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Chapter 47:

Absent Concerns

Weeks passed and Draco grew worried. He knew Lyra wouldn't tell anyone that they were twins. However, the Dark Lord was growing stronger which could only mean trouble for them. Worse still, his father was furious that she had left during break. Lucius had questioned Draco, but when he received answers not to his liking, the Malfoy head punished his only son and heir. He worried and dreaded to think about what would happen if she were to return home for break.

Draco hadn't wanted to tell her, for he knew she would feel guilty. Yet, he would take his father's punishments again and again if it meant she would be safe.

Lucius Malfoy was not pleased. From the reports he was receiving from Dolores, it would seem that his so–called daughter was more of a disgrace then he had been fooled into believing. She would never change…he realized this now.

Well, he would no longer be the fool. Lucius quickly but elegantly wrote a note to his co-worker and friend. It was time he took matter into his own hands…

Lyra quietly entered Umbridge's office Friday afternoon, sitting down to begin her lines when the "professor" spoke.

"Oh, you won't be writing lines today, dear. Your father wrote; you will be going home for the weekend.

Nervously, Lyra stood and, making sure her mask was in place, flooed to Malfoy Manor. She wasn't quite sure what her father wanted, though she had an idea. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good.


"You are not fit to call me that!" a voice hissed through the darkness.

Lyra tried to turn, but not before she was struck down. Biting her lip, she carefully composed her expression, despite the fact that the room was dark and that she was now face down upon the floor.

"You are a disgrace to me and to the entire Malfoy family. You are no longer fit to carry on my name. I have let it go on far too long. It ends now."

Lucius cast a body–bind spell upon his daughter. He then took his wand and knelt beside her, a sick grin upon his face.

A scream caught in Lyra's throat. Yet, due to the spell he had previously cast upon her, she couldn't move away from the never–ending pain.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, but in reality was only thirteen minutes, Lucius stopped. Smirking, he stood, brushing off his robes. Lazily, the aristocratic man waved his wand at the unconscious girl, freeing her from the body–binding curse. This should solve his little problem once and for all. After all, if this wasn't enough of a warning, he would just have to get rid of her the next time she interfered with his plans.

Draco was beginning to grow worried. He hadn't seen Lyra since the previous morning, which was unusual. Quietly, he turned the corner…and immediately jumped back, hiding in a niche in the wall. Potter was coming down the hall, Weasel and the Mud – Muggleborn tailing him. He waited to see if they would speak about his sister.

" – and who cares. We all know you passed Hermione. Just like we all know I probably failed," Weasel was saying.

"You don't know that Ron! And besides, there are people who certainly did worse then you."

"I bet Lyra didn't. And neither did Harry," he muttered.

"Hey – have you seen Lyra today? She wasn't in the dorm, was she, Hermione?"

The brown–haired girl shook her head. "No. She has detention with Umbridge, remember? Even on the weekends."

"But shouldn't it have ended a few hours ago?"

"Perhaps Umbridge kept her late? I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Though, come to think of it, I didn't see her last night either." Hermione suggested, frowning in realization. In his hiding spot, Draco paled. That certainly didn't sound good.

"Who cares? She's with Umbridge, we know where she is. Let's – "

Draco's fists clenched, at Weasley's words. Did he really not care about her? Waiting another moment, he crept out, brusquely making his way down to their current Professor's office. Schooling his features, he knocked.

"Come in," the sickly sweat voice called.

"Ah, Draco. Please, come in," she said, seeing the young, trusted man.

"Professor," he said coolly, stepping into the room.

"Have you seen Lyra? I know she's scheduled to have detention with you every day."

"She has gone home for the weekend. Lucius wished to speak with her."

Draco paled even further. "Thank you, Professor," he said simply, his stone expression revealing nothing.

He swiftly left, feeling sick. Lyra was with his father, supposedly alone. He had to get back to the Manor. Now he could only hope that his inquisition wouldn't make things worse…and that he was in time to help her.

The Malfoy boy began walking towards Severus Snape's quarters. He knew the older man would understand and allow him to use the floo within the Potions office.

"Draco? To what do I owe this visit?" the man asked, surprised.

"I need to return home."

"Draco, I cannot allow – "

" – sir, it's Lyra. I think she's in trouble," Draco quickly said, cutting across his godfather, whose eyes widened ever so slightly.

"Very well; come in."

"Thank you Professor," Draco said, before disappearing into the green flames.

Severus stared after his godson, internally very proud of him. He could see how much the two cared for each other. Now, knowing Lucius, he could only hope it would be enough.

Draco walked into his home through the fireplace, dusting off the excess ash from his clothes and straightening, face smooth, revealing nothing.

"Draco. What are you doing home?" a smooth voice asked.

The young man turned to see his father standing in the doorway.

"Have you seen Lyra?"

"What do you want with that disgrace? Haven't I taught you better?"

"You and Mother have taught me that family is important. I am simply sticking by that value."

"Draco. It is only important to care about the right members of the family. Those who are willing to uphold what we most believe in. That girl" he said, spitting that last word, "is a disgrace."

"That girl is my sister, whether you acknowledge her or not," Draco retorted. "Now where is she?"

However, Lucius remained quiet, regarding his son carefully. "Are you a traitor too then?"

"Of course not, Father. I still believe in the old ways. I simply wish to see how she is faring." Draco replied, gritting his teeth and making sure to block his mind the best he could.

"Very well. However, you will have to find her, for I do not remember where she is," he lied coolly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a business meeting to attend to."

Gulping, Draco began his way through the dark house. Suddenly, his foot hit something. Going to move away, he glanced down, and stopped cold.

Flicking the lights on with his wand, he knelt beside his sister's unconscious body, his heart going to his throat. Her back was covered in blood and he couldn't even tell why. Gulping, he levitated her body. This was far too advanced for him, he just knew it, and that scared him greatly.

Gingery cradling her body, he flooed back to Severus' chambers, hoping he would be able to help.

Severus' eyes widened in shock as the Malfoy twins came through the floo.

"What happened?" he breathed out, before carefully schooling his own features.

"I don't know. I found her like this," he replied, before sinking into a chair, shaking as his godfather began to help his sister.

Slowly, Severus Snape began washing away the blood from the still unconscious girl's back. Seconds turned into minutes. It was slow, painstaking work, as the blood was already dried.

Suddenly, he stiffened. "Draco; come here," he said, breaking the silence. The blonde's head shot up, and he stiffly walked over to where his sister lay.

His gray eyes widened as he looked at the bloody back, understanding now where the blood have come from. His fists clenched in silent rage as he fought to keep his emotions in check.

Lucius had burned into Lyra's back the word Traitor.

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