A/N: So this is just something I thought up whilst watching a Phineas and Ferb marathon while I was babysitting. I think Ferb is hot, so this is for everyone who thinks Ferb is hot too. More chapters to come if you like it.

He sighed as he stared out the window. He really should've been paying attention, it was actually quite unlike him to stare aimlessly instead of paying attention. That was something Phineas was usually prone to do. Phineas. His step-brother. Not that he minded that title, he was more his brother than blood could provide.

When his father had first told him that he would be marrying Linda he was only slightly weary, if Linda made his father happy then he was happy. Linda was nice and caring, she was most definitely the mother he never had. And Phineas was the brother he'd always wanted. He had just been lucky, he guessed.

He never really knew his mother, he didn't have any fond memories of her or even something of hers to hold dear. All he had was a tattered old black and white picture of her, she was beautiful. And thats really all he knew about her, besides the ever obvious fact that she had indeed left them when Ferb was a baby. He tired not to dwell on his families past though, he had a family that he loved. That loved him, dearly. Linda was his mother, Phineas was the brother he always wanted, Candace the sister he never knew he wanted, and Perry, their pet platypus.

He watched a it had started to rain, the drops of water hitting the window like pellets, capturing his attention. Why couldn't it be summer already? He loved the Fall, he did, it was one of his favorite seasons. The way the wind blew, how it was never too hot or too cold. The yellow leaves from the maple trees that lined their street, Candace away at collage, and... Marjorie Addams, and her paintings that always hung in the hallway showcases.

He loved the Fall, really he did, but there was just something about the summers that made him never want to be anywhere else but Danville – with the humid air and the bright sun. Summer was their time to do what they did best, invent, create, experiment. It was different in the summer for him, Phineas shined all the time, everyone loved and adored him – with his playful smirk and witty personality. It wasn't Phineas' fault for how different they were and it wasn't like he had ever actually tired to outshine Ferb, it just always tended to happen. Ferb didn't blame Phineas, he couldn't really even if he wanted to. Phineas was his best friend, his brother.

It just irked him sometimes, how Phineas got all the attention. He supposed some of it was his fault considering how rarely he spoke – if ever.

He enjoyed being silent, if he didn't talk much it insinuated he weren't there and then he could find out what people really thought. Besides, it wasn't as if he really had all that much to say, if a topic came across he found interesting, he would put his two cents in. When he needed too he would discuss things with Phineas, that's all it really boiled down too. He was smart in school and Phineas was smart with people, thats just the way it had always been, and he figured thats the way it would always be.

He tore his eyes away from the now barely visible window, covered by rain, and glanced a few rows over. She, it seemed, wasn't in the attentive mood either as he watched her doodle in her notebook.

He'd had a majority of classes with her since the seventh grade, he even sat next to her in some of them. And yet, they'd never spoke. Or, really acknowledged each others presence. She really didn't seem super outgoing either. He saw how she was with Katrina, boisterous and loud, yet at school she just kept to herself. It wasn't as though she was snotty or anything, there just happened to be an increasing number of assholes that populated the twelfth grade.

She wasn't the most beautiful in the school, in fact he had seen far prettier girls. But, it was the way she held herself, the way she looked up through her thick lashes, the way she quirked her eyebrows when she thought of something provocative. She was intelligent and sarcastic, a smirk usually held on her naturally smiling lips. They were pale, like the rest of her skin, and he'd always had the urge to taste them. He found her quirky style atrocious and loved the way she always managed to have paint in her hair.

Clearly, he noticed lots of things about her. If that was creepy, well, he was creepy then.

She was tall for a girl, with long legs, her height residing in them. Her hair was a dark brown that fell down her back in unkempt twists and waves. Her eyes were wide in shape and shockingly seafoam in color, framed by long thick lashes. She was not a skinny like Candace; she was slender, lithe, with curves that seemed odd on her frame. He thought she happened to be quite beautiful.

She had taken every art class the school had to offer, her paintings always hung in the display cases around the school. She was bright, but never studious, she was quick-witted and fresh, and most of all: she didn't want to date Phineas Flynn.

Everyone wanted to date Phineas, even some of the males in the school. He had had more girlfriends and conquests than Ferb had cared to remember. Girls just flocked to him. Correction: people just flocked to him. All he had to do was smirk and they came running. He could wield a story better than anyone he'd ever met, and had people hang on to his every word. He got out of trouble with a dashing smile and a well written excuse. Teachers adored him, girls wanted to date him, boys wanted to be him, and Ferb?

Well, Ferb just wanted him to be happy. It was always an adventure with Phineas, why not tag along for the ride.

It wasn't like Phineas kept him in the dark anyway, he told Ferb everything – unfortunately. His first girlfriend, his first kiss, his first fuck, everything in exaggerating detail. Phineas always told him that if he liked a girl, any girl, to just tell him and he'd back off. But, he never really told anybody anything, so Phineas never new of his undeniable urge for Marjorie Addams and how badly he wanted her.

And he wanted her, badly.

So badly, it almost became painful. He felt his pants start to become uncomfortably tight with the way his thought process was going. He had never done really anything with a girl, a quick peck in the backyard at the age of eleven didn't count. He'd never had a proper girlfriend, no one really thought of him that way, he supposed.

But, then again, he couldn't blame them. He wasn't really all that exciting, or cool.

He was tall for his age, he'd always been. His hair was all lengths of green, he wasn't quite sure when his hair became stuck up in such disarray, he supposed when he started to find short hair irritating. His face had thinned out from childhood, matured in a way. He was nothing spectacular, he knew, but he was uncommonly bright for his age.

But, while Phineas was good at the creative aspect of inventing, Ferb was good at the mathematical equations and making Phineas' ingenious ideas actually come to life. Who would want a nerd like Ferb Fletcher as a boyfriend or lover when they could have the ever dashing, Phineas Flynn.

It was with that thought that the bell rang, signaling the class was over. What a waste of a Math class, he thought as he picked up his belongings and walked out of the door. Of course, not even realizing the pale eyes following his form from across the room.

God. She thought, This math teacher is trying to kill me.

It was a known fact amongst the people that knew her just how bad she was at math. She was a bright girl, but was absolutely horrendous at the subject. She didn't understand it, and she knew she'd probably never really grasp what was going on, so that's why ten minutes into Mrs. LaBeau's lesson she started to draw. She sat in the back of the classroom, not the last row, but close to it. She heard a few girls in front of her whispering about "the red headed sex-god" – as the stupid bints put it – Phineas Flynn.

It made her want to vomit in her mouth.

Sure, he was good looking – that much she could admit. With his bright red hair and deep blue eyes, not that she'd noticed or anything. She just didn't really see what all the fuss was about, what they all saw in him. People followed him around like he was the leader of their cult, she half expected them to start calling him Master sometime soon.

It wasn't that he was obnoxious or anything, she was just tired of always hearing his name pop up in every goddamn conversation. These people acted like he was a celebrity or something, when in reality he was just a boy with a sensual smirk and a creative mind.

Besides, he was in eleventh grade, a year or so younger than most of the girls he went out with. She just found it a little odd that they would date younger a younger guy, even though it was hardly anything, it still felt wrong to her. Every boy she had dated had been older than her.

Of course it didn't help any that he could play the guitar and sang in a band. Actually, it was one of their school's only redeeming qualities. Christine, Christine – which she was basically almost positive was a Phantom of the Opera reference – played at the teen club Panic! every weekend. They played at every school function they had, even playing at both the Junior and Senior prom for the past two years.

They were good, really good, which only added to the sex appeal of one Phineas Flynn. Sometimes the older Flynn, Candace, would get up there and sing with them, but that proved to be only once in a while when she was home from college. And sometimes, if they were really lucky, they could convince the other brother Ferb to get up there, and what a sight that was.

She chanced a look over at the quiet Fletcher boy, he was staring out of the window, a few seats to the left of her own. His skin was a pale color, a tell-tale sign that he spent much time indoors. But, she could tell, that if given the chance his skin could turn a lovely golden that had her hands itching to touch him. He was taller than most boys their age, with long legs and a long torso. He gave the appearance of being lanky, but she could see the outlines of his unused muscles through his off-white t-shirt. His shoulders were broad without being bulky and he had the nicest pair of hands she had ever seen. His wrists were thin, his fingers long, his knuckles were protruding.

She crossed her legs together tightly, closed her eyes and sighed. Was she really getting turned on by a unaware Ferb Fletcher in the middle of their Math class?

God, she was pathetic.

For the past couple years she couldn't help but feel strangely attracted to him. He was quiet, reserved, brilliant, and quite good looking. Although others might say she was crazy for thinking that way, she didn't really give a fuck. She was never one to roll with the "status quo" as those obnoxious High School Musical-ers sang about anyway. She already won the yearbook superlative of "Class Non-conformist", for the past three years. But, she realized non of that mattered, because the bell rang and Ferb just walked out.

She sighed as she closed the notebook she had been drawing in – instead of taking the notes she'd most likely need. She turned to Katrina who sat behind her. "Hey, Treen..."

"Yes, you can borrow my notes." She said as they exited the classroom.

Marjorie smiled at her closest friend. "Thank you darling, what would I do with out you?"

Katrina rolled her amber eyes as they walked down the crowed hallway toward the cafeteria. "Fail math." She mumbled. "You know, the next time you decide to stare longingly at Ferb Fletcher, might want to try to be less obvious about it." Marjorie stopped walking and stared at her friend with eyes narrowed. The smirk on Katrina's face gave away the fact that she had meant it jokingly, but it still made Marjorie a little weary. "I suppose you staring is alright though," She added with a smile. "Because, he couldn't seem to keep his eyes to himself either."

With that, Katrina turned away and started walking towards the lunchroom chuckling at Majorie's.

Katrina wasn't dumb and she certainly not blind. She knew about Marjorie's ever growing attraction to Ferb Fletcher and seeing as how neither wanted to do anything about it, she guessed it was up to her. She walked into the cafeteria and over to their usual table, she set her bag down on her chair and took out her wallet before heading over to the lunch line. She walked past the table Phineas and Ferb usually occupied and noticed their absence, she found it odd considering they were always some of the first people eating. She was on the line accepting a tray of food from the grotesque looking lunch lady when she heard a seductive whisper in her ear.

"Why, don't you look ravishing today, Katrina."

She rolled her amber eyes, not even turning to look at the boy beside her. "Hello, Phineas."

She could hear the scoff of mock appall before it even left his thin lips. She cold only imagine that his hand was placed over his heart, she didn't even have to turn around to see it. "So its come to this then, Kat. After all we've done for each other, it comes to this."

She sighed, attempting to hold in a smile. "What is it you need, Phineas." It wasn't phrased as a question, because she already knew the answer.

"How could you ever possibly think I would need something? Maybe I just wanted to be in the company of one of my best friends."

She was putting various items on her tray, still moving down the line. "You left your wallet at home again, didn't you." She turned, finally, to look at him. The small embarrassed smile and the pink tinge to his freckled cheeks gave it away. With a roll of her eyes she pulled money out from her wallet and handed it to him.

"How did you know?"

She smiled her Katrina James smile. "Neither of you were at the table eating already and you were trailing behind me without tray. Living next door to you goons for the past several years has taught me many things, one of which is how much food you two consume." He let out a bark of laughter at her comment. "And, frankly, I find it appalling that you can eat that much and still be this thin." She pinched his side and he gave a yelp in return.

"Do you know how much I adore you?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go sweet talk one of your groupies, Phin, cause you know it doesn't work on me...usually." She gave him a smile before paying for her lunch and walking back to her table.

Phineas shook his head and smiled at his best friends best friends, she was a piece of work. They had known Katrina James for a long time and she proved time and time again to be a good friend. He turned to the lunch lady working the cash register, "Willberta." He said charmingly, giving his best seductive smile.

She smiled at him and moved out of the way for him to pass her. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as he went into the kitchen with two trays and filled them up with Ferb and his usual lunch. He payed Willberta and walked back to his lunch table, throwing a smile over towards Katrina, he sat in a seat facing her table and the windows. He pushed Ferb's tray to his seat on the other side of the table, facing the doors.

Ferb walked into the lunchroom a little later than he usually got there, he had to take care of something, in his pants. He flushed a bit, what was wrong with him? Phineas was already eating, as were the rest of their lunch table. The table consisted of Phineas' friends – Xavier, Andrew, Timmy and Michael, who were in the band – and Baljeet and Buford.

He slid into his seat as Phineas spoke, "Hey man, what took you so long?" Ferb glanced down at the tray of food and raised an eyebrow. "Katrina." Ferb nodded and turned to throw a smile at Katrina, who readily accepted it and waved back.

He turned back in his chair and looked up towards the doors, Marjorie was walking in, effectively making his heart beat faster. He watched her walk in, one foot in front of the other, giving her hips a gentle, yet seductive sway. Her black skinny jeans sat low on her hips and her wife beater rode up, exposing a patch of creamy skin.

He looked up and found that her eyes gazing towards his, a small smirk on her lips. As she walked past him her head turned to keep her gaze on his vivid green eyes. It wasn't until she finally reached her table did she break their stare. He turned back around, staring at his food, no longer hungry for it. His breathing was slightly labored as he looked up at the rest of the table, throughly embarrassed at what just happened with them watching. But, as he looked up, he found that Phineas was chatting idly with Xavier, blissfully unaware about the staring match he just had with Marjorie and the throbbing in his groin that ensued because of it.

He was a seventeen year old boy dammit, didn't she realize that with a simple swish of her hips and at stare like that, he'd would do anything?

This was not working, the whole – I'm immune to being a overly hormonal teenage boy mentality. He tried, he really did, but it seemed as though he was not as immune as he thought.

"So, are you going to tell me what that was all about?"

Marjorie looked down at her sandwich, pride swelling up in her chest and she couldn't help but let the small smile of triumph slip onto her face. "I'm sure I have no idea what you going on about, Katrina."


She couldn't help but let the laughter fall from her lips, it was just too comical. "What?"

"You and Ferb were just basically having sex with your eyes, or did you not realize the hormones you were inflicting on the poor boy?"

"I do."

Katrina gave her friend a incredulous look, her head cocking to the side. "You're not even going to try and plead your case?"


Katrina looked down, shaking her head. "I don't understand you."

She smiled brightly. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"You would." She took the bag of chips from Marjorie and started to eat them. "And to think, only twenty minutes ago when I called you out on lusting after Ferb, you got all jumpy and silent."

Marjorie shrugged her shoulders, "I guess I realized how ridiculous I was being. If I like a boy then I like a boy. There's no reason to be over analyzing it. It's not like I have a boyfriend anymore."

"So, that epiphany lead you to openly stare at Ferb Fletcher seductively?"

Marjorie rolled her pale eyes, "No, it made me realize that I want to stare at Ferb seductively. He's...interesting."

Katrina just shook her head, "Whatever you say, Mar."

It was then she came to the conclusion that if her friends weren't going to get together by themselves, she would just have to help them. She smiled to herself, she knew practically everything there was to know about the brothers, if anyone could help Marjorie get Ferb, it was Katrina.

The bell rang for the last time that day, the students all filed out of there classrooms and into the hallway. Marjorie made her way through the crowd to Katrina's locker, where she stood talking to her younger brother Christian. She handed him the car keys and he dashed off before she could change her mind.

"What was that about?" She asked as she reached their lockers. Katrina smiled, putting her books in the locker and closing it.

"Come on, we're going to miss them." She grabbed Marjorie's wrist as they ran down the hallway and out into the school's parking lot.

"Miss who? And why are you letting Christian drive your car?"

"I'm doing you a favor, now come on, hurry up." They ran faster down the hall, out the door and into the parking lot. They ran until they reached a black car. "Phineas!" Katrina yelled. "Phineas!"

He turned and looked at the pair running toward him. He leaned against the drivers side as Ferb stood up from putting his bookbag in the back seat. His eyes widened, only slightly, as he saw Marjorie running with Katrina toward their car.

"Yes, love?"

She was out of breath once they reached him but she smiled anyway. "Do you think you could give us a ride home?" Ferb gave her a look. "Christian has soccer practice and my mom asked me to let him use the car, but we're not waiting around for him to finish, so, you think we could tag along with you two?"

Phineas smiled. "Sure, jump on in." He looked over to Ferb. "Katrina gets shot gun cause she bought us lunch, you're in the back bro."

He shrugged his shoulders as he got in, Katrina attempted to hide her smile. It seemed impossible to keep a straight face, seeing as how Phineas just helped her plan without even trying.

She gave Marjorie a smile and raised her eyebrows as she walked over to the other side of the car. Marjorie sighed as she walked over to the passenger side and got in the back seat. She looked at Katrina through the rear view mirror and sent her a questioning gaze. It was when the other back seat door shut that she finally understood.

What a sneaky bitch. Well played, Katrina. Well played.

She looked over to Ferb, who slid in the backseat and was typing a text message on his phone. "Phineas, Ferb, you remember Marjorie Addams, don't you?"

Phineas looked at her through the mirror. "Yeah, we've met before. You and I had English together one year."

She smirked at him, impressed he remembered. "Yeah, we did."

He smiled, proud that he remembered correctly. "Man, Mrs. Ferguson still hates me. Whenever I walk down the hall, she gives me the bitch eye."

She let out a laugh, "Yeah, well, you did write a sonnet about how ugly she looked at homecoming."

Katrina turned to look at Phineas. "Oh my God, I remember that! She flipped her shit when you read it out loud."

"Yeah, straight up." A dreamy smile came over his face. "That was a good year."

Marjorie turned to Ferb, still smiling. "And you, you're in a few of my classes, aren't you?"

Ferb, attempting to ignore that fact he had been staring openly at her, nodded his head. Phineas looked in the rearview mirror at her, "He doesn't talk much, so don't be offended if he doesn't answer you out loud."

She was looking directly at Ferb as she replied to Phineas. "I don't mind."

Ferb felt a sensation roll down his neck and spread through out his body. It felt as though a cup of warm water was dumped on him, and it gave him goosebumps. He had never felt like that before, he realized it was from her stare and her statement. Most people found it strange he didn't speak, and they usually tried to make him say at least a few words. She smiled at him. God, why was she making this so much harder on him. He groaned at his own pun.

The drive from Danville High to their neighborhood wasn't far, so it was in no time that they arrived in the Flynn-Fletcher driveway. "Thanks for the ride, guys." Katrina said as she got out of the car.

"It really wasn't that big of a deal, Kat. Thanks for buying us lunch."

"She bought you lunch?"

They all turned to look at Linda, standing in the doorway to the house, a dishtowel in one hand and door in the other. Phineas and Ferb looked sheepishly at each other, "Uh, yeah?"

Linda rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You boys really need to stop forgetting everything. Thank you, Katrina for buying them lunch – although, I wouldn't have been mad if you let them starve." She sighed, a smile on her face. "Well, come on in, I'll make some snacks."

Phineas turned to Katrina and Marjorie. "You guys don't have to come in if you don't want to, but you're welcome to."

The two girls looked at one another, Marjorie shrugging her shoulders at Katrina. "Yeah, sure, as long as you guys don't mind."

Phineas rolled his eyes as he started walking towards the house. "Shut up, Marjorie. Katrina usually just walk in all the time anyway, so of course we don't care." Ferb gave Marjorie one last look before following his brother into the house, Katrina and Marjorie close behind.

"This, should be interesting."

Katrina smiled at Marjorie's statement, "Oh, you have no idea."

They followed after Phineas and Ferb – the former took it upon himself to give Marjorie the grande tour of the house, most likely to get back in his mother's good favor.

"So, this is the kitchen, my favorite room, and this is the dinning room..." Ferb and Katrina slowly trailed behind Phineas and Marjorie, walking in every room of the house. They bounded up the steps, towards the bedrooms. "This is Candace's room – little bitch has her own bathroom and everything." He opened the door to a disgustingly pink and yellow covered room. It was a big room with the bed in the middle.


"Pink?" Phineas cut in for her.

"Yeah. I think that's the only word to describe it."

Phineas chuckled as he continued his tread down the hallway, he stopped at the door opposite from Candace's room.

"You might want to wear a contamination suit before you enter this one."

Phineas turned to Katrina and let out a sarcastic laugh. "Oh, Katrina, you're just too witty for the room."

She let a smile slip on her face at his mock-British accent. "Why, thank you."

"So, where's you parents bedroom?"

Phineas turned, giving her a seductive smirk and hooded eyes. "Why so interested? Afraid we'll get caught doing something...naughty?" He threw her a wink for good measure, being extremely over the top.

Marjorie scoffed, a smile on her lips. "You're disgusting."

He smirked. "I'm only teasing you, darling. Their room is in the basement, they were tired of hearing us at one in the morning, so they took the room downstairs. Now they don't hear anything."

Phineas winked again as he opened the door to his room and they were all ushered inside. There were dirty clothes strewn around the floor, along with blueprint sheets of designs and models. The bed was pushed to the wall next to the door, to the right. It was unmade and had magazines lying open on it.

"This is..." She struggled to think of the appropriate response. "A shit hole."

Katrina and Phineas burst out into laughter at her bluntness. "Wow." Phineas said. "Why don't you tell me how you really feel."

Marjorie just smirked at him, "You asked for it."

Ferb didn't like how easy they were getting along. Marjorie seemed to be similar to Phineas, their humor and manner of speaking was the same. He didn't like how his brother smirked at her, and he didn't like that she wasn't stopping him.

They exited Phineas' room and went to the next room, the bathroom that apparently both Ferb and Phineas shared – which was a whole realm of provocative that she didn't even want to mess with. And finally, what she assumed to be Ferb's room.

Phineas pushed open the door and they all piled in. The room was immaculate, except for the stray t-shirt on the floor and the books that lay open on his bed. The bed was directly across from the door, a window above the bed. There was a computer desk to the right of the bed, and a few dressers scattered on the walls of the big room.

Marjorie walked further into the room and picked up one of the books on his, pristinely made, bed. "You read Shakespeare for fun?" She turned to glance at Ferb, who was leaning against his doorframe, arms crossed, looking at her. He read the book title, A Midsummer's Nights Dream, one of his favorites. He nodded to her.

"This is one of my favorites."

Really? This girl was becoming too perfect.

"Well, duh." Phineas cut in. "Of course he reads Shakespeare for fun, he is British."

Phineas, always the voice of the obvious.

She had been reading some verses from the open book in her hands when her head snapped up. She looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. "I didn't know you were British."

Ferb shrugged his shoulders, and Phineas answered for him. "Most people don't."

She closed the book and put it back in its original spot on the bed. She looked over to see Katrina lounging in his computer chair, Phineas sitting lightly on his desk, and Ferb, himself, still leaning against the door. She took a seat on his mattress, which she found out was quiet comfortable, and looked around at the group, attempting to avoid Ferb's gaze.

He attempted to calm his nerves and the dull ache of his lower midriff, as he watched her sit down on is bed. Phineas was chatting idly about nothing to everyone, although he wasn't hearing a word of it. He tried to keep his mask of indifference on as he watched her get more and more comfortable on his bed. She went from sitting on the edge of his mattress, to her back against the wall, to her laying down on her side, his pillow propping up her head, facing everyone. He couldn't help but let his mind wander, she was laying down on his bed, using his pillows. Her back was to the wall and her front exposed to the rest of them. Her left leg was draped over the other, her feet hanging off his bed. The white wife beater she wore rose up, exposing her lovely flesh to him. The way she laid, with one arm under the pillow and other positioned right under her chest, causing it to push up, giving him a glorious view of the swell of her breasts.

He didn't think he would be able to make it out of the room in time.

She was lying on his bed, like that. He couldn't stop the images from flooding into his mind, and he really, really, really wished that she wouldn't look his way, because it was more than obvious where his line of thought had went. It showed below the waist rather nicely. He was attempting to sneak out easily and go to the bathroom, he was silent, it shouldn't be hard. But, of course, as soon as he turned to leave, she just had to look up at him...and then down. He saw her seafoam eyes widen slightly, and she looked up into his eyes. He hadn't realized the amount of desire swirling in his emerald orbs until he saw her blush stained cheeks. He turned and slipped out of the room before his brother and Katrina could notice, it was bad enough she saw it, he didn't need them ragging on him about it.

It was as he was making his way towards the bathroom that his mother's voice called out – "Dinner!" – and he sighed. He walked into the bathroom and rearranged himself so it was less obvious, and made his way down the steps and into the dinning room. Linda and his father were already in there, his father seated and Linda putting a bowl of something on the table. He walked over to his normal seat and pulled the chair out to sit, before he sat Linda put her hand on his forehead.

"Are you feeling alright, sweeite? You look flushed."

He nodded his head, reassuring her that he was in fact okay as he sat down. He could hear the others walking out of his room and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as Linda yelled, "Phineas! Dinner!"

Phineas rolled his eyes at the girls, "Come on, we better get down there before she bans us from the dinner table," He laughed, "Ferb, remember that time – " He looked around the room. "Ferb?" He looked at the two girls. "Where did Ferb go?"

Katrina just shrugged, standing up. "I don't know."

Phineas stood as well, walking out with Katrina. "Well, that was odd."

Marjorie let out the breath she didn't know she was holding as she got up and walked out of the room, telling Katrina she'd be down in a minute. She went into the bathroom and splashed her face with cold water. God, did he really just look at her like that? The intensity in his green gaze made her lady bits tingle. It was just that his bed was delightfully comfortable and the smell captivated her. She really hadn't notice the position she had put herself in, when she decided to lay down on the bed. She could only imagine what was running through his mind.

She got goosebumps at the thought.

She wiped her face off with a towel and bounded down the stairs towards the dinning room. She walked in to everyone already seated, save Linda who was through the doorway in the kitchen. She looked at the seating arrangement, Lawrence Fletcher at the head, Phineas to his left, Ferb to his right, and Katrina next to him. She gave a sigh of relief, she wasn't so sure if she could handle being so close to Ferb at the moment.

She took the seat next to Phineas and across from Katrina. Katrina gave her a questioning look, which she returned with a roll of her eyes.

Linda came in a moment later with the food, they were eating an early dinner apparently, no snack time after all. "So," Linda started as she sat down. "Marjorie, are you in Phineas' class or in Ferb's?"

She turned to face the older woman sitting next to her. "I'm in twelfth, Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher ."

"Oh, so you're with my Ferb then." She smiled at Marjorie. "And please, call me Linda, everyone does."

"Oh, okay, Linda. Yeah, we have a couple classes together."

"I hear you're a painter."

Ferb watched as her eyes light up when Linda had mentioned her painting. "Yes, I love to paint. Well, not just paint, I enjoy most forms of art but painting I think would have to be my favorite."

Linda smiled. "Katrina and the boys tell me you're quite good. I would love to see some of your work."

She paused to let Marjorie respond, "Of course."

"So, do you have a boyfriend?"

Phineas cut in just as Marjorie let out a laugh and shared a look with Katrina. "Damn, Mom, what's with the twenty questions? Let the girl eat her chicken."

"What?" Linda asked innocently as everyone laughed around her. "I'm just trying to find out more about my sons new friend. I already know Katrina, now I need to know Marjorie. You boys never bring girls home."



The way she had stated it was just so innocently that Marjorie couldn't help but laugh again. The whole conversation should've been so much more awkward than it was, and she found it all quite hysterical. It wasn't long before everyone joined in again, even Ferb was laughing at the absurdness of it all. The dinner went along smoothly after that, more questions about Marjorie and a couple side conversations started. It wasn't long before the night came to an end, and it was time for Katrina to drive Marjorie home.

They all stood on the outside the front door, laughing about a story that was told at dinner. "Well, thanks for having us over guys."

Phineas smiled at her. "Really, anytime. We should get together again, especially now that me and Marjorie are best friends."

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Let's take it slow, Flynn."

He winked at her and thought for a moment."Hey, what are you two doing Friday?"

Marjorie looked at Katrina. "Nothing, you?"

Katrina shook her head, "Nope."

"Well, great. You're are gonna come to Panic! and see us play."

The two girls looked at each other and smiled. "I guess we can make that happen." Phineas and Ferb waved to them as they started walking across the yard to Katrina's driveway. "Goodnight, guys!" Marjorie yelled over her shoulder.