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Chapter 7

The sunlight beamed through the curtains, making Rosie stir in her sleep. "Stupid tacos." She mumbled into Carter's neck. Carter couldn't help but giggle. I can't believe she talks in her sleep. That's hilarious! "…spagoogalie?" She laughed even harder without waking the princess. Rosie's hand twitched on Carter's shoulder, and Carter tried to pull Rosie closer to her.

I wish she would wake up. Carter gently kissed her forehead through her bangs. "I'm sorry, Rosie." She whispered to the sleeping princess. I'm sorry for acting like a jerk… and judging you…

7:17 a.m. Carter looked at the clock then back at Rosie. I can't believe this girl has me waking up before noon… on a Saturday. What is she doing to me?

Over and over, Carter recited an apology. All of which seemed to be unfit considering the situation. How would one apologize after being a horrible jerk to an unexpecting princess?

Beep! Carter jumped, as did Rosie. Beep! Beep! 7:30 a.m. Carter squeezed her eyes shut, still debating with herself.Gracefully, Rosie stretched and rose to her feet. A soft yawn escaped her lips as she made her way to the bathroom. As soon as Carter heard the door lock click, she sat up in the bed and hugged her knees to her chest.

Rosie was in the bathroom for quite some time, primping her hair and perfecting her make-up that she didn't even need. Finally Rosie came out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom. She made eye contact with Carter before darting her eyes to the floor.

"Rosie," Carter started, unsure of the words she was going to say. Rosie looked up and over at Carter. "Rosie…" she crawled out of bed. "I'm sorry…" she looked down at her feet, afraid to look up at Rosie. "for everything: the way I treated you, it wasn't fair or right… I tried really hard to think of a better apology but…" she twiddled her thumbs. "I just want to start over if you'd allow it. My first impression was a pretty crappy one so…" she stuck out her hand. "I'm Carter, a completely sorry jerk." She smiled nervously, hoping Rosie would extend her hand.

Rosie pursed her lips. "Hello, Carter. My name is Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fioré, and I am a royal princess." She took Carter's hand. "Now, I must get ready to meet with Chelsea."

"Chelsea!?" Carter exclaimed, taking a step back. "Why would you be meeting up with Chelsea?"

Rosie held her head up. "She offered me a job at her father's yogurt shop. She should be here shortly. She said to be down stairs at nine."

"No no no no no." Carter became more animated. "You do not want to work at her father's yogurt shop. That job's for losers!"

Rosie's face fell. "You said to get a job, and Chelsea offered."

"Trust me." Carter stepped closer putting her hand on Rosie's crossed arms. "I worked there. The bait shop is a step up… You can help me at the bait shop."

Rosie's eyes lit up as she threw her arms around Carter's neck. "Thank you so much." Her hands rested behind Carter's neck, causing her to blush. "I will do my best. Whatever you wish for me to do, I shall."

Carter's smile grew wider at her thoughts, thinking of unrelated work orders she could give Rosie. "Of course."

"I must make a phone call." Rosie released Carter and rummaged through her bag for Chelsea's number. "I must call her to cancel." Once she found the number, she ran down stairs to retrieve the phone.


"Can you hand me that bucket?" Carter asked from the top of the ladder.

Rosie skipped to the bucket, passing it to Carter. As Carter organized the buckets on the shelf, Rosie couldn't help but to stare. She studied her jean pockets that had embroidered purple stars on it. She studied her curved back, and her toned arms that she was able to see through her long sleeved shirt. She couldn't even peel her eyes away when she climbed down the ladder.

"Rosie?" Carter waved her hand in front of Rosie's face. Rosie shook her head to get her mind thinking clearly again. "You okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine." She lied. "What shall I do now?"

Carter looked around and tried to find something for her to do. "Um… there's a coffee spill down there, so you can just scrub that out." She handed her a wet washcloth with a little bit of soap.

Rosie got on all fours and began scrubbing the floor where the coffee spill was. Carter stood stiffly where she spoke, eyes widened as she watched the princess do peasant work. There was just something about the way she was cleaning that completely distracted Carter.

"Finished." Rosie sat back on her toes. "I need something to dry it." Carter smiled as she handed her a dry cloth and watched Rosie do the final touches. "What must I do next?"

"Hold on. Customer." She pointed at the person in front of the register. Her face fell once she saw who was standing before them.

"Rosie." Donny said eagerly, fixing his hair. Carter rolled her eyes.

Reluctantly, Rosie walked to the register. "Hello, Donny."

"I didn't know you worked here." He leaned over the counter. "So, I was wondering…" Carter cleared her throat. "Oh, hey…" he searched his brain for a few seconds. "…Carter." He turned his attention back to Rosie. "I know you turned me down for homecoming but are you doing something tonight?"

Carter grew red in the face. "I'm hanging out with Carter tonight." Rosie answered immediately. Carter glanced over at Rosie in disbelief.

"You can bring Carter, I suppose." Donny's tone completely changed.

Rosie tilted her head up higher. "We have private plans." She stated, causing Donny to stand up right.

"Another day, then." He backed away from the counter and towards his car.

"I can't believe you said no to Donny." Carter said, impressed.

"Though he is handsome, he is no where near my type." She tilted her head up yet again and walked towards the sink.

Carter cocked an eyebrow. "So what is your type?"

Rosie paused to collect her thoughts, peeling her eyes away from Carter. "Generous, kind, intelligent, and down to earth…"

"What about a good kisser?" Carter asked, becoming more interested in the conversation. Rosie fell silent. "What?"

Rosie looked at her feet. "I have yet to have my first kiss... so it is not a priority."

Carter stepped closer. "Really?"

Rosie nodded. "The person closest to my age in my castle is nearly ten years older than me. By my eighteenth birthday, I will be forced to marry a suitor…" her voice shook.

"A suitor? For what?"

"For my suitor to rule over Costa Luna along side of me." Rosie began playing with a loose strand that hung from the shirt she borrowed from Carter. "I will be forced to marry someone I do not love… and live out my life as Queen Rosalinda of Costa Luna…" Rosie's eyes weld up but didn't allow a single tear to fall.

Carter wrapped her arms around her, unsure of any comforting words. In America, people were free to be who they wish to be, or at least the opportunity. In Costa Luna, it is a forced destiny. "How do you know you won't love who you marry?" Carter finally asked, feeling Rosie slowly pull away.

"I just know I won't…" Rosie sighed. "I haven't liked any of them so far… There's a whole world out there that I've yet seen." She dwelled over this idea for many years, being trapped in her luxurious castle. "Who's to say that the person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with is going to be someone from a royal family or some high ranked general? The person I may be meant for could be a dirt farmer for all I know… but I won't know. I will only be meeting with men of royalty, and I must choose by the end of my eighteenth year."

Carter looked down at her shoes. "Why don't you live it up in Louisiana while you can?" Rosie looked up at her. "I mean, as far as anyone is concerned, you're a typical American teenager. And a lot of girls our age don't even have their virginity anymore." Rosie cringed, thinking about all of the teenagers in the school who were openly making out and practically having sex in the hallway.

A man walked up to the counter. "Can I have a bag of twenty fix wax worms?" he said in his hoarse voice.

"Five, please." The man pulled a five-dollar bill from his pocket and took the bag of wax worms. When the man left for his car, Carter returned her attention to the shorter girl. "I think we should talk about this stuff later. Today, we're going to have fun."

Carter finally saw a smile grow across Rosie's face.


"I can't believe you've never watched these movies." Carter said with a mouthful of popcorn, pointing to her DVD collection. Rosie sat on the couch, incredibly excited about the movie she was about to watch. "Well, you'll love this movie." Carter popped in the DVD. "It's about werewolves and vampires. It's called Underworld. I have all three movies."

Rosie's eyes were glued to the television the entire time. She hung on every word, and was impressed at the movie magic. "I guess you're enjoying the movie." Without looking away from the screen, Rosie nodded.

They finally reached the second movie, and Rosie was still focused on the screen. Wow. A very racy scene appeared where the vampire and the werewolf were becoming intimate. Rosie heavily blushed, becoming more entranced by the bare vampire who was passionately making love to the man underneath her.

Carter laughed, snapping Rosie out of her trance. "See something you like?"

Rosie became more embarrassed. "No." her eyes darted away from Carter's. "I've just never seen two people act in such a way." She sat up on the couch.

"Come on, princess." Carter's face met Rosie's and they were both dangerously close. "You're going to tell me you feel nothing when you see that?"

Her mind went completely blank. She wasn't even able to instruct her brain to find an answer. Nothing. At that moment, her body completely took over. Carter's eyes widened, fully knowing what was about to happen. The space between Carter and Rosie's lips were now completely non-existent. Rosie mimicked everything she saw from the movie, sucking and biting on her roommate's lower lip. Slowly pulling away with her eyes still closed, she opened her eyes to see a very shocked Carter.

"Sorry." She apologized, looking down at her feet.

"Y-you're gay?" Carter finally mustered out. Rosie shuffled her feet, searching for something to say after her loss of control. "That's why… oh… That's why you don't want to marry..." Carter pulled Rosie closer to her, holding her in a tight embrace.

"Please don't hate me, Carter." Her head slumped and eyes filling up with water.

Carter's smile grew wide. "Rosie… why do you think everyone at school practically hates me?" she wiped Rosie's tears with her thumbs and pulled her in for another kiss. Quickly, Rosie and Carter became entranced in their kiss, ignoring the once interesting movie and forgetting completely about Princess Rosalinda of Costa Luna.

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