list of names. "Merlin's pants. Alice Macmillan. Alice MACMILLAN. I'm a bloody good prefect for two years and MACMILLAN steals it from me. I swear, she'll pay one day, her and that boyfriend Frank Longbottom."

"Who's Head Boy?"

"James Potter. Another Gryffindor."

"It's just because Dumbledore's in charge," Narcissa said. "We haven't had a decent headmaster since Phineas Nigellus Black. If a Slytherin ran the school you'd have gotten it. You deserve it more."

"Thanks, Cissy, but it's not you I need to say it." Bella threw the letter down on the floor. "I don't even get it. Why hang around school this year? I'm not going to learn anything worth the effort. The sort of thing I want isn't in Hogwarts."

Narcissa thought for a second. "But you're the head girl prefect, the new Slytherins need you. They need a true Slytherin to teach them how the school really works, how the noblest are put down."

"I'll stay there for you Cissy, but the moment I graduate I have plans bigger than Hogwarts."

"Bella . . . promise me something."

"Anything, Cissy."

"Never leave me. If I need you, come back."

"I promise. Now we need to go eat and then go out. I still don't have that new broom Mum promised me."

Editor's Note

This story originally started as a literary doodle between my friends Elena and MJ, and after I read it we decided to post it here on FanFiction. The story will take a few chapters to start getting into the real plot, but will eventually weave together the stories of several secondary characters from the Harry Potter novels, and provide suggestions for their motivations without being revisionist or excusing their actions. It begins with Bellatrix and Narcissa when they were both students at Hogwarts, and will end with the events of The Deathly Hallows. The authors hope you will all be entertained by their version of events.

Additionally, specific to this chapter, the name Macmillan was given to Alice Longbottom as her maiden name because hers is not given in the series or in any supplemental that has been released. She is considered descended from the birth family of Melania Macmillan (who married into Sirius Black's branch of the family).

Please post reviews and comments! The ladies want your feedback . . . stoke their ego and they'll write more. ;)