Just thought emmett needed some love. Short little oneshot! Hope you liked it!

The day I met my baby sister was the day that changed my life.

From the day I met her in forks High, I knew something was going to be different with her. I knew that she wasn't some ordinary girl. i didn't know what would happen, but I knew something out of the ordinary would. Edward could tell, too. He wouldn't stop staring at her. It was like he was in a trance.

And then he comes back from science class with eyes that were coal black. Thats when I knew this could evolve into something so much more. I wasn't a physic or anything, but I did have a knack for predicting things. That day, to rosalie, I predicted that Bella was going to change us. She didn't believe me, but I knew it was going to happen.

Edward was a little brother to me, and it pained me all these years to see him depressed. But only a couple of weeks after Bella showed up, he wasn't as depressed. He smiled and laughed, and it was like I finally had my little brother back, the way he was supposed to.

Things moved fast between Bella and him, and I could tell that Rosalie didn't like it. She thought that Bella was throwing her life to be with edward. I disagreed completely. I could tell that she was good for him, and that she belonged as a vampire.

And then her birthday party turned into a disaster and we had to leave. Edward went back into depression and again, I lost my little brother. But I lost something else, though i couldn't figure I out. It was like part of me was still in forks.

When I heard that Edward was at the volturi, trying to get himself killed, it hurt me on so many levels. I was losing my baby brother. If it hadn't been for Bella and Alice, I would be depressed. Bella saved me there.

When Edward and Bella finally agreed to get married, it was like there was peace in the house once again. No more distrubtions, just time to relax and have fun. Of course, Victoria had to ruin that for me. She always ruins everything. Bella was scared out of her wits and Edward was sinking back into depression. Me? I was ready to fight. But seeing my baby brother like that really brought me down.

I thought things would go back to normal after the fight, but they didn't. Bella had kissed Jacob and Edward wasn't responding well. Though he wouldn't show it to Bella, he was depressed again. Only she could fix this.

He did eventually snapp out of it and then they got engaged. I have never seen him so happy before. The wedding was beautiful, and just perfect. I could tell that this is what was supposed to happen.

Then Renneesmee entered our lives and I wasn't sure what to think. Bella was dying, Jacob wouldn't leave, and Edward was in the worst state i had ever seen him in. The only thing that couold make this worse is the volturi.

Of course, they do come. Alice and Jasper disapear, Renneesmee is born and Bella is a vampire. Things were a mess. We were going around the country to recruit vampires. Things weren't looking good. But we weren't going down without a fight.

We met the volturi and things weren't looking good. Jane especially. But Alice and Jasper came through for us and reneesmee was allowed to live. Edward and Bella were estatic.

It was that day that I finnaly figured out what Bella was to me. Bella was my baby sister.