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This story takes place 7 months after the events in 'The Corner Cafe'.


Rukia rubbed the back of her neck. Tired would be an understatement, she spent all of last night with Ichigo (no complaints there) but he couldn't sleep—so Rukia couldn't either. They just laid there until the sun came up, most of it was spent in silence but once in a while, they'd talk about random things. Work, the rules of football, favorite colors and the like.

The soft bell when she opened the door brought back a rush of memories. Urahara was standing on the stage, setting up the microphone for this afternoon's poetry performance. "Rukia! There you are!" He said hopping down from the stage.

"Urahara...I need to speak with you." Rukia glanced around the deserted cafe that she learned to call home for the past year.

"Of course! In my office we go!" Urahara cheered before somehow sliding on carpet and into his office while holding his cane in the air. Rukia would have found it amusing if it was any other time.

"Urahara, I'm leaving." Rukia said when she stepped through the doorway. The shadow of the mans hat covered his eyes from view.

"Never to return?"

"No. This is goodbye."

"May I ask why?"

"I'm moving on...to bigger things." Rukia offered her boss a smile and he grinned in response.

"I SHALL ARRANGE FOR A GOODBYE PARTY THEN!" He yelled picking up his phone.

"No! No! That's not necessary!"

"Yes? It's Urahara! I need three hundred balloons..."

"Urahara! Really, there is no need!"

"Two cakes. I love cake."

"Please, Urahara!"

Rukia had walked over to pull the cord of the phone out of the wall. A soft hand on the sleeve of her dark purple shirt stopped her and yanked her back. Rukia met eyes with Rangiku.

"Yes, that too!"

"You're leaving?" Rangiku's perfect lips formed into a pout that any model could be jealous of.

"No! Chocolate pudding pools won't be necessary at this party!"

"Yeah...I came to say goodbye." Rukia couldn't help but feel guilty that she didn't tell one of her closest friends before hand.

"Purple. Strawberries? Oh that would be funny!"

"Rukia, I have a favor I need to ask..." Rangiku glanced over at Urahara, who was standing on a swivel chair going around in circles as the phone cord looped around his body. He didn't seem to take notice.

"No clowns! I hate clowns! This party is for a beautiful employee of mine!...No, there were no sexual harassment charges. AHA! Tessai you are a clever man."

"Go ahead."

"Oh this will take some crazy planning. Let's do it tomorrow!"

"I need a place to stay! I can't stay with Hisagi. I love him, I love him so much. But I can't plan the wedding at our place...please, please, Rukia! Can I stay with you? Only for a week. So that I get all the nerves out and I can plan some surprises! Please?" Rangiku looked at Rukia with glossy blue-gray eyes, how could Rukia turn her down?

"Sure. Let me call Ichigo, he can help with some of your things." Rukia said leaving the office before Urahara could drag her into his plans.

"Rukia!? Where are you going?! Fine! I'll plan this thing all by myself!" He called out struggling to untangle himself from the phone cord.


"Hey...I was wondering when you'd call."

"How's work?"

"Crazy. It's been super busy this past week..."

"I'm sorry..." Rukia leaned against the brick side of the building. She couldn't help but smile at the sound of his voice. "Want me to visit?"

"Nah. I don't think Zangetsu would approve if I ran off with my girlfriend while someone was bleeding out their temple."

"You wouldn't run away with me. At least, not under these circumstances."

He chuckled softly, "You'd be surprised."

Rukia felt her cheeks warm up and she cleared her throat. "Rangiku is going to stay with me."


"She's going to stay at my apartment..." Rukia raised one eyebrow. She didn't think she could make it any clearer.

"You forgot didn't you? Rukia, you're moving in with me this week."

Rukia almost dropped her phone "Oh my! Ichigo! It totally slipped my mind...Oh...man..." Rukia stuttered a few more apologizes. How could she forget something like that!?

"Calm down. It's no big deal."

"No big deal!? Ichigo! Your place isn't big enough! It's fine though...I'll just tell her I can't. It's fine! Oh...poor Rangiku."


"I'm such a horrible..."


"I can't believe I let it slip trough my mind! I'm so..."


"What?!" She snapped, not realizing that she had been rambling this whole time.

"Chill out. She can crash on my couch. Is everything alright with Hisagi?"

"Everything is fine. She's just worried and can't plan the wedding at his house for some reason."

"She's not one of those crazy brides, is she?"

"I hope not. But are you sure? She can just get a hotel..."

"Rukia. It's fine. Rangiku is your friend...and you're a good person."



"You could have said something so much more romantic there, Ichigo."

"Shut up. As long as I get to have you to myself, at least once in a while, I'm happy."

"That's a little better. I gotta go."

"I'll see you tonight."


Rukia pressed the end key and slipped her phone back into her purse. She turned to see Rangiku standing by the glass door.

"What was that?!" She yelled


"You didn't even say 'I love you!'"

"Oh. Ichigo and I don't do that." Rukia explained feeling nervous under Rangiku's piercing eyes.

"Why not?"

"We just don't!"

"But do you love him?!"

"Of course!" Rukia slapped her forehead. So what if they didn't say 'I love you' after phone conversations. It's just...they weren't that kind of couple! He's said it before and she's said it to him. So why say it all the time?! Then it looses meaning.

She didn't tell Rangiku all of this, even though she could have. The strawberry blonde wouldn't have listened anyway.


Rukia finished her snowman and it was smaller than Ichigo's but far more superior in her opinion.

"Why does it have...four arms?"

"Because, he's Chappy—the spider bunny."

"Rukia, that makes no sense. A rabbit can't be a spider!"

"Yes he can! It was in the Halloween episode!"

Ichigo laughed and wrapped his arms around the petite girl. She buried her face in the warmth of his black coat. Ichigo had made an ordinary snowman, so it was obvious who won this competition. They stood there in the snow for what felt like hours, just embracing and listening to the cars drive by.

"I love you." Rukia mumbled into the fabric of his coat.

"Huh?" Ichigo hadn't heard her. But his heart was racing.

She looked up to meet his eyes, the snowflakes landing on her eye lashes and cheek bones, like wet kisses.

"I love you."

Ichigo grinned and kissed her, the chill from the snowflakes and bitter wind suddenly melted away.

"I love you too." He mumbled against her lips, leaving a warmth in her chest that wouldn't go away.


Rukia drove Rangiku to Ichigo's place. She brought a suitcase with clothes and a whole other suitcase for make up.

"So you have a key?"

"He gave me one last week..."

"How did you forget this? Moving in...such a big step. I remember when Hisagi moved in with me. He had this god-awful painting. We argued for days about it. Now it's in his closet."

Rukia laughed and took one suitcase from Rangiku's hand. "I'll get you settled in."


It wasn't until 11:35pm that evening did Ichigo arrive back. Rangiku was curled up on the couch watching television. The blue glow illuminated the room and made his house guest seem...unreal.

"Rukia already went to bed." She whispered.

Ichigo tossed down his jacket onto the floor—earning a glare from Rangiku. He hadn't forgotten how much of a neat-freak she had become after living with Hisagi.

Ichigo trudged into his room, wondering the whole way if he was just going to face plant into the floor and pass out there. He didn't bother turning on the light because who didn't know their own way around their room in the dark?

"Mhmph." The covers moved and he narrowly dodged a pillow-projectile that was tossed at him.

"Hey, did I wake you?" Ichigo pulled his shirt over his head as he waited for her groggy response.


Ichigo looked at the pillow on the floor, 'Liar', but he was too drained to argue.

Rukia's slender arms found their way around him when he got into bed and just like that; she was fast asleep again. Ichigo let out a content sigh, his mind floating through memories until pulling him asleep.

"Ichigo! Are you even listening?"

"Huh? Yeah, I am! Don't be stupid."

"Good. Now I think the brown color will give your room a cozy feel, don't you?"

Rukia was holding up at least twenty (Ichigo believed to be the same shade) of those paint-pallets you get at hardware stores.

"Ichigo? Which one? Burnt Sienna, Moca brown, or Warm earth brown?"

"Rukia...they're all the same!"

His short companion looked at him as if he just declared that he was gay to a whole store-full of people.

"They are not!"

Ichigo slapped his forehead. Who's idea was it to bring Rukia along in the first place?

Oh yeah.

His insane father.

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