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Standing outside the door to the auditorium was like standing outside the door to death row, well at least to Marjorie anyway. Looking around, all she saw was girls – pretty, popular, long legged girls. To say that the dance team was rigged was a complete understatement, the two dance team advisors were trying to create the "perfect" team, which apparently meant pretty girls prancing around in tight leotards.

Katrina had begged her to try out, claiming that she couldn't be around all these bitches by herself, which she understood. But, just because she used to dance when she was younger didn't mean she wanted to do it with a bunch of girls that just liked to shake their ass and do splits. But, Katrina had asked, so she had tried out with her, and they both made it, not surprisingly.

Mr. Donner and Mrs. Cal were the two teachers who had oh so generously decided to advise the dance team so it didn't die out, because apparently they needed an adult to look after them, because the school board thought they were toddlers. Mrs. Cal was the head of the music department, she ran the school plays, the musicals, and now apparently, the dance team as well. Everyone knew that she was just there to look for her new stars, she had a tendency to play favorites when it came to her girls – who were also in this class, which meant that the rest of them didn't have a shot at doing anything.

Mr. Donner on the other hand was a math teacher, he apparently had worked on Broadway at some time in his early life, so she supposed that made him eligible as Mrs. Cal's assistant. But, really, all he did was drool over the scantily clad girls over twenty years his junior – yeah, real classy Danville High.

Katrina came out of nowhere, dragging her on to the theatre stage through the auditorium doors where all the girls were located, stretching. She felt naked, bare, which normally she wouldn't mind, but here she was surrounded by bitchy girls her age and younger, all pretty and perky in all the right places. It looked like a rainbow threw up with all the different color and cuts of the leotards around the room, but one thing was the same, everyone wore flesh-tone tights and leg warmers.

She could see the two teachers sitting in the audience, the house lights were off and the stage lights were so very bright, but she could still vaguely make them out. She watched as Katrina found a spot on the bar and started her warm ups, each girl kicking and stretching, trying to prove they were better than the rest. This is why she didn't want to join any club that required her to be around female's, she was a dudebro and they were bitches, one shouldn't mix those two. Ever.

She took a spot on the opposite side of Katrina, she couldn't help but notice that the two of them were wearing some of the most subdued leotards out of everyone. Katrina was in a brown suit with pale pink leg warmers, the thing about leotards was they showed everything, so as she looked at her best friend she could see the perky-ness of her smaller chest, how her sharp hipbones jutted out against the suit.

Lord, that wasn't good. That meant that if she could see everything about these girls, they could she everything about her. Its not like she had that much to hide, she was thin but curvy, her legs were long and lean, and her chest? Well, that was a different story. It wasn't like she had breasts that were too big for her frame or anything like that, they were just bigger than most of the girls in the room, her cleavage spilling out of the top of her v-cut suit. Great.

Now these bitches were going to hate and criticize her even more, awesome, she loved when people judged her for no reason.

"Those of you who dance ballet or pointe, get into one group. Those who can dance hip hop or jazz, in another, and those who can tap go and find each other."

Mrs. Cal spoke evenly, making sure not to give anything away in her voice. Marjorie watched as girls started to scurry into groups, she could tell that Katrina wasn't the only girl that shared her own hesitation.

"Uh, Mrs. Cal? What if you belong in more than one group?"

She watched as the older woman looked down at the clipboard in her hands, chuckling condescendingly at the poor girl who just asked a simple question. "Get into the group that you dance primarily for, Jessica." The bitch said it like no one could be a fluent dancer in all of the above categories, and by the way the other girls were snickering, they thought so as well. The girl named Jessica quickly sauntered over to the tap girls, her eyes lowered away from the audience and the two teachers it held.

About four of them were left, maybe five, everyone else was in a group and waiting patiently for the last of the girls to find their place. Mrs. Cal raised her brows at them, "And, why aren't you in groups? Can you not primarily dance any of these?"

Marjorie wanted to smack that condescending look right off that bitch's face, teacher or not. But, it was "morally wrong" or some bullshit, and she really didn't feel like making Ferb bail her ass out of jail for assault, so she would just keep it to herself. She didn't like Mrs. Cal, at all. The woman thought she knew everything about everything, and God forbid anyone was actually confident at something they were good at. Personally, she thought the woman was jealous because she didn't have a talented bone in her body, but she didn't really want to get sent to the Principal's office – again, or at all – so she kept her sarcastic sass to herself, answering as respectfully as she could managed.

"What if you're strong in all of these groups."

The other girls beside her nodded, and once again Mrs. Cal smiled smugly. "The five of you can dance strongly in all of these categories, is that what you're telling me." They all nodded and the older woman's eyes narrowed, she pointed to a girl at the end of the line, "And what, may I ask, can you dance."

The girl stuttered lightly, "Uh, ballet, j-jazz, and tap."

Cal pointed to the next girl, then the next girl, going on down the line until she got to Marjorie, "And you, what can you dance."

"Ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, latin folk, most ballroom dances, lyrical, and swing."

She could feel all the eyes from the other girls on her, she didn't care all that much, she didn't even like dancing. Her grandparents owned a studio, she grew up dancing, she was good at it, but just because she was well educated didn't mean she was in love. She was a good dancer, she'd admit that, but she didn't have the passion for it, it didn't matter if she could move fluidly and gracefully, if she wasn't in love than it didn't matter.

Mrs. Cal raised a brow, "You can primarily, strongly dance all of those."


The older woman kept her gaze for a moment before turning her eyes down on the clipboard, writing something vague. When she brought her eyes back up, that condescending smirk was still in effect, "Alright, I want you all to warm up and get ready for the first dance. We'll be preforming at the Open House in a few weeks, as well as this years musical."

She sighed, looking over at Katrina who was doing the same, she knew this was most definitely going to be a long year.

Ferb was just having one of those days.

It started out normal and fine, he had all his assignments ready and prepared, he took the notes written on the board, kissed Marjorie in between classes. Managed to avoid both Isabella and Vivianne, as well as the Fireside Girls, gave Katrina his textbook because she forgot her's, and even found time to be ahead of his class by reading the next two chapters assigned before they were do.

But, then somewhere between lunch and the last period of the day, it all went to shit. And it was all because of Phineas, it was always because of his younger brother, and he guessed it always fucking would be. He wasn't even sure how he had agreed to it, or when it had actually happened, but it did.

How had Phineas managed to talked him into this again? Oh right, blackmail. Glad him and his younger brother were so very close, the bastard.

It wasn't like he'd never done this before, because he had, plenty of times in fact, but did he want to? Not particularly.

He just felt...nervous? Embarrassed, maybe?

He couldn't really explain it, he just felt afraid, he knew it was because of Marjorie's presence in the room that he felt so off about the whole thing. It wasn't her fault really, she just made him nervous, most of the time it was in the good way, the whole tingling nervous in his chest while heat pooled in his belly way, but this, this was different. This was doing something you weren't confident in with an audience present, and he didn't care about Xavier or the twins, Andrew and Michael, he didn't even care about Isabella or Katrina, it was just Marjorie.

He knew that she had heard him sing before, logically thinking she had to have at least heard him once before at Panic!, but now... It was just different now, because now he would be unconsciously seeking her approval, and while he knew that he would get it, there was just a fraction of a chance that he wouldn't. And for some reason, that scared the shit out of him.

He was shy, there was no beating around that bush, he didn't talk often, he didn't really like to interact with people, but here he was, in Xavier's basement, getting ready to sing.

Apparently they were all trying out for the musical this year, he knew that Isabella had gotten to Phineas and now his younger brother was trying to get everyone else he knew to try out as well. Ferb knew it was only because he didn't want to spend all that time alone with his possessive ex-girlfriend, as much as they all loved Isabella, the girl could be a bitch. No, she wasn't the little girl that they knew from childhood, not anymore, high school popularity had gotten it's claws deep within her. It made her no longer the girl that would appear in their yard, asking what were they doing, with that cutesy smile on her pretty face.

So, Phineas had pulled his card on him, the one that they both had, making Ferb have to do this. When they were younger they made a pact, they both got one chance at blackmailing the other into doing something that they really didn't want to, he couldn't actually remember why they had made it, but it stood strong until this day. And now, Phineas was using his chance, and Ferb had all he could do not to break it.

Phin had cornered him somewhere around seventh period, making sure they were alone, telling him that after school they were going back to Xavier's for band practice, then tomorrow they were trying out for the musical. As in both of them.

So, he was sitting on an amp, tuning a guitar, while they waited for everyone to show for the band practice. He was to sit in, play a couple songs with them, apparently rehearsal for the musical try outs, he guessed the songs had been listed and thats how Phineas knew what to practice. He knew that dance team had just formed and they had just had their tryouts for that, Marjorie and Katrina complained about it enough that he knew that they hated it, which meant that musical couldn't be anymore fun. But, that also meant that Mrs. Cal had already hand picked her dancers, now all she needed was her singer/actors.

Phineas showed up first, Xavier was upstairs waiting for everyone else to show, so it was just him and his brother for now. "Hey, you ready for this?"

He put the guitar down, and looked up at Phineas from his spot. "You do realize that this was your turn right?"

Phin looked down and nodded, eyes downcast, "Yeah, I know...I can't thank you enough for this, seriously."

He could tell by the look in his brother's eyes, in the exhaustion in his shoulders, and Ferb knew. "Why are you doing this?"

Phineas pulled a classic Ferb move, his hand ended up rubbing the back of his neck, tangled in the ginger hair that lay there. "You know why, Ferb."

And he did.

Phineas couldn't say no to Isabella, somewhere in his muddled mind and confused heart he still loved her, and he wasn't at the point in his life where he would be able to. He knew that their relationship was complicated, more complicated than a relationship between seventeen year olds should be. But, Phin and Isabella had always been rather intense, the sexual and real life tension brewing between them even at such a young age.

He didn't expect Phineas to all of a sudden be able to break free from his ex-love's hold, Isabella was a strong woman who certainly knew how to get what she wanted, and how to keep it. He wasn't sure about every aspect of their relationship, but he knew enough to know that Phineas was doing this because and for her, and that he needed his brother to bear it through with him.

So, being the dutiful older brother that he was, he would help Phineas with this and anything else he needed when it came to Isabella. And apparently that meant that he would have to face his fears and sing, in front of people, in front of a lot of people, more than once, and in front of Marjorie.

"I get it, Phin. It's fine, I'll do it, but know that I am doing this for you."

Phineas smiled as he met Ferb's eyes, it was that greatful-thank-you-for-being-my-brother smile, he took it gladly. "So, what song are you gonna choose?"

He looked over to the sheet that Phineas had given him earlier in the day, apparently they had to choose from the very clever classics – note the sarcasm – Happiness is a Warm Gun, Sweet Caroline, and I'm Yours.


"I have no idea."

"I'm probably gonna do I'm Yours, only because the other two are pretty deep." He paused for a moment, waiting for Ferb's reaction, in which he nodded as if it were a good choice, before continuing on with his next statement. "You wanna warm up?"

He shrugged a shoulder, "Why not."

They made their way over to the piano, Ferb sat down and Phineas stood to the side of them. He started to play the song that they had made up years ago to warm Phineas before a show, but it had somehow turned into a duet warm up for both of them. How that had happened, Ferb had absolutely no idea, but it certainly stretched both of their vocal cords, that was for sure.

They hadn't heard her come down the stairs, or noticed her standing in the door way, leaning against the frame, smiling softly to herself.

She had heard him sing before of course, but it had been about a year or so ago when she hadn't known him as Ferb – her charmingly shy boyfriend, but as Ferb Fletcher – shy man-boy who she wanted to fuck like he was her last dying breath. She was very interested in seeing this, especially seeing them sing together. Phineas and Ferb were very, very opposite, and she had no doubt that their voices were as well.

She was pretty sure that she had never heard this song before, although it was incredibly catchy and upbeat. Ferb was playing piano and Phineas was standing to the right of him, his hand over his diaphragm, ready to sing the first bit.

His voice was high, melodic, and charming, it was completely Phineas.

But, then Ferb came into the second verse, his voice lower, deeper, more sensual. Damn. That's all she had to say.

The song was obviously meant to push the limits of their voice restrictions, Phineas did a lot of high vibrato notes that were mostly Oohs and Whoa-ohs, while Ferb kept the chorus going in the deep bottom. It was completely enthralling to watch, especially when Ferb did some high notes that she had no idea a voice as deep as his could hit.

They mimicked each other perfectly, they really were such a perfect match, and she realized why half the female populated wished for them to be gay, with each other. They were a perfect match, in practically everything, even with how different they were in others.

She almost couldn't contain her laugh when they stopped playing and started clapping and saying the same line over a few times, it was so weird and amazing to watch.

The last note hung in the air, as well as Phineas' voice. They were both breathing heavily, deeply, it reminded her of a totally different situation in when he looked somewhat similar...

She decided to walk into the room before she could let her thoughts linger, it wouldn't do her any good to think about a naked and panting Ferb when she wouldn't be able to do anything about the throbbing in her skinny jeans.

"Wow." She clapped her hands together as she walked in, she really actually was impressed, she hadn't known he could sing like that.

But, the look on her poor boyfriend's face was really very priceless, it made her feel bad for watching them without him knowing. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, like a kid who was just caught stealing money from their Mother's purse, he looked so scared.


She smiled right at him, "Hey! That was just, wow."

Phineas smirked, "Yeah, it's just something we came up with years ago to warm up."

Now it was her turn to look shocked, "You two wrote that?"

He shrugged, "Yeah, when we were like thirteen/fourteen."

"Get the fuck out. That was amazing, and you both sound fucking awesome singing it."

Ferb couldn't contain the blush that spread on his cheeks, but luckily he was saved when Katrina bust down the stairs with the twins, Michael trailing behind them, and not to long after Xavier came down with Isabella.

"I'm like, so glad that you all are going to audition! Mrs. Cal is just going to freak!"

He watched Phineas roll his eyes, "Yeah, Isabella, I bet she will."

Marjorie was seated on the worn couch with Katrina, Ferb sitting on the arm next to her, Xavier tuning his bass next to where Michael was sitting at his drums.

"So, whose actually trying out for the musical?"

"Well, Marjorie," Ferb wasn't sure why Isabella said her name like it was an annoyance to her, but she did, and it bothered him. "I'll be trying out, as well as my best friend Vivianne, for the female leads. I know that Phineas and Ferb will be trying out, and Xavier."

She smiled sweetly at all the boys, and it only made Marjorie want to hit her more, the boys childhood friend or not.

"Well, I'm trying out."

She couldn't contain her smirk as Isabella turned over to Katrina, shocked. "You?"

The blond narrowed her eyes at the younger girl, "Yes, me. Is that a problem, Isabella?"

"No, Katrina, I was just surprised is all. I didn't know you could sing."

"Well I do, and I'm auditioning for a lead as well."

There was a tension in the room that was uncommon, it was thick and heavy and unwelcome. No one knew quite what to do, the two girls were just staring at one another, both with narrowed eyes and quirking brows.

She leaned over to and whispered to Ferb, "I don't think High School Musical had to deal with drama like this."

"I'm sure Glee has."

She thought about it for a moment before coming back with a serious answer, "I never really thought of us as a Glee cast...but I definitely like it better than that disney bullshit crap. I dig it." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her gently, which she readily accepted. "So, what song will you be singing?"

"I haven't really considered it actually."

"Well, either way I think you'll do great. I have no doubt that you'll get one of the leads."

He just hoped she was wrong, he didn't think he would be able to handle singing with someone like Isabella – or worse, Vivianne.

A/N: Just as a note, the song that Phineas and Ferb sing is a real song that I'm kind of fond of. It's 20 Dollar Nosebleed by Fall Out Boy ft. Brendan Urie. Phineas would sing Patrick's part and Ferb would sing Brendan's - if it were a bit deeper. Also, someone kindly pointed out that Ferb actually knows how to play the guitar, saxophone, trombone, synthesizer/keyboard, maracas, tambourine, bass, trumpet, bagpipes, harmonica, harp, and drums. So, I apologize for saying Ferb only knew how to play five things, but those five things are the ones he'll be primarily playing in this story. Thank you all again, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, GUYS.