Chapter 23: The Riposting Blade

Tsunade sat in her new office, looking over various things and frowned slightly, "All of the things that could be handled by someone on the civilian council…perhaps I should appoint Councilwoman Haruno to do this job, she is trustworthy enough for the job."

She also picked up an old file and lightly blew off the dust to reveal the combat medic project, "I still can't believe that sensei kept this…I can also use this to limit the unnecessary funds that several civilian councilmen are using. Honestly, fourteen bills listed as entertainment?"

Just then Shizune came inside, "Lady Hokage, the ninja that you requested are her to see you now."

"Send them in now, Shizune…"

Naruto and Shikamaru walked through the door and the Uzumaki smirked, "How does the seat feel, Lady Hokage?" Tsunade shot him a mock glare, "I have a distinct feeling that I am going to regret ever doing that bet with you…but." Her face grew serious and professional, "All joking aside, I would like to inform you two that you have been promoted to the rank of Chunin."

Both Naruto and Shikamaru were shocked, the Nara was the first to comment, "Troublesome…but I have to ask, why we were the only ones promoted?"

"Looking over the candidates that made it to the preliminaries as well as your skills reported from various sources, you two showed above average skills at strategy, being a team leader and doing what is necessary for this village. Others in your group came close, but we would like to see a bit more from themselves."

Shikamaru sighed and nodded, "Damn, this means more work for me to do."

Naruto chuckled and playfully elbowed him, "Lighten up, Shikamaru, a Chunin may have a bit more responsibility, but at the least, we can watch Genin squirm a bit and this is a fact that we could get out of some mediocre stuff."

"You do realize that our Hokage is right there…"

"Oh, yeah, but she is most likely going to be swamped by paperwork as well as her new program to get everyone enrolled."

Tsunade grew a tick mark as she fought to rein in her temper and coughed, "Ahem, I will be expecting much out of you two from now, do I make myself utterly and perfectly clear?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama." They both stated in a serious tone noting the environment that they were in. The Godaime's face lightened, "Good, now Shikamaru, you are dismissed at the moment, there is something that I need to talk with Naruto on a private matter." Shikamaru merely nodded and took his leave, but before he turned to Naruto and said, "Hey, meet all of us at Yakiniki Q, I have a feeling that my sensei will get us all to go there to celebrate our promotion."

Naruto nodded, "Alright, I will be there." After concluding his business with Shikamaru, he turned to the blonde Senju, "So what is this all about, Tsunade-sama?"

"Well, for starters, I would like your honest opinion about your sensei and his friends as well as forming another new team."

"Well, to begin, Sensei is in a league of his own…super strength, speed, agility, essentially he is a super soldier that could easily defeat some of our best Jonin. As for Abigail and Hannibal, I only know them by stories my sensei told me about…Abigail is an excellent markswoman with her arrows and dabbles in a bit of swordsmanship taught by her father no less before he disappeared from her life. Hannibal…well, he was a former vampire, so he retains some of their traits like their healing factor, slow aging and he is stronger than the average human, he is also a skilled marksman and his deductive skills are very extraordinary."

The Uzumaki paused for a moment, "Hannibal tends to be a sarcastic talker as well as sometimes vulgar, Abigail can be a bit touchy at times…as for sensei, he is sadistic and doesn't trust very easily. It would be best to have them as a team."

The Slug Sennin nodded, "Noted, so when I talk to them, I will put them down as Team Blade to work in the village unless they have any means of going back to where they came from."

"I don't know if they do, but I will ask them."

"Thank you and now the next order of business is the Sound team that you kept as your wards, I wanted to put them together with Anko Mitarashi as a team due to their similar connections with our old 'snake in the grass' friend."

"I believe that they are ready to put on the working schedule, under Anko Mitarashi's guidance, they can learn how to control their abilities as well as new skills and I am pretty confident that those three would love to jack up his plans for shit and giggles in revenge for Orochimaru's plans to use them as sacrifices for that Jutsu."

Nodding, Tsunade crossed her fingers and rested her chin on top of them, "I see…thank you for that input, you are dismissed now, Naruto-kun and please do enjoy your promotion celebration…" The Jinchuuriki turned and strode out the door while the newly christened Hokage looked over the various files of the village.

The pseudo Daywalker thought to himself as he trudged himself home, "Hmm, I wonder if Hinata is back from her mission? She should be home by now…" As he shuffled along home, elsewhere, one of his former classmates was performing anger management theory by himself. Sasuke cried out in unrelenting rage as he slammed his lightning chakra infused fist into the boulder, creating a gaping hole inside of the stone.

"Damn it, why am I so weak? This isn't how it should be, I should be at the top, not some blonde jackass! First, he destroys one source of power for me at Wave and for what?! A petty sacrifice for a virgin and then he has the audacity to turn Sakura and Ino against me after I acknowledged their worth. Most of the girls that cried out for my perfect genes won't even look at me anymore." He raged out.

Next, he went into a flurry of punches and kicks before continuing, "Plus that petty excuse of a bloodline is like this damn curse mark, but I don't even get to use it because it deemed too dangerous and to make matters worse, I hear talk of him being promoted to Chunin with more access to power. Argh!" The Uchiha finished as he slammed in his fist into the ground, causing a small crater and bruising his knuckles.

Sasuke took deep breaths as he slowly lifted his head to look at the sky, "Well, no more, I am tired of being stuck in last place, I am tired of being denied my right to be on to the top of the food chain…I am going to find him…yes, find him and beat him until he gives me what I want…what I deserve." With that, he strode off to find his teammate wherever he may be.

Orochimaru's Hideout- The Snake Sennin surveyed the group before him, slightly slouched in the shadows for a brief moment. The four figures in front of him, bowed low, slightly fidgeted nervously as if he has been contemplating their sentence, but they were relieved when he finally spoke, "The time has come for my new vessel to be retrieved…Jirobo, Kidomaru, Sakon and Tayuya, I task you on infiltrating Konohagakure and find Sasuke Uchiha, you will either convince him to join us or take him by force, but don't damage him too bad…you have your orders, now go."

The four of them disappeared in a blink of an eye and now that Orochimaru was all alone, he gritted his teeth in extreme pain and let loose a scream of unadulterated pain with a lingering thought as to the whereabouts of his right hand man, Kabuto.

Kabuto currently was in his room, experiment with the blood of his enemies in a literal sense and he was slowly getting frustrated with it, "Damn it all, another failure, this is truly most peculiar…their blood completely overtakes the human gene, forcibly changing them into vampires with the thirst of blood for others."

Without flinching, Kabuto was soon faced with a turned vampire that was trying to bite into his face as it was a carcass of a dead gazelle and just stared at it, "And although it has amazing strength and agility, blood is necessary to make the infected user to make them stronger, faster and heal from near fatal wounds…however…unlike, Uzumaki and Blade-dono…"

The medic took up a silver scalpel and sliced open its neck, causing the turned vampire to lose its scream due to severed voice cords and dissolved into hot ash, "They seem to be susceptible to silver and garlic as well as the fact that they need blood as much as craving for food…"

He slowly moved onto another subject and noted in his recorder, "Also blood thinner can cause excruciating pain before the subject explodes, other than the obvious blows to the heart or head, any damage is virtually able to recover from and sunlight is harmful to them."

Kabuto takes a deep breath and lets out slowly with an equally slow smile, "Simply fascinating, you two are simply just fascinating, but I will figure out your secrets sooner or later… I just need a stronger test subject." At this point, something clicked in his mind and his smile turned into a devious smirk, "Looks like you still have one final use for your master…and my cause for a higher purpose."

With his idea in mind, he went off back to his regular duties including giving Orochimaru his pain medication, walking out of his secret lab within his master's secret lair. Back in Konohagakure, Naruto arrived at Yakiniki Q along with the newly christened Team Sound, formerly Team Dosu and his girlfriend on his arm to see Team 10, the rest of Team 8 and Team Gai as well as Sakura….it seems that the only one that was missing was Sasuke, which wasn't a favored person among this group.

"Naruto, Hinata, over here!" Ino called out loudly as she waved and the five of them came over to them. The Jinchuuriki greeted them warmly, "Hey guys, it has been a while since we last got together like this." Shino nodded quietly, "The last time was the Chunin Exams and speaking of which, I see that our former adversaries have become our allies…welcome, former Sound ninjas."

Dosu nodded, "Thank you for welcoming us into your village, call us Team Sonic, for the people here who haven't met us, I am Dosu Kinuta and these are my teammates, Zaku Abumi and Kin Tsuchi, all of us are looking forward to work with you in the near future."

The rookies nodded gently and Kiba looked around, "Hey, everyone is here except that prick, where the hell is Sasuke at?"

"Should we care about that really?" Ino said hotly and Sakura responded, "Not really, but even though he is a self-righteous prick, he should be a part of this since his is our comrade…an antisocial, egotistical, jealous, borderline sociopathic comrade."

"Well…" Hinata stated, "If he wants to join, I am pretty sure he will find us eventually…"


Everyone in the restaurant turned around to see Sasuke Uchiha in the middle of the entrance with his arms outstretched while Tenten muttered, "Speak of the devil and he shall appear, I wonder what he wants with you."

"This time…"

Neji replied, "What do you mean this time?"

"Lately I have been getting tailed by that guy for the longest while after missions, I have to use Kage Bunshin to throw him off my trail and it is even worse when we are outside the village, he keeps trying to get into my stuff." The Jinchuuriki explained to the branch member

Sakura nodded, "Although it is funny when he attempted to do that, Naruto keeps his things booby trapped, so we get some entertainment from the small explosions and electric shocks. Judging by his walk and the menacing look in his eyes, I think all of this is coming to a head finally."

The Uzumaki nodded stiffly before looking at the Uchiha, who strode over to them in a mighty rage, "I have finally found you…Naruto." The Uzumaki calmly stated, "So you have, so how can I help you today?" The Uchiha slammed his hands down on the table, "Fight me."

"Excuse me?"

"Fight. Me."

With a raised eyebrow, the Jinchuuriki replied, "Do I necessarily have a reason to fight and for what purpose? I mean, it's pretty stupid at this point."

"Don't fuck with me…I am serious about this! You are going to fight me now!"

Naruto frowned, "No…what I am going to do is sit here with my former classmates and celebrate upon reaching Chunin rank as well as just surviving the Exams along with the makeshift invasion. You are welcome to join us in our little gathering."

The Uchiha's fist clenched tightly that it left nail marks into his palms and he chose at this time to rage, "You…why do you have so much power? You have denied me power, you have taken things that have rightfully belong to me, but no more…this time…it will be the other way around."

"Oh you dirty bitch, work the shaft…"

"W-What?" Sasuke stopped in mid rant and Naruto chuckled a bit, "I am sorry, I get a little bit frisky when someone is sucking my dick, so to get to the point, I haven't taken anything from you at all except your pride, also when have I ever denied power? You have all the means of gaining power by yourself and instead of that, you choose to covet everyone else's."

"You were nothing without your teacher and you still are, he should have bestowed that power onto me and you will tell me the secret right this instant"

"Or you will do what?"

"Or…" Sasuke said with a smirk, "I will use my influence on the council to give me the thing that you cherished most."

The air grew silent and still for the moment and Naruto got up slowly to look over at him in smoldering, barely restrained anger, " seems that in your pursuit of power, you are willing to cross lines that you shouldn't do so. I believe you tend to aim your crosshairs at my girlfriend, therefore I am inclined to disagree wholeheartedly with that notion of yours…she is not an object to be claimed or passed around like a toy, so it seems you will get your fight at last, you have the choice of the location and the time."

Satisfied, Sasuke's smirk grew, "Training Ground #12, two hours from now."


The Uchiha left the restaurant in a flourish with everyone in shock or glaring in silent anger at the boy, but he had the distinct notion of foreboding in the back of his head as he remembered his previous encounter with Naruto's mentor.

Flashback- Earlier today

"Now, Naruto…concentrate, the second technique that I am teaching you is the Second Blade: Phantom Moon, it requires you to spin at a high rate just enough for when you cut someone into pieces, the corpse's pieces themselves are lit ablaze."

The young adult took a deep breath and let it out slowly, "Okay…" Closing his eyes and firmly widening his stance, looking for his center for a few brief moments, suddenly it was found and his eyes snapped open in clarity. The next instant, he leaped into the air and swung his body in a circular motion, cutting into the dummy in fornt of him with smooth, fast strikes, finally landing behind it, "The Second Blade: Phantom Moon."

The minute he uttered the words from his lips, the dummy fell into pieces and burst into flames, causing Blade to smirk a bit, "Good job, Naruto, but you could have been faster…nevertheless, you have finally mastered the second tier of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu sacred techniques."

The Jinchuriki took deep breaths as he got up, "I was only able to do this with your guidance, sensei…you were the one helping me out." Blade nodded and oblivious to his student, the Daywalker's nose twitched at a new smell, causing a small frown on his face, "I see…so that is the reason for his apprehensiveness…I am going to have to deal with this."

"The work was all you, I know you like to get everything down as if it was like breathing, but that is enough for today, go on. I believe you have a celebration with your friends for your promotion." Naruto smiled at Blade as he sheathed his double edged titanium sword, "Thank you, sensei…"

Excusing himself, he left with a slight ache in his arms and legs in a hurry to freshen himself up before he went to meet his former classmates, as soon as Blade watched his student disappear from view, his small smile was washed away like the tide and replaced with a dark frown, "You can get your ass out here now, kid, I can smell your stench, so unless you want me to drag you out back your duckass hair, I suggest you do so now."

The Daywalker turned to his left to see Sasuke walk out of the shadows of the trees as he spoke in his usual monotone, yet you could hear the tone of arrogance within his voice, "I am surprised that Naruto didn't sense me…he got sloppy and careless, not like I would."

"Oh please, the only reason he didn't know that you were there was because he was focused on his training, now what the fuck do you want?"

"So you are Naruto's teacher."

"Suppp." Blade spoke sarcastically.

"The Daywalker, slayer of supernatural creatures, that vampire, Drake or whatever his name was, said that you were the most feared…"

"Oh, you dirty bitch, work the shaft."

Sasuke stopped mid-sentence, "Umm, what?"

"Sorry, I just get so worked up when someone is sucking my dick."

"I see, you just want me to get to the point then, you are the one who made him strong…gave him all of that power."

The bald, ebony skinned man crossed his arms, "Well, yes, I am his teacher and mentor, but the power that he has is all from himself except that little bloodline I gave him. He trains himself daily and tries to push past his limits to new heights, working hard for it like everyone else in this world."

"Nevertheless, power is power and it is the thing that I desired the most in this world…I want you to teach me, train me and help gain power to destroy my enemies, to be the best and on top of the food chain."

"Hmm, is that right?" The man said and slowly faced away from Sasuke only to look up at the clouds in the sky for a moment before giving his answer, "I refuse."

"You what?!"

"Did I stutter, you little shit? I said I refuse, you may have the potential, but your attitude shows something in a bit of lacking, you show no respect for authority and look down on others that are considered weak in your standards. Furthermore…" Blade turned around to face the angry Uchiha, "I haven't got the time nor patience to teach a spoiled brat new skills because he is jealous of his teammate that has gotten stronger at a faster rate as well as equipped with an inferiority complex. As a matter of fact, you remind of a similar person just like you and you know what happened to him? I killed him, although granted at the fact that he did something to me that I could not forgive."

"And just what makes Uzumaki so different from me?"

Blade snorted in slight amusement, "You mean other than the fact that he isn't selfish and uses his power to protect others? Fine, he has compassion, determination, spirit and the strength to always do what is right. You don't have any of those traits at all, you take others for granted and treat them like they are stepping stones to your personal vendetta, even stealing whatever you can to use for your own ambition and lastly, you would sacrifice anyone and anything to get what you want only if it makes you stronger."

Sasuke growled at Blade, but the older man wasn't having that as he took off his shades to reveal his glowing cat-like eyes and the air grew thick with tension as the intimidating look captured Sasuke for a brief moment, causing the teen to back off, covered in a light sheen of sweat, breathing heavily.

"Stay away from me and my student…this is your warning, don't try to be stupid and not heed it or else you will regret it." Blade stated as he passed him, slipping back on his shades. Sasuke looked behind him and stood up shakily, "That man…he is…he is very strong…and dangerous."

In that instant of intimidation, Sasuke was reliving his family's massacre but instead of Itachi, it was Blade himself and he showed the Uchiha clan no mercy, not even to him as he rubbed his throat as the faint memory of Blade's fangs ripped his throat apart like paper.

"Fine…if you won't help me, then I will just have to take it from your student through my Sharingan, just like that little technique of his."

End Flashback

Currently at the new christened Uzumaki residence, Hinata goes to Naruto as he is gearing up for his fight with Sasuke and spoke up demurely, "Are you sure that you want to do this, Naruto-kun? This is Sasuke that you are dealing with and the fact that he has his Sharingan may give him what he wants to copy all of your moves."

"I don't want to do this at all, Hinata-chan…" Naruto said as he sheathed several knives on the side of his leg, "But…no comrade of mine would ever dare in his mind to cross, he threatened the well-being of my loved ones, most especially you." Flicking two glaives into their collapsible modes, he stuck in the back pouch on his chest armor as well as small explosives.

"But this isn't right, it might escalate into something more or worse, I am more afraid of you killing him and then the council will be able to act out against you for defying you numerous times in the past and present."

Naruto turned to his girlfriend/wife, "I know, Hina-chan, but that is why if it doesn't happen to escalate, I want you to run and notify the nearest Jonin possible to stop the fight or get Kakashi for that matter."

Hinata nodded silently and the Jinchuriki drew her in for a short kiss while he took a collapsible staff as well, so the kiss became a bit more intimate as she melted into the kiss and stood there for several minutes before parting.

"Now let's go, there is an ass hole who needs to be brought down a few pegs."


Sasuke stood there in the middle of the training ground, waiting patiently just as Naruto approached him with Hinata beside him, "You showed up..." the Uchiha said with a smirk, "I am impressed that you didn't run away or inform a Jonin about this."

The Jinchuriki stated in a calm voice, but his significant other knew that he was in a calm rage, "Of course, this is a friendly spar anyway...right?"

Sasuke stated with a sadistic grin, "But of course, I just want to see how far you come after the Chunin Exams."

"Don't you mean you, because let's see, there was a stadium, people from foreign villages and oh, yes, I snapped your forearm with my foot."

"Very well...I see that there is no room for any more talk, let's get down to business then."

Naruto stepped forth and moved smoothly into his opening stance, but slowly he heard a noise and turned to see that the ground has new visitors, the rest of the Rookie Nine.

"What is the meaning of this? Why are you all here?!" Sasuke said in an annoyed tone, which caused Shikamaru to sigh, wearing his Chunin vest, "It is quite a drag, but everyone here was just a bit curious about the declaration that you made during our little gathering, so it seemed only fair to the others that we crash your little private party, I'm sure that you will have no problems with us watching this little bout and we won't even interfere."

" as you please, it doesn't matter to me anyway." Sasuke said out loud, but his mind was thinking a different way, "Actually this will work better in my favor, I get Naruto beaten and his friends gets to watch."

Naruto glanced over to Shikamaru and asked, " mind starting us off since we are here."

"Sure...alright, let's get things started, the match between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha...ready?"

Both guys charged at each other with a loud shout, "GO!"

Sasuke made the first move by aiming a spinning back fist toward Naruto's head, who in turn ducked under it only to find it was a ploy to get him into a hidden kick to his face.

However Naruto blocked the shot and stepped back, slightly shaking his hand "Hmm, upgrades...I guess you can learn from your mistakes."

Sasuke smirked arrogantly, "I have been getting stronger than the last time we faced off in the Exams, I will have to pay you back for breaking my arm and humiliating me."

The Uzumaki frowned gently, but said nothing at all, opting to move back into his stance to sprang back at the Uchiha with a burst of speed to slam a straight punch into Sasuke ' s chest only for the Uchiha to block it and hold him in place.

"I thought I told you before, Naruto...I have gotten stronger than last time."

"Stronger doesn't necessarily mean that you have gotten smarter, Uchiha-san. Don't get cocky, besides we have only just begun."

At that point, Naruto broke Sasuke ' s hold over him and gripped his shirt to toss him over his shoulder hard like a rag doll. The Uchiha flailed in the air for a bit and righted himself to slam feet first into a nearby tree, his next move was to move in a familiar sequence of hand signs.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu."

A huge fireball blazed towards the Jinchuriki and the teen rolled his eyes as he was engulfed by the flames, causing everyone to gasp in shock and the Uchiha smiled only to lose it as Naruto's voice came out from behind, "Whew, that was a little toasty, you think you can turn up the heat a little bit more, so we can toast my back side too."

"Stop mocking me!" His opponent roared and he threw a salvo of kunai, causing Naruto to draw his sword and deflected them away, "You have to do better than that, Uchiha!"

"Then try this, Raiton: Jibashi!"

Using Lee's speed, Sasuke got behind him and grabbed his arm, sending volts coursing through his body and a scream was released from his throat until he disappeared from existence with a small puff of smoke.

"What the?!"

"First Blade: Residual Moon."

Sasuke screamed out in pain as he received a light slash on his back and spun around as he took out two kunai in order to head to head in a deadlock.

"I see you have learned a few things as well, no doubt from your master, am I right?"

"Yes, that is correct..." the Jinchuriki replied as they moved back to clash against each other, with Sasuke being hard pressed against him. Choji commented as he watched in a wide eyed manner, "These two...this is a spar?"

"No...this isn't a spar, Choji-san, this fight is a battle, a clash of ideals...on one side, the ideal of strength found in just yourself or the strength found in protecting the ones you love." Sakura stated in a sagely manner.

"Wow...that is kind of deep, even for you, Sakura." Ino said and winced a bit as Sasuke introduced the Jinchuuriki's chest a savage kick, Naruto recovered by rolling backwards and launched his titanium edged sword at Sasuke.

The Uchiha moved deftly to the side from the deadly missile from harm as a slight cut was given since he wasn't fast enough. Sasuke cursed as he thought, "How could I not see that, I should be as fast as Lee with my Sharingan on since I copied his movements?!"

Naruto slowly rose up as he thought, "You fool, your eyes may be able to follow and catch movements, but they are useless if your own body can't follow to catch up." Sasuke shouted, "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" Naruto reacted by dodging the small fireballs, running around in a tight circle as Sasuke spat bullets of fire at him.

The pseudo- Daywalker took out his glaives and released them at Sasuke, who dodged and weaved from them, allowing Naruto to come in close to engage in hand to hand combat. Naruto started out with a knee to the ribs, but luckily Sasuke managed to block that and shoved the offending appendage away to go for a quick jab at Naruto's head.

The Jinchuriki pivoted on his foot quickly to spin himself out of harm's way and elbowed Sasuke in the side, but the Uchiha recovered by returning the favor with a punch to the ribs and knee.

Naruto was forced to kneel, but took advantage of the position and aimed his punches at his opponent's thighs and lower torso. Next, he moved on with a massive uppercut, sending the Uchiha up on his back and stepped back, allowing the Uchiha to get his bearings for more punishment.

Everyone watched in grim satisfaction as he proceeded to give the Uchiha his just desserts by just countering all of his moves and returning fire. Finally, the Uzumaki ended his misery by sending a straight kick to the Uchiha.

Sasuke writhed on the ground in pain for a few minutes, coughing all the while struggling to regain oxygen in his lungs again. Naruto calmly waited for him to get up as he stated, "You alright? Do you need a breather?"

Sasuke shouted out in rage as he began to attack him sloppily, leading the Uzumaki to dodge and block every attack. The Uchiha moved to go for a straight kick to Naruto, but the Jinchuriki twisted as he jumped in midair and slammed his fist straight down on his head, sending the Uchiha face first to the ground.

Sasuke groaned in pain and Naruto stepped back as he said, "Well, I believe we are done here, Sasuke…that was a nice spar."

"What are you talking about? I have just gotten started, this fight isn't over yet."

"No, this spar is over…you haven't learned from any of your mistakes, your anger gets the better of you, making you sloppy and irrational, the only thing that I have seen you changed is your jutsu repertoire. If this is all you have, then this will be a slight repeat of what happened at the Exams and there is no point in continuing at all."

With that, Naruto moved away from the Uchiha, who got up, shaking in embarrassment, humiliation and the most common emotion seen in his face, rage. "NO! You will fight me now, Uzumaki! One way or another!" At that moment, he ran through hand signs and activated Kakashi's signature jutsu to run straight at Naruto.

Naruto sighed as he turned to see Sasuke, "There is no point in convincing you to stand down now that you have got and done that." But to his shock and surprise, Sasuke circumvented the Uzumaki and picked up the pace on his intended target…Hinata.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock, but narrowed in an instant, using the Kawarimi technique, the Uzumaki was instantly in place of his beloved and gathered chakra quickly to his left hand, causing the Rasengan to appear, "You fool!"

Their jutsu were about to clash until someone appeared between them and take ahold of each of their wrists to toss them away from each other. Sakura gasped out, "Kakashi-sensei…" Kakashi slowly got up and let out a sigh of relief, "Whew, made it in time…well, it is nice to see you two playing again, but tell me, do you two have to be so brutal with each other and using such techniques against each other. You are comrades, not enemies, understand?"

"What are you doing here, Kakashi? You had no right to interfere with our battle!" The Uchiha grunted furiously as he ripped his arm out the tree trunk where his Chidori was embedded into. Kakashi's lone eye narrowed, "I had every right, Genin…first of all, this was an unsanctioned fight that happened here and there needed to be a Jonin here since you were fighting a Chunin. Second, you, with several witnesses, stated that you would force the council to make something unpleasant happen to Hinata Hyuga, ah, excuse me, Hinata Uzumaki, unofficially Naruto's wife, which would cause a blood feud between you and Naruto along with the backing of the Hyuga clan and several others. Third, not only I warned you on the consequences of using MY jutsu against your comrades, you tried to use on an unsuspecting bystander."

Sasuke sweated a bit as he never seen Kakashi so furious, he knew at that moment, he was standing in front of Kakashi of the Sharingan, the Copycat Ninja, not the laissez-faire bumbling pervert. Naruto began to collect his weapons and placed back where they belonged and Sasuke replied, "What about him?"

Kakashi turned to Naruto, "At the most, he did everything right, the most he is going to get is docked pay and a number of D-ranks…this will not happen again, correct, Naruto?"

"Crystal, our fight is done, Kakashi-san."

Sasuke gritted his teeth and took a step forward to Naruto, who held up a glaive poised to throw, "Don't…just don't, the main reason why I indulged you was you seem very anal retentive about someone who has more skill that you, not only that you managed to piss me the fuck off…you take such a step and I will kill you on the grounds for you just tried to do. We may not like each other…but we are on the same team, the next time you want to fight me is during the Jonin exams or in a sanctioned fight."

With that, Naruto walked away, following by the Rookie Nine, who gave Sasuke glares of disappointment, shock and anger. Sasuke shrugged it off, stuffed his fists into his pockets and began to walk away, that is until he was trapped against the tree by ninja wire via Kakashi.

"What the? Damn it, Kakashi! Let me go!"

"Ah, ah, ah…we are not done, Genin Uchiha…because I do distinctly remember tell you that if I found you using that move that you stole me no less for ill purposes, I would detain you and have you spend the week in jail."

"What the hell? What is wrong with you?! Why is he so special, just because he is the Fourth's son does mean he should have all that power."

"And there is it, your favorite word…I wonder if that was your first word when you were growing up…but anyway, let me answer your question with one. Why do you think you are special to covet the power of others instead of perfecting the skills that you have already at hand, Sasuke? Naruto had nothing in comparison to you, at least you knew your parents…he grew up with nothing, he didn't have anyone to care for him, feed him, love him for a long while, but he never wallowed in self-pity. He got up and decided to do something about it and worked hard to make himself the way he is now…that gives you no excuse to justify the actions that you have done today."

The one-eyed scarecrow continued in a grave tone, "In just a course of few months, you have alienated yourself from your comrades, destroyed what little teamwork you had with Naruto and Sakura along with proving yourself to be a flight risk. I have no choice…but under my jurisdiction, Genin Uchiha, you will be placing under arrest for insubordination, assault and battery, attempted murder and disorderly conduct. You will be subjected to a psychological evaluation as I see that you can't be trusted and your status as continuing your career as a ninja will be questioned if you pass or not."

Sasuke's rage hit a peak as he began to curse Kakashi until he was knocked out cold rather roughly by Kakashi and taken away to be placed in a cell. "Man, that felt good…" Kakashi whispered as he traveled to the prison via Shunshin no Jutsu.

Little did he knew that he was being watched by four foreign ninja and their affiliation was with the Land of Sound, the land where the Snake Sennin, Orochimaru ruled.

"So that duckass haired little shit is the one Orochimaru-sama wants? He doesn't look all that impressive, more like a whiny prissy bitch."

"Tayuya, ladies shouldn't use such language like that."

"Shut the fuck up, Jirobo, nobody was asking your damn opinion, fatass."

"Quiet, both of you…Kidomaru, you got them on track?"

"Naturally, Sakon…I managed to place a tracer of him with one of my spiders, but judging by the look of the map given to us by the proverbial old man from Zelda, it looks like he is heading to the jail."

"Fuck…and that guy that is taking him is Sharingan no Kakashi, we are going to have to wait until nightfall to pick the vessel up. We have plenty of time to get Orochimaru's new body on time, but for now, we need to lay low."

Tayuya stared at the leader, "He is just one goddamn Jonin, just how he could be that much of a problem?"

"Kakashi Hatake is not to be taken so lightly, his power is just on par with Kabuto and you do remember that bastard can take down all four of us with a bit of difficulty, plus we don't know the environment as well as he does and he could be a beacon to get all of the forces here…so we are going to lay low until we see a moment."

Tayuya pursed her lips, "Tch…fine."

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