The storm

It was nothing like I'd seen before and I was totally begining to wonder if this was normal and why it was the only dark cloud in the sky when it had been clear since this morning. I fumbled about in my jean's pocket and took out my cellphone. I wanted to get a picture and show it to dad when he got up. However I didn't need to as he was running towards me.

"Katherine" he called as he ran to me "what are you doing out here?"

"I went to look for Robbie" I replied "he took your car."

"I know" dad replied "Rachel told me." I then told him to turn around and that's when he saw that dark cloud thing.

"Was it supposed to be forecast storms or something today?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"I watched the weather this morning, it didn't say anything about a storm." He then grabbed my hand and suggested that we could see better from the backyard so I just ran with him into the backyard where we got upclose with the cloud and I still couldn't get why the wind was blowing towards it. It just wasn't normal.

"Rachel" I heard dad call from the bottom of the porch stairs "wanna see something cool?." A few seconds later,Rachel came running out and stood with me and dad as we watched the wind blow towards the storm. After a few minutes,it stopped but the worst wasn't over yet. Before the three of us could say anything, lightning began flashing down from the sky and I let out a small yelp.

"I want to go inside" Rachel said in a scared voice.

"It's ok" dad reassured but both me and Rachel didn't want to stay outside.

"I want to go inside" Rachel said again.

"So do I" I said "this is really freaky." Dad then said we could wait inside,but he soon ran with us as another bolt of lightning hit the ground.

"It's kinda fun isn't it?" he asked us.

"No" Rachel replied. I gave him a weird look.

"Are you mad, this ain't fun,it's really freaky and I don't want to stay out here." I was caught of guard when another bolt of lightning appeared and the three of us ran back inside the house.

"It hit right behind the house" Rachel screamed as another bolt of lightning came down from the sky. I grabbed my sister's hand and she clung to it tightly.

"It's not going to hit there again" Dad reassured "because lighting doesn't strike twice in the same place." He had spoken to soon when another flash of lightning lit up the kitchen. Me and Rachel shrieked and dived under the table with Dad not far behind. We watched as the lightning continued to hit the ground.

"This isn't normal is it?" I asked dad "there should be thunder too."

"Where's Robbie?" Rachel asked "why won't it stop,why won't the lightning stop?" There were a few more strikes of Lightning before it stopped and none of us spoke for a while until Rachel spoke up first.

"Is it over?" she whispered as she grabbed onto my hand.

"I think so" I replied back. Dad was getting up from under the table and headed for the front door.

"Where are you going?" Rachel asked.

"You're not going to just leave us here are you?" I asked "the lightning might come back."

"I'm just going to check things out" said Dad "you two girls wait here,I'll be right back" and he left,leaving me and Rachel alone. I slowly climbed out from under the table and looked outside. There was an eerie silence,I couldn't hear any cars going along the motorway,I couldn't hear any kids laughing and running around,it was like the whole world had gone dead.

"Do you think dad will be ok?" Rachel asked as she climbed out from under the table and joined me. I put my arm round her and gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'm sure he'll be fine Rach" I said. She nodded and stared out the window.

"Why has everything gone so quiet?" she asked with a look of fear on her small face "it's really weird Kathy."

"I don't know" I replied "but I'm gonna call dad and ask what's happening." I got out my cell phone and went to dial Dad's number,but my phone was switched off. I could have sworn I had it on before the lightning.

"What's the matter Kathy?" Rachel asked me in a trembling voice.

"It's my cell phone" I told her "it's gone dead."