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All Those Stupid Legends That Ended Up Being True

Running was easy. Fast. Natural. It felt like I had four legs, as fast as I was. Wondering why I was doing it: that was the hard part.

I stopped abruptly when I heard a wolf's cry. A howl. I turned toward the noise, bolting in that direction. Still, I couldn't begin to understand why. Shouldn't wolves repel people? Not attract them.

Suddenly I heard more voices. Familiar voices.

What's up? Paul's chilled voice came through my head. It was the first time in months that he actually wasn't shaking with anger.

Get here. Now! Sam ordered. I could easily see through Paul's thoughts, he was running too. This was weird. Too weird. I shouldn't be able to hear people's thoughts, or see what they are. It's unnatural.

I'm in. Jared slid into the conversation easily. Next thing I knew, images of his girlfriend, Kim, started pouring through my thoughts.

Ugh. Could you lay off a little dude? It's disgusting, Paul sneered.

Only because you aren't getting any, Jared's voice shot back. Paul growled momentarily. What the hell?

Both of you, cut it out, Sam's voice snapped in return.

It's Jacob, isn't it? I stopped dead in my tracks. Embry.

I don't mean to be rude or anything, I interjected angrily. But is anyone going to tell me why the hell I can hear you?

Nothing. I growled lowly.

Just get here, Sam said.

My legs picked up faster when I heard his words. I was listening to Sam like my life depended on it. That was unusual.

I could still feel it, the fire. I wasn't angry at my dad any longer, more because nobody would tell me what the hell was going on. I pushed my legs faster…faster…faster…

That's when I saw them. Four enormous…wolves? I skidded to a stop.

I saw it all then. The images ran through Sam's head, the explanations on what was going on. Suddenly, images from all of them were going through my head.

I saw Emily Young, and the three long scars running down her face that she'd gotten from a bear attack a few years before. I saw Embry, Quil, and me a few months back, when it looked like Sam was trying to make sure Paul wouldn't kill us. I saw the permanent scowl on Leah Clearwater's' face. I saw Embry's mom, yelling and angry. All of this was mixed in with Bella's old boyfriend, and the rest of his family.

I didn't understand any of it.

What did all of this have anything to do with me?

Jacob, Sam's voice went through my head again. Look at us. We are werewolves. We aren't normal people. Paul, Jared and Embry sat on their haunches, not paying much attention anymore.

My mind was blank. I couldn't comprehend any of it. This was too much.

Think about the old legends that Billy used to tell us, Jake, Embry encouraged.

All I could think of was the day on First Beach, when Bella sadly attempted to flirt with me. It was so long ago, I could hardly remember it. Except the part where I spilled all of the legends to her--

What?! Sam was angry. He was beyond angry, he was furious. I thought back through the day, as much as I could remember. It was the first time that I'd ever seen her. She looked so normal then, before Edward.

A snarl ripped through Sam's chest, along with the other three.

That's when it clicked. Everything in my brain clicked.

Treaty. The Cullen's. Werewolves. Ephraim Black. Levi Uley. Spirit Warriors. Protecting the tribe.

I was here to protect Quileute land. I was here to protect innocent people from one thing.


That's why Billy bribed me to tell Bella to break up with Edward.

That's why a bonfire was held when they left.

There's still another out there, Embry thought, trying to be supportive. Paul and Jared were hardly paying any attention, arguing about Kim again. That's why you changed.

Is it…? I left the question broken, the only image of Edward running through my brain that I could remember. The one with him in a tux, dancing with Bella. That made me growl.

No, all of the Cullen's are gone, Sam's voice was acid when he thought the name. It's another one, a black-haired leech, he's a male though. We don't know if he's one of her friends, but we don't think so.

I can ask her--

No, you can't, his voice was harsh. Brutal. Orderly.

Why not? I growled back.

Jacob, you already told her too much before. She can't know, Sam replied. I couldn't escape the growl that came from my chest. It was furious, I was furious. I couldn't hurt Bella like that, she couldn't go through that pain again.

You will not tell her. Sam's order was harsh, like his face always was.

I saw a flash of something, a flash of Bella. She was on the ground, her cheeks pale, she looked so fragile, in a tight ball.

I didn't have time to ask about it before I felt my knees buckle and fall. I was so close to bowing to him that it scared me almost. Almost.

Does Emily know? I snarled to the ground, unable to lift my head. And Kim?

That's different, Jacob, Sam challenged. Every time Sam spoke, the fire in me grew more and more.

You're damn right it's--

Jared, shut up. He doesn't know. Sam sat in front of me, and my head lifted slowly. Emily and Kim know because they're our imprints.

Paul gagged loudly, not even trying to hide it.

Imprinting is almost like, he struggled for his words. Earth moving. Like you're only tied to that one person, she's the only thing keeping you on the ground. Without her, there would be no gravity. I tried seeing it through his perspective, the way he looked at Emily. With imprinting, you can tell her all about it. It's this strong connection, kind of, that always brings you together.

Sam showed me Leah's angry face, and Emily's scarred one. The image was almost clouded with Leah, gone. With Emily it was so clear, I could see her normally. I could hardly see Leah at all. He showed me the way he looked at Kim, cloudy.

The way Jared saw Kim though, was as clear as Sam to Emily. It was like any other girl was faulty.

We can't help who we imprint, and you imprint the first time you see her in your human form. I know, it's weird.

Leah's face flickered through Sam's thoughts again.

That's why you dumped her? I asked. Sam winced at the usage of words.


I groaned. It sounded disgusting. Horrible. Repulsive.

It is, Paul agreed. You never get used to seeing dirty images of your friends' girlfriends. It's really creepy.

That wasn't the kind of disgusting that I meant. I meant, to have your soul mate chosen for you, that was disgusting. To have to hurt somebody so much to where they're constantly scowling, that was horrible. The dirty images though, that was repulsive.

What're the patrol changes? Jared asked. Pictures of Kim filled my mind once more. Ugh. What was it with him? We were supposed to go out tonight. I didn't have to be a genius to know that this was pointed towards me.

Jacob and Embry can patrol tonight, we'll figure things out later, Sam's tone wasn't harsh any more.

Even in his wolf form, you could see Jared's condescending grin. He stood, nodding, and took off running. Back to Kim, pictures of her everywhere.

Paul rolled his eyes, and followed Jared. It was suddenly too quiet as their thoughts escaped my head, one right after another.

I sat in silence. Glaring. I was supposed to call Bella. She would be worried.

Sam's eyes flashed to me. Jacob, he thought sternly. You can't call her, you can't talk to her. It puts us, our families, and everybody around you in danger. Especially her.

I continued to glare.

Patrols are easy, we'll talk more in the morning. You're on 'till five, that good? He asked only Embry.

Embry shrugged. Yeah, sounds good.

Bring Jacob to Emily's after patrols. Sam turned to me. You'll be really tired at first but you get used to it. Sam nodded at us, and took off running in a completely different direction from Jared and Paul.

Embry? Talk to him, they were the last words Sam thought before he was gone from my head.

I felt frozen. As soon as Sam's thoughts were gone, it all kicked in.

I was a werewolf? It was all true?

I know dude, it's surreal, Embry thought.

Why couldn't I stand up to Sam? I could have otherwise, why not now? It doesn't make sense. None of it does.

He's Alpha. I guess it would make more sense if you were Alpha, considering Ephraim Black was the last Alpha. I winced.

I don't want to be Alpha.

Embry's wolf-self grinned. Called it.

I don't want to be this. I don't want to be a monster.

Embry's wolf form was sad, pained. Awe Jake, S'not so bad. I mean, yeah, you're real tired at first. You'll probably fall asleep in class once you go back. But other than that it's okay. And Emily's cooking is killer! You'll be starved after patrol, at least the rest of us always are.

He was silent as I went through it all in my head. Over and over, again and again.

What's wrong with Bella knowing? If she already knows about the vampires, then why can't she know this?

It's a danger to the tribe, to the pack, if she would know, he sighed mentally. And it's dangerous for her.

Yeah, Sam said that earlier, but I don't understand. How is it dangerous for her?

Embry thoughts wandered to Emily's scarred face. I was lost in confusion. You can't always control it, when you phase. If you get angry enough, then you could really hurt the people you're around. I saw a whole new side to Sam and Emily then.

The way Sam looks at Emily then, that's why. He looks so sad because he… My thoughts trailed off. He knew exactly what I meant.


I thought about Billy. That's why he was backing away from me. He knew.

Yup, he sighed again.

Did everybody know, and just not decide to tell me? I growled.

That's what I thought, man, but not everybody knew. Quil doesn't know. This is our pack, we're surprised it's even gotten this big. Usually it's only two or three people. Five is a lot.

So lemme guess, I thought sarcastically. Billy couldn't tell me, right?


And you're mom couldn't tell you, right?

He hesitated with this one. My mom doesn't know, he replied.

Then how…? That was why his mom, angry and yelling, was mixed into all of the images earlier.

Yeah, she thinks I'm sneaking out to be stupid and do drugs or something every night. He tried to joke about it, but you could tell that it killed him to hurt her. He'd always been a total momma's boy, and hurting her was always out of the question. I think mostly it was because his father was never there, never in the picture.

Embry let something leak through, something he'd been hiding. Something that had to do with my thoughts.

What do you mean "Wolf Gene"? I asked. He hesitated again.

My mom doesn't have the wolf gene in her. We're all pretty sure that girl's can't carry the gene. That seemed kind of sexist to me. Embry's enormous head nodded. So really, my dad either has to be Sam's dad, Quil's dad, or…


We all pretty much think that it was Sam's dad though, he reassured me. I relaxed a little. Since Sam's dad was never in the picture, it makes a lot of sense. I mean, that could explain things more for the both of us. Neither of our dad's were there.

It was quiet again, I thought about Emily, and then I saw Bella mixed in, scars on her face. Both of us cringed.

Maybe it was for the best.

We should probably start up patrol, Embry suggested. All we really do is run around the border line of the La Push, where the treaty ends, and make sure no blood suckers are crossing our land. He glanced at me. And we've got Forks now too, since the Cullen's left. We don't patrol there, only Sam does.

If you find hint of a leech, say something to me. I'll have to howl or something, it gives a reason for Sam to come and check up. Then he'll give his Alpha whatever howl, and that get Paul and Jared here.

I gained balance and turned to him. Okay, I agreed.

I'll run along the east perimeter of the border. You can take west, 'kay?

Okay, I thought, taking off in the direction of the west.

All I could think of was Bella. I made her a promise tonight. Something that I couldn't keep. She'd already been hurt once, why're they making it happen again? Why did I have to make it happen again? Edward left her, alone and she was horrible. My mind wandered off, to the first day she came back.

She was a complete mess, it looked like she was holding herself together all of the time. After this, she'll just go straight back to Zombie Bella. I knew that I sounded conceded, but it was true. Charlie saw it, and Billy, hell, even she could see it. Her flush came back and she was holding herself together more carefully. With this, it would all just go down the drain.

It won't be so bad, Jake, Embry soothed.

You didn't see her constantly, man. It will be bad. I can't just not tell her.

You're going to have to not tell her, Jake. Embry tried to reason with me. Sam gave an injunction. It's impossible to go against it.

I could see the trees going past in blurs through his eyes.

Right. Because he's the damn Alpha.

Sorry. I shrugged, even though he couldn't see me.

Not your fault.


I never exactly realized how long nine and a half hours was. It was very long.

I was still running when someone's thoughts, other than Embry's, bombarded my head. I saw Kim, and I knew it was Jared.

Morning, he thought sleepily.

Is Kim all you think about? I groaned, stifling a yawn.

Pretty much, Embry answered. Paul clocked in before Jared could think up a smart ass response.

All here? he paused for a second. Cool. The youngsters are out. Embry snarled.

Oh shit, Embry thought. Jake doesn't have any clothes.

Take mine. Paul was being nice to me. This was different. Don't get used to it.

He started running faster and he found me in a matter of a few seconds. He had a piece of tan fabric in his teeth, chucking them at me. There's some shorts.

Thanks. I dropped them in front of me before realizing something. How the hell do I change back?

The whole wolf thing was really starting to irritate me.

It's gonna sound crazy, Jared sighed. But really just focus real hard on becoming human. At the same time though, you have to think of your happiest human thought, your happiest human memory. It becomes natural when you do it a bunch, then you won't really have to think about it. But for the first few weeks, you will.

One thing came to mind. Today at the movies with Bella. She said she liked me best.

That's not enough, man. I heard Paul, he must have sifted through the memory as I thought about it.

And run with me, to the border off Emily's house before you try. It's easier to find in your wolf form, and it's faster to run. Embry thought of Sam's orders last night. I'd forgotten.

I watched in my head, where he was going. I snatched the shorts up in my teeth and followed him, smelling out Sam's scent. It was strange how familiar it had been.

We both met up at the same place, on the border of Emily's. He sat on his haunches, a wolf grin spreading across his muzzle.

What? I asked, he was staring at me expectantly. I dropped the shorts down in front of me.

I'm gonna wait for you to phase, so I can talk you through it if needed.

Okay, so I just think of something really happy? Embry nodded. I started thinking of every moment I'd had with Bella, then I started going back in years. To when I got my first part to the car, and to my eighth birthday party. My first kiss. I winced. Slowly but surly, my thoughts wandered back to my mom.

She loved making me Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches. It was the most vivid memory I'd had of her, before she died. Rebecca and Rachel had been older, they could remember more.

Think about the sandwiches, Jared suggested. At the same time of being human. I mean, overall you're pretty calm, so that should be a problem.

Anything to get them out of my head.

I thought about Bella, and the last day my mom ever made me those sandwiches. I thought about how happy my dad was with her, how incredibly in love they were. I felt my body tremor again, but not in the same way as it had before. This wasn't an angry tremor, it was a happy one. A free one.

I listened carefully, and all of thoughts were out of my head, except mine. The last thought I had was of the picture in the living room, the one of my mom and dad.

I quickly noticed how incredibly naked I was, and I pulled the shorts on. They were small.

I looked up to notice Embry, in his wolf form, gaping at me.

"What?" I said, irritated.

He shifted quickly, and untied something on his ankle. Shorts. I looked away as he yanked them on.

"Wow," he admired.

"What?" I asked, fiercer this time.

"It usually takes thousands of tries before you get it right. It took you one," he was staring at me like I was some kind of a God.

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes. He was being ridiculous.

"Come on, I can smell Emily's cooking." It wasn't until he said it that I could smell it. Pancakes and Bacon were the most dominant.

The front door was open when we stopped at the porch. Sam was sitting on the steps, waiting for us.

"That was quick," he said to Embry, narrowing his eyes.

"Dude," Embry bellowed. "Jake's got it down. He's a natural at phasing!" Sam's eyebrows raised.

"Really? What memory did you think about?" he asked me.

"My mom," I sighed. "And Bella."

Sam's not-so-harsh-anymore face smiled, "That's good. At least now you know you've got a certain memory to think of. Mine changed all the time."

I nodded stiffly.

"Come on in," I heard a much softer voice say. Must be Emily. "It's all ready."

Sam inhaled loudly, standing up and opening the screen door. Embry followed him, and I went in last. Embry sat down instantly, and dug into the pancakes. Sam walked over, kissing Emily on the cheek. She blushed shyly. I stood at the door, somewhat in a corner.

"Good morning Jacob," she grinned. "Come on and help yourself, I'm used to this."

I could tell it in her voice, she was. I sat down next to Embry and Emily laid an empty plate out in front of me. I sat for a second, staring at the plate.

"You have to be hungry," Embry said, a piece of pancake plopping out of his mouth and back on his plate.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Emily scolded. She sounded like a mom, and for a second I could see it. She had to keep them all in tact, make sure they didn't break her house. She probably had to be a mom, to stay sane.

Knowing all of this information, I still couldn't believe. Seeing Emily's scars as her and Sam shared a private moment in the corner. I didn't see how anybody could be sane after this.

I knew I was coming pretty close to screaming myself.

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