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Chapter 49:

Loss Permanent

Lyra blinked, groaning as she slowly came to. She tried to remember what had happened, but – but she found she couldn't.

"Lei? How are you feeling?" a familiar voice asked softly.

"Awful. Draco – what happened?"

"Father got to you before I could," he replied, coming to sit on the edge of her bed.

"Am I – how bad is it?"

"Bad. I'm sorry Lei," he said. He paused before speaking. "Do you want help throwing a robe or shirt on?"

She nodded, grimacing at the motion. Draco helped her lean forward, sliding it over his sister's head. He then tied the slips under her arms, making it easier for her, since she couldn't really lift her arms.

"Will you – can you stay?"

"Yes. Do you want me to – ?"

Lyra nodded, wincing in pain, grimacing as Draco slid under her once more, turning her body into him.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine. Scared for you, actually."

"How bad is it?" she repeated, causing Draco to sigh. Of course she would want to know.

"Really bad. He branded you, knocked you unconscious, tortured you. I don't want you going back there while he's still there," Draco replied. "I saw the result. It's for life, Lei."

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"What? What for. How – "

"I'm sorry. If I had tried to fit in, be more like he wanted me to be, instead of following – "

"Lyra, stop! You've done nothing wrong."

"What'll happen to you? To us?" she asked, and Draco could hear a slight quiver in her voice. Looking down, he moved a stray strand of dark hair away from her face. Instead of verbally answering, he simply held her tighter.


"Harry, you can't be serious. Surely you're exaggerating."

"I'm not. Her entire upper body was bandaged and blood was seeping through them. It was awful."

"But who would do something like that? What – what even had to happen for her to be in that poor of a condition?"

"I – I don't know, Hermione. But something really bad happened."

Pacing, Harry groaned. What could have happened? Personally, he suspected either Umbridge or perhaps even her father, whoever he actually was.

"Harry. I think she's hiding something. Something big. For Merlin's sake, we don't even know her name. don't you think it's a bit suspicious?"

"Ron, I know how it looks. But this was real. I trust her."

"Okay. Your call, mate."

"Lyra?" Harry asked, coming into the Hospital Wing.

"Hello Harry," she said quietly.

"May I come in?"

"Of – of course."

Harry entered "her room," trying not to gape. A loose robe had been pulled onto her, but Harry could still see the bandage peeking through.

"What happened?"

She looked down, upset. "I don't want to talk about it."

He nodded, coming to sit beside her bed. "When can you go back to class?"

"I don't know. Right now I just have to concentrate on getting better."

"Is it – "

"Apparently it's permanent. Which means I just have to wait for some of the pain to go away."

Harry's eyes widened. "It's – it's permanent?"

She nodded. "What happened?"

"I don't know."

"You don't – "

"No one will tell me what happened exactly."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Would you like me to – to see, so I can tell you, or – ?"

"No thank you. I don't want to unwrap it, and I – I don't know if I want to know exactly."

Harry just nodded again. "I understand," he said.



"Ron doesn't trust me, does he? Because I'm hiding a lot of my personal life."

Harry sighed, running a hand through his perpetually messy hair.

"No, Ron does not like that we don't know much about you. I, however much I would like to know, am not going to press you. From what you've told me, I can understand, not to mention I rarely mention my personal life either."

"Harry, your personal life is always plastered in the Prophet, however much of it is lies."

He chuckled. "True, but still."

"I'm okay with it," he said. "Don't worry about it. Just concentrate on getting back to class."

"Thank you, Harry," she whispered, her voice still weak, as she herself was still weak after the attack.

"I'll see you later," he said, momentarily putting a hand over hers, before leaving.

Once outside, Harry stopped. How – life at the Dursleys' wasn't great, not in the least, but at least his parents hadn't wanted to leave him…they loved him. Her parents – these were her parents who were torturing her. Somehow, that seemed worse than what he endured at the Dursleys'.

Shaking his head, Harry returned to the common room.

Slowly, Draco made his way up to the Hospital Wing once more.

"Mr. Malfoy. What a surprise. Might I ask where you are going?"

Draco stopped cold, putting on his mask as he faced Dolores Umbridge. "Good evening, Professor."

"You haven't answered my question."

"To the hospital wing, Professor. To check up and see what has happened since my father dealt with Lyra," he replied, knowing he would be in ore trouble if he lied.

"I see. And you still care for the traitor?"

Draco internally tensed. "She is blood. Regardless of whether or not she has been disowned, I still wish to see how she is fairing. After all, I can then report to my father on how his punishment was received," he replied, not entirely lying, yet still feeling sick all the same.

"Fair enough. Carry on."

Draco nodded once curtly before continuing on his way, breathing deeply. That was close, almost too close. Yet he should have known it was coming – it wasn't exactly any surprise that Umbridge was reporting back to his father.

Sighing, he snuck into the Hospital Wing. "Lei?' he whispered. Her eyes fluttered. "Draco," she whispered, giving him a small, weak smile.

"Umbridge is suspicious." He told her, knowing she hated it when he kept information from her, even if it wasn't pleasant.

"Go figure. Are you all right?"

"Fine. I have it covered."

"You're not getting hurt yourself are you?" she asked, and Draco could hear the pleading not, begging him to be truthful, and at the same time, say 'no.'

"No, I'm not. And I don't want you worrying about me. I want you to heal as much as possible."

She nodded, reaching out to him. "I don't want to lose you," she whispered. "I can't."

"I know," he replied, his tone matching hers as he ever so gently hugged his sister. "I can't either. Which is why I was so scared when I found you."

"Draco, what – "

"He burned the word Traitor into your back. Happy now?"

"I – I'm sorry. I know you didn't want to tell me. I just – I had to know."

"Shh…I know. It's okay. I understand." He muttered, running his hand repeatedly through her hair as he kept her close to him.

Carefully, he switched positions so he could better hold and support her.


When she looked up, he continued. "Please. I want you to be safe. I just – "

"Draco, not now please. I just – can you just stay here? Please?"

He sighed, nodded, pulling her closer, wishing he could do more for his sister. He wasn't lying earlier…if he lost her, he was quiet sure he would lose himself as well.

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