The Morning After

Chapter 1: Waking Up

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Reid woke up slowly in a sort of daze. The affairs of the night before hadn't quite registered into his mind yet, so he just sort of lay there like an amorphous blob. His short blond hair fell from the top of his head onto the pillow under the covers.

An idea slowly popped into his head as he felt a ruffling on his bed. He moved slightly and the friction on his body told him that he was naked. Ask him how to explain how he came to this conclusion and he would not be able to answer you. "You just know."

The bed moved some more and he realized there was another body in the bed. He tried recollecting over what bimbo he brought into bed with him last night, but he could not recall. A sea of girl's faces flowed through his mind, but he could not pinpoint exactly which one it was.

So far he had deduced that he was naked and that he had slept with someone the night before. The bed seemed familiar, but it was not his. He had woken up the next morning in it, extremely groggy and his entire body covered in soft linen, but his naked body still feeling exposed.

He kept saying the facts through his mind, trying to make up new ones that coincided with the ones he had. This is what he did every morning. He hated waking up and when he slept it was like he had amnesia when he awoke. For the first ten minutes of every day, he felt as if his mind was wiped out. So what the hell happened?

It all became slightly clear when a face appeared through the crowded comforter. On the other side of the large bed was who he always thought was like his brother. It was Tyler.

His previous engagements rushed back into his memory from the sight of this face. Of course, it wasn't crystal clear because his brain wasn't fully functioning, but he remembered a summary of it. From what he could recall, there seemed to be some giant climax of some sort last night between the two when deep emotions were brought to the surface which started in yelling and ended in flustered kissing as they began to undress and continued to fuck like rabbits. Reid wasn't surprised to see Tyler's body lie naked as well.

Reid decided to take the opportunity and marveled in Tyler's glow. Even though they were both under the sheets, it seemed so bright. Outside their bubble was cold, but inside there he felt warm. He watched his chest slowly rise and fall as his breath went in and out of him so very delicately. He followed the smooth lines that went up and down his body, showing the faintest hint of muscles. He gawked at each curve and movement, his body so fluid and swift built, like a wave. His limbs were placed lazily, yet delicately as they lie there in the early morning glow.

Reid thought that if he was ever going to do it with another male (which, according to his good body build and evolving thoughts towards the idea, was nicely plausable), he thought it would be with some mucly macho man with a giant body and hair all over his body. All Tyler had was a soft scruffiness on his face, the faintest bit of chest hair right down the middle, and a soft treasure trail that led to a soft tuft of hair just above if not on the nicely sized package.

Staring at Tyler's dulcet smile as he seemed to be in dreamland, Reid began to feel a little...turned on. He looked so angelic lying there, his naked body sprawled so dangerously close. The awkward moments of the beginning were over last night, and all that remained was a budding romantic feeling. And somehow Reid loved that.

Reid stared...and stared. And he continued to notice more and more things on Tyler's face. The more he stared, the more imperfect and perfect became. The longer he stared, the more it seemed to be different, but still the same. He was over thinking his gorgeous face. He wanted to try and explain his face, but something new seemed to pop up every moment. If he tried, he would go one forever and ever.

All of a sudden, Tyler's eyelids flickered and slowly opened. Jealousy filled Reid as he thought how good it must feel to be able to wake up to such a sight. But it was good enough anyway, because Tyler's subdued flex of his lips slowly grew into something more noticable. Soft dimples appeared on his face as his mouth stretched more. The feeling he was feeling was now plastered onto his face. His soft, darkish, brunette-like, blondish hair tried to get in front of those eyes made of the clearest ocean waters, but nothing could stop their two souls from connecting. It's cheezy, Reid knew, but that is how it felt. The image in front of Reid's eyes was practically too much. He almost felt like crying for joy. He had never felt so good in his life before.

His voice breaking before the first words of the day, Reid tried to explain the situation he was in to Tyler, the exact emotions toiling inside of him, but all that came out was, "You are so beautiful."

Tyler blushed and retorted, "Waking up to you was the best thing in my short life."

His hand slowly gravitating towards him, he asked, "Do you remember what happened last night?"

"Bits and pieces," he answered. "All I truly remember is feeling whole with you."

Reid gulped slightly loudly before bearing his soul. "I...I think I love you." His words started off slow, but he rushed through the rest of it.

"Ever since I met you," Tyler said in a better way that Reid did, "I've felt that feeling. It is so good to finally let it out and to know that the feeling is being returned. Reid, I wholeheartedly love you...with all my heart." It was a bit redundant, sure, but it needed to be said.

Returning to the typical Reid, he suggested, "You wanna fuck?"

At these words, Tyler's absolutely adorable smile changed into a different form; a smile of lust. His eyebrows arched as he looked through the fringe of his hair. His smile had become crooked as a sudden fire burned through Tyler's eyes. But a good fire. A wanton fire.

The hands that were about to caress his lover (is that what he was now?) immediately grasped the opposing side of him, instantly bringing him closer. Their lips suddenly clashed together and what felt like sparks flew out of them. The same rush he began to remember last night was now amplified this morning.

Suddenly, both members of the couple had their hands touching the other in a fury as body heat began to rise along with their once limp cocks. Now both were touching each other quit hard. Their crotches were smashed together as Reid marveled in the fact that they were both completely nude so that they would not have to go through with that whol sharadde. Reid bucked and Tyler moaned into the kiss.

Reid pushed his tongue into Tyler's mouth. He licked the inside of his lips and cheek and felt his teeth, waiting for entrance. It was finally granted to him as they both fought hard, trying to dominate the other in a struggle for the trophy of the other mouth. It was a game Reid adored to play.

Reid lightly bit down on Tyler's bottom lip, something he remembered from yesterday that he really liked. He sucked on it quite hard for a little bit before letting go and staring back into those beautiful blue eyes that dazzled him.

"So," Reid began to ask while he used his fingers to caress Tyler's nipple, then chest and down his stomach which had it's amazingly smooth skin stretched over it, "what do you want to do?"

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