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"Ah-ha, Hm, ah…hunh" Cooper watched as a dozen or so electro-mechanical parts hovered before him. In the dark confines of his lair he felt secluded…no, safe from the world; this was the one place he could just be himself without anybody ragging him about it.

"Cooper?" the voice made him loose track everything as the metal parts clattered against the table. Even without turning back, he knew his secret crush was there, in his lair, with him.

"My fair maiden of the Gama quadrant, to what do I owe this absolute honor…" he turned back not surprised to her, yet surprised to see Kevin and Ben with her.

Something caught Cooper's eye, it was held in Kevin's hand. Instantly, Cooper's eyes widened as he realized what it was.

"That…that's the Sward of Ogre…how…when…you have it!" he couldn't help but stumble over his own words seeing the electric guitar in the elder's hand. With this, Kevin gave Cooper a confused look before raising the instrument for a closer look.

"Coop, I think you've spent a little too much time role playing…this is just an electric guitar…nothing more"

"No, watch…" Cooper gently took the instrument and laid it string side down on the table; everyone watched as he focused with hands just above it's back plate. A faint click, a loud hiss; the back plate opened revealing a circuit board of neon blue lines and odd looking parts.

Ben leaned in close with Gwen and Kevin looking over his shoulders.

"Level nine alien tech…no wonder why it would be in a guitar…something this hot has to be well hidden in something so unpresuming" Kevin mumbled scratching his head

"Do you know what it even does?" Ben couldn't help but ask as he drew a complete blank, Kevin shrugged before Cooper stepped into the conversation.

"It's a hypno-transmitter"

"A what?"

"A hypno-transmitter. It emits an ultra sonic thirty seven million hertz frequency that impedes conscious thought processes. One twang of the strings and you're nothing more than willing puppets. This thing is only operable under the control of a telepath, so there's a chance you'll find an alien race that can read your minds"

"That's why he was able to hypnotize Kevin into bringing me to him...he's a telepathic alien"

"Man what I wouldn't give to have this thing" Cooper commeted sheepishly.

Ben grinned ever so slightly, even without a single word, Gwen and Kevin knew he were up to something.

"Keep it. I don't have a use for it" Before Ben could finish speaking Cooper's eyes grew large.

"No way! You keep it. This baby here is so hot that everyone's going to want to get their hands on it, which means I don't want it or the trouble it'll bring!" Cooper picked up the guitar and handed it with a powerful thrust back into Ben's hands.

"But you just said…"

"Forget what I just said, take it and lock it away forever!" with this he turned to Gwen "You know that I love you…but you all don't have to go home, but you got to get the hell away from here with that thing!"

The car ride remained silent of conversation as they pulled into the parking lot of Mr. Smoothie. Kevin kept focused on parking the car, Gwen stared out the window and Ben sighed with the instrument at his side in the back seat. The humming engine silenced as Kevin removed the key from the ignition switch.

"Okay. What are we going to do with this thing?" Ben finally broke the silence, neither Gwen nor Kevin giving him so much as a glance. "I don't need it; Cooper doesn't want anything to do with it, we know what it is and does so we can't just hock it off on someone else"

Whether it was luck or fate, nobody knew for sure. But one thing was certain; their decision of what to do with the instrument was made that moment.


Kevin, Gwen and Ben leapt up and off a large cushy couch the very second they realized they weren't in Kevin's car; even the electric guitar remained on the couch. The room was large, moderately lit; deep crimson carpeting that lined the floor matched curtains lining the only window on the opposite wall of the only door. Slowly Kevin relaxed and started chuckling forcing the cousins to give him a questioning glare.

"Guys…guys, relax. I know what's going on" he smiled "We don't have anything to worry about"

"We don't have anything to worry about! We've just been abducted" Gwen said matter of factly while shaking her head.

"Trust me, you'll like these people"

As though on cue, a tall woman entered into the room, in her hands was a silver serving tray with three glasses of thick white liquid and a large platter of assorted cookies.

"Please enjoy a snack while he is finishing his current business" she spoke with a slight smile while placing the tray on a small coffee table. With this she left the trio alone.

Ben and Gwen stared at Kevin whom reached out picking up a cookie the diameter of a CD "See, I told you there's nothing to worry about. Now, Ben, um, it would be best if you avoid going hero. Just be respectful and if you're stuck about something, follow my lead. Oh, yeah, that goes for you too Gwen"

As the trio talked the door slowly slid open exposing a tall man with deep blue clothing, a velvet lined cape and a small green jewel affixed around his right upper arm - the jewel oddly enough was the same shade of green as Bens eyes and Kevin's car.

"Kevin, my boy" The man gleefully shouted drawing everyone's attention. Looking back, Kevin grinned "I must thank you again for that jam-box, I just haven't been able to stop listening to it since you gave it to me three hundred years back" Kevin and the man shook hands.

"Emperor Kataiq…how have you been?"

"Fine, just fine my boy, and yourself?"

"Can't complain. Who'd listen to it if I did?" both let a slight laugh slip out before Kevin turned to the cousins whom stood nervous and seemingly on edge about everything.

"My name is Emperor Kataiq of Quintaro Tragus IV"

"That is Ben and Gwen Tennyson of Earth, friends of mine"

"And a friend of Kevin is a friend of mine" Kataiq gleamed shaking the hands of the cousins before all four sat down.

"You're human?" everyone looked to Ben staring Kataiq eye to eye to which he responded 'no, we merely look human, for your comfort'

"Three hundred years?" Gwen mumbled looking at Kevin

"Three earth weeks" she nodded with Kevin smirking.

A moment of awkward silence fell upon them; Kataiq's focus returned to the guitar next to a fidgeting Ben, Kevin leaning back and Gwen shifting her glare to everything around.

"Right, let's get down to business…" Kataiq finally broke the stillness "…you three are involved in a very sticky situation. I am responsible for the Sward of Ogre and everything that happens because of it, and as caretaker for it, it's my job to ensure that it returns to our world for safe keeping…so incidents like this don't happen"

"Look…" Ben stated drawing a deep breath "…we know what the Sword of Ogre is, and what it does."

"There's one thing you don't know. We are a peaceful people whom do not believe in violence, so many millennia ago, my great grandfather however far back in the family line created the Sword as a way to protect our planet without the need for physical contact. It worked perfectly; every time some race thinking the could come in and take over were turned away never to come back…that is until one of our top agents went rogue and ran off with it. Perhaps you know him, a kid about your age…"

"Yeah, Dominick. Unfortunately he was illuminated by the Plumbers"

"That's a shame, he had such potential to be the next emperor. But I guess some are just naturally attracted to a life of crime. And I personally contacted the Plumbers" Kataiq leaned back forcing a sigh. "All right, how much are you asking for?"

"What?" Ben asked lowering a brow from the confusion.

"I presume you're holding it for ransom?"

"What! No. If you want it that bad, just take it" Ben stood up and brought the guitar to Kataiq "We're not looking for ransoms or gains or profits. Truth is, this is just too dangerous to remain on earth"

Kataiq gripped the instrument in his hands, looked down at it then up to Ben. Although he trusted what Ben said, there was still a hint of skepticism.

Just like that, it was over. Kevin, Gwen and Ben found themselves once again sitting in the elders car; this time however, three small packages sat on the dash - each labeled with a name. All three opened up the packages to find a large green gem identical to Kataiq's. Picking up the stone, Ben also spotted a small note folded in half.

Ben. I know you've been through a lot recently, but don't blame yourself for any of it. That was his style, buy your trust before stabbing you in the back. I couldn't let you go without giving you something for your assistance in this matter, so display it with pride, and remember…you three will always be our friends.

Best wishes with your journeys.


"That was nice of him" Gwen commented holding up the gem to admire the light glistening through it.

"Like I said, nothing to worry about" Kevin chuckled starting the car before giving the windshield mounted mirror a quick glance, in the mirror Ben smiled keeping his eyes on the gem.


"What I remember most is how, even on his dying breath, his eyes had a warm glow…" Ben sighed leaning back on a couch in a small office with a shut door. Across from him in an armchair, a man jotted notes in a small notebook.

"Have you talked with anyone about this before?" The man asked inquisitively as he brought an unassuming glare to Ben. Seemingly instinctively Ben brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs.

"No, not until now. You know, sometimes I find myself wondering, what if I hadn't of avoided him…what if I didn't lie to him…just what if…?"

"Benjamin…" the man uttered "…sometimes people when faced with a dilemma such as this one often ask themselves the what if's. It's okay to do that, but just don't let it take over your life. Now, since time is up, I will see you next week?"

"Sure thing, doc…" Ben trailed off while standing up to walk out of the small office.

Walking outside from the Plumbers headquarters on the outskirts of town, Ben immediatly took notice of Kevin and Gwen standing at the front of the elder's car.

"You doing okay?" Gwen asked looking him eye to eye while Kevin stretched his arms out. Within moments he then wrapped his arms around the brunet drawing him closer, slowly, Ben slipped the palm of Kevin's toned and chissled chest.

"I'm sorry about how I acted to you guys..." Ben's soft voice lost itself against Kevin's shirt as Kevin gingerly ran his hand against Ben's hair. Almost instantly the boys exchanged a quick kiss of re-assurance and understanding.


Two AM.

Ben instantly bolted awake jumping up in bed; short shallow breaths, a bead of frigid cold sweat lining his face along with his clothing and bedding. Mere seconds ago, Dominick's screaming voice pierced the silent stillness of his room and invaded the troubled dreams he had.

Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben, Ben, Ben buddy…the whispers continued as he drew his hands over his ears and shut his eyes hoping to make everything go away.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" his shouting only lead to a click of the over head lights turning on and his parents standing in the door way - both with obvious looks of concern, sympathy and uncertainty.


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