AN: This epilogue was inspired by KawaiiKittyChan's "A Trap With a Sexy Lure".

The little worm was sleeping soundly. Strange, she'd always heard that killers' consciences bothered them at night. It seemed that was not always the case after all. Oh well, it was really of little concern – it just made it all the easier to sneak up on him.

Silently she crept over to his bedside, her motions precise, fluid like a shadow cast over him. She was to him in an instant. Quickly her hand clamped down on his mouth, smothering the instinctive scream which came as he was so violently roused from his slumber.

"Hello, Jacob... remember me?" she asked, her voice nearly purring as she watched the week thing before her struggling and felt the fear growing within him. "A decade ago you killed my parents, and last month you sent your men to kill me. And, I guess you assumed they'd succeeded, though none of them returned and my body was never recovered." At this the red eyed creature paused for a moment. She leaned down and whispered the next words directly into the helpless man's ear. "And you were right."

Jacob's eyes shot open, as if his sockets were trying to push them out, as the words and the police girl's altered appearance registered. He screamed loudly. But, do to the strong hand upon his mouth, the words only came out as muffled moans.

"That's right, Jacob, I'm dead. And now... and now I'm going to... 'thank you' – for all you've done for me." The creature brought her head up and locked eyes with the man lying beneath her. "Stop your struggling. You can't move. Your fear has left you paralyzed," she cooed in a deep, soft tone, and Jacob's struggling faded away.

"You see I've come to a decision. The police aren't going to catch you. You know the game too well... and cheat whenever someone else gets the upper hand. But we both know what you are, what you've done. And I'm not a bobby anymore. Now, I'm playing by an entirely new rule book."

In a flash the vampire's hand slipped down to the man's throat and squeezed it, hard – but not quite hard enough to kill him. "I could snap your neck like a twig... But I won't. No, a quick death is too good for you. I've got something else in mind."

And with that the creature leaned in and lined up her mouth with the man's neck. Her free hand pulled a small dagger from her boot and brought it up to the man's neck. She sliced, and the taste of his blood filled her mouth.

Seras had all she could do to keep from spitting out the wretched substance. The man was vial, and even his blood was tainted, putrid. Yet, she endured. She drank from him, doing her best to ignore the moans and sighs of of ecstasy that the experience drew from her captive.

She hated the thought that she was causing this man pleasure. But he'd get his soon enough. First, there was one last thing which needed to be addressed. She had to be sure, absolutely sure. And so the vampire searched through the memories the blood carried – back... back nearly eleven years she went. And then she found what she was looking for.

'Twas the night of her parents' murder. She knew it well, had relived it a hundred times through the years. But this time was different. This time she was seeing it through the eyes of their killer.

It was disgusting, sickening. She felt everything he felt, every emotion, every perverted desire. It was torture, but she needed to go through it. She needed to know for certain that her memory wasn't flawed in anyway, that this 'man' had really done all the things she accused him of. And there was another reason too.

Despite what she'd become, Seras was not truly a monster. She needed this experience to fuel her rage, to give her the strength to carry through with what she was planning. It was the only way. And as Jacob entered her mother's dead body, Seras finally felt her anger spike to where she needed it.

She bit down into the slowly sealing wound, and the man's body jerked. She drank his life away, and then rose to stare at his empty expression. Then she waited.

It took nearly a half hour for the change to be complete, but finally Jacob's eyes fluttered open once more. He'd been no virgin in life, and so he was no vampire in death. Instead, his skin was a revolting mixture of pale yellow and green. His eyes were glazed white. His teeth were unaligned, and his body was already beginning to bare the tell tale stench of decay.

"Welcome back, Jacob... Welcome to your eternal punishment. For what you've done to me... and all your other victims throughout the years, you – what's left of you – will wander this earth for all eternity. You'll crave raw flesh, but by my order you are not to indulge – save for those carcasses that you find already dead and rotting. You will harm NO living thing, is that clear?"

The ghoul Seras had created groaned, the closest it could come to replying. "Good. You will wander the earth like this, trapped in a decaying body, unable to die, yearning for raw flesh and unable to sate that hunger. You will live forever as a horror, a reflection of the monster you truly are. Goodbye, Jacob. You'll not see me again. And may God have mercy on your dark, twisted soul... no one else ever will."

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