*Epilogue- Trent's POV*

November 15th

I can't fucking believe it. Pretty soon, we're going to be playing on the same stage that was basically the delivery room for the birth of American Punk: CBGB's. The sweat alone, not counting any of the other numerous fluids, that has fallen on that stage over the years has more talent in it than 100 Mystik Spiral's put together. Before we set up, I'm going to fall onto my hands and knees when we get there and lick that stage.

Me and the guys are going to be forever in Janey's debt for this. She had been dating some guy for a month that I hated when he finally told her that his cousin worked at CB's. At first I think we all thought it was a load, but the little ass-hat had pulled through after Jane gave him some recordings of our new stuff to give to his cousin. Now here we are, plus Janey and Daria of course after they ditched the last two days of their school week to come home for this, in the Tank on our way from Lawndale to Manhattan.

This would have never of happened for us six months ago. Thank god Daria agreed to help us out; she really kicked our asses and got our heads out of the sand. Our music is really coming along. We still need a lot of work, but I think she was right and maybe we should all start taking some lessons or something.

I was driving and as usual everyone was shoved in the back expect for Daria, who seemed to always end up in the shot-gun seat. I took a quick peak over at her, still not sure how to deal with the fact that we had gotten a lot closer over the summer. Now that she was back at school and working it was hard to get a chance to see her, but recently the band had been booking a lot of away gigs and we made it a point to try and get up to Boston when we could so that I could see the girls. We called each other almost every week, sort of under the pretense of working on Mystik Spiral songs, but usually we ended up talking about everything except the music. I hadn't seen her for over a month though, so the fact that she looked different really caught me off guard. She was chewing on her thumbnail, staring out the window, looking lost in her own mind. I knew that she was stressed out, she always sounded strained to me when we talked recently, but she never opened up about why and I didn't push her.

When did she cut her hair, it looks great. Still kinda long but more choppy, more polished, and thankfully she didn't change that color that I love. Makes her look more grown up. I guess she's wearing her contacts tonight; I'll have to slyly ask Janey if she still wears her glasses at all.

I could tell that she was experimenting with changing up her look right now, but still sticking to what makes her comfortable. She still doesn't like makeup, but I think she looks better without any of that crap. She was smart to wear those old boots; you never know when you'll need a weapon in New York, but I had seen her wearing different shoes here and there recently. She's been changing up her old wardrobe recently but does she know what she does to guys, especially me, with that outfit she's got on? Daria was wearing a simple black and red striped shirt, a new black skirt that didn't have any pleats and was a little shorter than her old stand-by, and purple fishnet stockings.

Still can't believe it. Purple. Fishnet. Stockings. Or are they tights? No idea unless I see her without the skirt on, and that will probably never happen…

"It sucks that it's an early Thursday night slot, instead of something on a weekend night where we might get more of a crowd," Max complained from the back, pulling me out of my silent ogling of Daria.

"Hey man, just be glad you get to breath the air in there soon as a performer. Besides, come on, a gig's a gig. Right, Daria?"

Daria laughed, one of her rare out-loud laughs that didn't sound evil, before casting me a side-long glace and replying.

"Whoa, Trent. You really know a lot about music."


*Author's End Note*

So yeah, my take on Daria's growth (sorta) right out of her first year at Raft. Building up a relationship with Trent by helping Mystik Spiral right songs. If you've seen it once, you've seen em' all. Yes, that last exchange is from my most hated episode, "Depth Takes a Holiday", but that part was the only one of two moments in that episode that I liked. Since this is supposed to be a 'real-world' depiction of Daria, I have no clue why I threw it in there. Guess it just seemed to fit.

I don't really write fiction, and I don't even consider myself a writer. My grammar isn't that great, I have a hard time writing in thrid-person, I have a spelling disability, and I suck at writing dialog. Yet, I am one hell of an editor for other people's work so I hope I can carry that over to my own work (so far, results indicate that I'm not as good beta-ing my own stuff lol). I know I'm a little long-winded; but most of this stuff was background for other stories. Even though this is the first story in a series I'm working on, it was actually the last one I wrote. I figured that my other two needed a little more background information for the readers, but each of the stories can be read as a stand-alone. If you liked this story and want to see where it goes from here, please go read the next installment called "The Pole", it should be up shortly. Thanks for reading and hope that if you enjoyed this one you'll read and enjoy the next part.