Babysitter Bones

Author: Dreamwind

Summery: Another mission gone wrong, but this time Bones is left to sort out the consequences. Is he prepared to watch over two small children? Especially when those children are Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

Warning: De-aged Kirk & Spock, terrible use of Southern & Scottish accents, yelling, mildly inappropriate language & potential cuteness overload

Rating: PG-13

Universe: Star Trek XI

Chapter 7

CMO Leonard McCoy's Personal Log Stardate 2259.929

My life has gone to pot. I shoulda' known all along fate was against me. I loose my job, my bitch of an ex-wife (although I suppose that's a good thing), I loose my daughter and I get screwed out of a planet and forced to join Starfleet to work in space. Space! My God, what did I do to deserve this...hiccup...sigh...

Now I had a chance with an amazing woman and she can't stand the moment of love we shared. She can't even look at me...sigh...I was right when I told Jim that space was disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence. Yet again a woman is the one sending me into that darkness and silence.

Day 4; Noon, Enterprise Sickbay

Jim watched Dr. McCoy warily. The man wasn't following his normal behavior pattern at all. He didn't scold them for going to Ensign Cutie's cabin without permission, he didn't grumble and complain when they were brought back...He didn't really do anything. It was weird. It was like his body was under remote control and his brain was gone. Jim wasn't sure how to handle this. Sometimes his Mom would have days like this, where she would look right through him as if he was invisible... But this was Dr. McCoy and he wasn't anything thing like Jim's Mom. He didn't forget Jim. He didn't call him George. He didn't burst into tears upon seeing him. Dr. McCoy was strong, he was stable, He obviously cared about Jim and Spockie. He was everything Jim had ever hoped his Father was and seeing him like this scared Jim. He didn't know what to do to make it better.

So he did nothing.

The good Doctor took five minutes to do some quick scans of Spockie and him before preparing their vitamin hyposprays. Jim contemplated running away simply because he hated hyposprays, to see if Dr. McCoy would chase him, but there was something sad, almost fragile about the blank expression on his face. In a way it reminded Jim of his Mom, of the look she gave him on his last birthday. So for once in his life Jim stayed put. He didn't argue or complain. He simply let the Doctor do his job and silently prayed for him to feel better.

"All finished, Keptain, Kommander. Do you vant lunch?"

Jim gave Ensign Cutie a small smile as he was lifted off the biobed and placed on the floor next to Spockie. "Yes, please."

Jim glanced at Spockie who, like Jim, had noticed Dr. McCoy's behavior and was trying to be as calm as possible in order to avoid upsetting the man. Jim took Ensign Cutie's hand without complaint and quickly took Spockie's hand in his.

"Good, then ve vill go eat and let Dr. McCoy get back to vork." Ensign Cutie gave them both a warm, if strained smile as he led them out of sickbay.

Jim couldn't help but to look back once more. The Doctor was just standing there, shoulders slumped and head drooping. His pale skin seemed to make the bruise forming around his eye all the more painful and Jim couldn't help but wince in sympathy. Bruises like that always hurt the most. So bad sometimes that even the tinniest sliver of light felt like a gavel to the head. Jim really hoped the Doctor was feeling better soon, he kind of missed the sassy tone of voice and playful teasing.

The walk from sickbay to the cafeteria was a silent one and Jim had to fight the instinct to fidget and runaway. He didn't like this. Not at all. When adults started behaving like this it usually meant bad things for Jim. Sam had acted this way before he ran away and so did Jim's Mom every time she left Jim. Frank acted this way too, but it had been the worst after Jim drove the antique car off the cliff and Frank had shipped Jim off to Tarsus IV. His Aunt and Uncle had acted that way once just before-

Jim forced himself to stop thinking. His head was throbbing, pain lancing through his brain as fractured images, memories of things that happened to an older Jim tried to make themselves known. The ship was spinning around him, the floor rushing up to meet him as the walls and ceiling melted together. Only Spockie's hand, warm in his own still seemed real. Jim wanted to cry out, to scream in terror. There was so much pain and fear and darkness...there were screams, crying and voices begging 'No! Don't touch!' Evil, hateful, baleful eyes watched him out of the dark recesses of his mind. They were horrible things best left forgotten, locked away where he would never have to face them.

'Scream for me, boy! No one will hear you...'

'No one will save you...'

'She left us! She left because of you!...'

'Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society...'

'They won't come for us. God, please save us...'

'Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death...'

'It's your fault! Give me my George back...'

'If you had never been born none of this would have happened...'

'You shouldn't have been born...'

'Why was U born...'

'Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV...'

Jim screamed and clawed at his face as the memories grew louder, drawing him deeper into the dark.

Chief Medical Officer's Log Stardate 2259.930
The shit finally hit the fan. I knew something like this would happen the moment Uhura walked them into my sickbay. Whatever was in that damn Welcoming Dish that caused the age reversal is mucking something fierce with their bodies.

At 12:15 pm on stardate 2259.929 James T. Kirk was declared comatose. It appears to be caused by some form of mental trauma. Dr. M'Benga believes it may be due to his adult memories trying to return. At this time all the patients vital signs have return to normal for his de-aged condition. Medical Department will continue to monitor his as Spock's vital for any signs of another seizure.

Day 5; 11:00 pm, Enterprise Sickbay

The darkness was wrapped around him like a warm blanket, fighting to keep him in it's embrace. It felt like a struggle of heroic proportion to just blink his eyes open. Although young, Jim didn't think of himself as a hero, never had. He did know he was stubborn and sometimes stubbornness worked just as well as heroics. Sam had told him so once a long time ago when he could still smile warmly at Jim and look him in the eyes.

Jim's heart fluttered in his chest at the thought and his eyes began to open slowly. Blinking, he closed them again as they tried to adjust to the lighting. Taking a deep breath he opened them again and looked around the room.

He was in sickbay. Again.

Doctor McCoy was slumped asleep in a chair to his left, his cloths were rumpled and heavy bags had formed under his eyes (the one now a livid purple from where Ms. Uhura had hit him). Ensign Cutie was asleep in a chair next to the Doctor, his curly-haired head tilted backwards over the back of the chair and his mouth open wide.

Jim's lips twitched upwards at the sight of the two. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, waiting. No painful memories rose, just a familiar sense of comfort at the sight of the sleeping Doctor.

"Jim," the voice was whisper soft. If Jim hadn't been right next to him, he doubted he would have heard Spockie.

"Are you well, Jim," Spockie's voice was serious and Jim was surprised and pleased to see that Spockie cared enough about him to worry.

"Yeah. It doesn't hurt so much now."

Spockie nodded and laid his head back down on the pillow next to Jim. His fingers, Jim noticed, were laced through Jim's own. Somehow that left a warm feeling in his heart and a soft tingly current running through the hand joined with Spockie's.

"You experienced unpleasant dreams, Jim?"

"Yeah, but," Jim's face scrunched up in thought, "I can't really remember 'em. Just that they were scary and it made me want my Mommy," the last words came out in a trembling whisper.

"Your Mother is not here, Jim. Would I do in her place?"

Jim rolled onto his side facing Spockie. "Yeah. Your better than Mom, Spockie."


Jim giggled and leaned forward, nuzzling his nose against Spockie's.

Spockie blushed a warm jade, his eyebrows up in his hairline. "You are very illogical."

Jim laughed, his little hands covering his mouth, he again and curled up with Spockie. "Will you stay? I don' want to sleep," Jim found himself yawning, "alone."

"That would be acceptable."

"Thanks." Jim muzzled into Spockie and closed his eyes with a smile as Spockie gently carded his fingers through Jim's hair.

Chief Medical Officer's Log Stardate 2259.931
Nurse Chapel noted that Jim briefly woke from his comatose state last night and has since fallen into a normal REM state. No further signs of trauma from the incident have occurred and both kids seem to be healthy.

Scans taken of the two this morning show a small age jump occurred overnight. It now appears that both are registering as being 7 years old. New nutritional supplements shall be adjusted into their diets and vitamin hyposprays. It is still unclear as to why Jim suffered such a violent reaction and Spock did not. Further study will be needed.

Day 6; 8:23 am, Enterprise Sickbay

Leonard woke up in pain, his body protesting his falling asleep in that god-awful visitor chair. He wasn't young enough for that anymore. Grumbling quietly he stood, stretched the kinks out of his back and looked at the bed. Jim and Spock were once again curled around each other, Spock's arm tossed protectively over Jim's side.

A quick scan confirmed what his eyes told him. Both boys were sleeping peacefully. Still Leonard was worried. Jim's sudden collapse had been frightening, not the least because their was nothing he could do to help. All the scans showed that the problem was in Jim's brain. It appeared to be a previously unmentioned side effect of the re-aging process. The Al'torinnian EHMO Ya'quiro N'Tres Alquirrina had been extremely apologetic about the issue and offered all his resources to help aid the Enterprise Medical and Science Departments in helping their Esteemed Captain and First Officer.

Leonard didn't know what to do. M'Benga hadn't been any help other than noting Spock had also had increased brain activity during the change. The little hobgoblin had lucked out. His Control of his body had allowed the new memories to appear without repercussion. Although Spock had noted remembering a couple things that had happened years after he turned seven. Leonard had to wonder if Jim had as well and what he remembered, if anything.

Leonard ran his hand through his hair and looked back at the two sleeping boys. All they could do was watch the two boys and wait to see if it happened again. Not at all a pleasant thought.

Leonard headed to his office and the bottle of Saurian Brandy hidden there. If ever there was a medical reason for a good sized stiff drink, this was it. The idea that it could have lost Jim...It terrified him. Hell, even the thought of loosing Spock scared him. He didn't think he could do this...staying out here on a Starship without them.

"Doctor," the soft sleepy voice made Leonard turn around, glass of brandy in hand.

"Morning, Chekov."

"Vhy are you up? You should sleep, sir. I vill vatch them."

Leonard took a long drink trying to ignore the worried look on the baby-faced Ensign's face. "I will be fine, Chekov. You should get something to eat, your shift will be starting soon."

"I vill be fine. You have not eaten in tvo days."

"I've gone longer." Leonard gave Chekov a sharp glare, wondering when the lad had seemed to loose the fear of him. "Now run along, I don't have time to play with you."

The hurt and dirty look Chekov threw him was enough to curdle milk. "I vill bring you some food. You vill eat it, da?" Without waiting for an answer Chekov turned on his heal and left.

Leonard sighed and set down the half empty glass.

11:15 am, Enterprise Sickbay

Chekov smiled. It had taken hours and a rather involved sneak attack with one of Dr. McCoy's hyposprays to get the Doctor to sleep. Chekov didn't know how the Doctor could stay awake and functioning on so little sleep, but it certainly couldn't be healthy. So he had conspired with Nurse Chapel and Dr. M'Benga to...well, mutiny for lack of a better word. Bit really it fir the best. Doctor McCoy obviously needed the rest and he was just too worried about the Captain and Commander to take a nap. Privately, Chekov thought the Doctor was acting like a little boy.

Chekov smiled at Nurse Chapel as he handed her the empty hypospray. "I vill vatch the little Keptain and Komander."

"Thank you, Pavel." Nurse Chapel's smile was wide and warm.

Chekov blushed and quickly moved to the private room where the two children were sleeping. He didn't think his blushing at her friendly smile would go a long way to helping her think of him as a grown man and not a 17, almost 18 year old.

"Keltain, Komander," Chekov's voice was low and gentle, coaxing them from sleep. "It is time to be getting up." Carefully, Chekov reached out and lightly shook Spock's shoulder, waking the little Vulcan.

"Ensign Chekov."

"Good morning, Komander."

Spock sat up, carefully keeping Jim resting pressed against him, and rubbed his eyes with a little fist. "Where is Dr. McCoy?"

"He is sleeping so I vill be vatching you."

"That is acceptable."

Spock brushed Jim's hair lightly before leaning down and speaking gently into Jim's ear, "Jim. It is time to awaken."

Jim mumbled and shifted on the bed.

"Jim, you must wake now."

"Mmm," Jim mumbled, pressing his face into Spock's hip. "Don' wanna. Comfy."

"You require sustenance."

"Wanna sleep."

"Jim. You must awaken now."

"Spockie," Jim whinned, looking up at Spock from beneath his eyelashes. Spock arched an eyebrow at him, even as his cheeks and ears blushed jade.

Jim sighed, his own face flushed pink. "Okay, I'm up."

"Vell," Chekov smiled and helped the two boys off the bed, "Ve'll go get you dressed and fed. If you vant, Komander Scott has agreed to vatch you for a vhile?"

"Yeah!" Jim bounced up and down, excited, before turning and taking hold of Spock's hands. "You'll like Scotty, Spockie."

Spock flushed an even darker green. "If it would please thee, I hold no objections."

Jim jumped wildly up and down before suddenly throwing his arms around Spock's shoulders, pulling the surprised Vulcan into a tight hug. "Thanks, Spockie."

"Vell then, lets get something to eat before Dr. McCoy vakes up."


12:18 pm, Enterprise Cafeteria

The walk from Dr. McCoy's cabin had taken longer than they thought. It seemed every passing crewman had to stop them and touch Jim, as if trying to reassure themselves that he was alright. It was strangely satisfying to know that so many people seemed to care about him. Of course it wasn't as satisfying as knowing that Spockie cared about him.

Ensign Cutie had been pretty quick about ordering up some new cloths from the computer. They had not been nearly as elaborate as what Dr. Sassypants made for them, but they were still cute. Jim had been given a bright red pair of overalls with a cartoon Enterprise on the chest pocket and a Starfleet Command badge on the left strap. His shirt was a simple black t-shirt and his shoes were the same sneakers he had been wearing the day before. Spockie had been given the same outfit but in reverse colors. The overalls had been black, his shirt red and the badge on his left strap had the Science Officer logo.

He didn't think Spockie cared for the cloths. Jim however, liked them just fine and had spent several minutes while they dressed pointing out how handy they were. They had been made from a strong, durable fabric to keep them warm and to prevent damage to the cloths in case of an accident. There were multiple deep pockets ideal for carrying various items and the long sleeved shirt was a thermal cotton, which was also designed to help keep them warm while still being comfortable.

Spockie seemed mollified by he facts Jim poured out, pointing out examples of the things he had done while wearing some back home. "They are pretty nice. I used to wear overalls a lot at home too but they were never this nice. I usually just got my brother, Sam's, old cloths that he grew out of."

"Why did your parents not provide you with your own cloths?"

"Well," Jim scrunched up his nose, thinking, "Mom was gone lots and Frank always said it was women's work to buy new cloths for kids. 'Sides Sam's cloths were always in good shape. Maybe a little faded and sometimes the knees were patched up, but they were still good."

Spockie made a huff like noise, but didn't say any more. That pleased Jim. This was something he was always teased about on the playground and he found he didn't want Spockie to know the other kids teased and bullied him.

The door of the cafeteria had whooshed open for them and once again the people nearby made their way to where Ensign Cutie, Spockie and Jim stood and began to look Jim over, ruffle his hair and just generally touch him. It was a little overwhelming. He had never had so many people watching him with such expressions. At his side Spockie clutched his hand and glowered at all the people. It was too bad Spockie was so cute, otherwise the look could probably send the crewmen running for the hills.

"Stop that," Chekov moved in front of them and tried to shoo away the crewmembers crowding Jim. "The Keptain is fine and he and Komander Spock have kome to eat. Go back to your own food."

Jim was a bit surprised that so many people higher in rank than Ensign Cutie had simply agreed and backed off. They were quickly led to an empty table where Ensign Cutie got them set up before dashing off to get them some food.

"So why did you want gumbo? Doesn't that have like meat and okra or somthin' in it?"

"Miss Uhura brought some vegetarian gumbo to sickbay last night. It proved to be a fascinating meal."

"Really," Jim looked over to where Ensign Cutie was. It appeared as if he was arguing with the replicator. "That's cool. You want some of my jello?"

"What is jello?"

Jim's eyes widened. "You don't know what jello is? Poor little Spockie." Jim patted Spockie's shoulder.

There was a loud, frustrated shout from the replicator, followed by some laughter from the people nearest to Ensign Cutie and the replicator. Spockie looked ready to get up to help when Ms. Uhura walked into the room, and spotting Ensign Cutie (who looked like he was going to pull his hair out at any minute), made a beeline for the replicator. Two minutes later a ruffled Ensign Cutie and a much calmer Ms. Uhura were back at the table, food in hand.

"here is your wegitarian gumbo, naan bread and vater, Komander." The steaming bowl was set in front of Spockie with a small plate of naan bread next to the glass of water.

Ms. Uhura set a plate down in front of Jim along with a bowl of strawberry jello and a glass of milk. "Here's your hamburger-"

"No cheese," Jim interrupted.

"No cheese."











"No? Why not?" Jim lifted up the bun, checking over his hamburger.

"You don't need it."



Jim huffed but didn't protest further. He picked up the hamburger and took a large bite. "It's good."

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Jim," Ms. Uhura scolded.

"Sorry." Jim took a gulp of milk and looked back at Ms. Uhura. "Are you still mad at Dr. Sassypants?"

Ms. Uhura flushed dark, her hand frozen halfway to her mouth. "Why would I be mad at Dr. McCoy?"

Jim just shrugged. "You punched him."

"I'm not mad at the Doctor." Uhura set her fork down.

"You sure? You were yelling at him and you did punch him."

"Please stop mentioning that, Jim."

Spockie looked over Ms. Uhura before speaking. "Have you suffered any undue injuries from Dr. McCoy's cannibalism?"

Uhura's eyes went wide, her face going pale before flushing an even darker shade of mahogany than before. "I am uninjured and I am not mad at him. Now why don't we talk-"

"Did it hurt when he tried to eat you," asked Jim.

"No. I'm all right, really. Now we should be ea-"

"The person being eaten always screams in the movies," stated Jim.

"Indeed," queried Spockie.

"Yeah. 'cept when their being eaten by a vampire. Then they always just make this moan-y noise."


Uhura buried her face in her hands. "Kill me now."

"Keptain Kirk! Komander Spock!"

Both boys looked over to Ensign Cutie. "This is not proper konversation to have vhile eating!"


"Apologies, Ensign Chekov."

"Alright. Now it is time to finish eating or you vill not get to stay with Komander Scot."

Uhura kept her face in her hands a while longer before she was ready to go back to eating. Even then the embarrassed blush remained.