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Author's Note: So after much urging by my friends on AnimeSuki, I finally gave in and decided to post my own drabble-dump for the shorts that weren't long enough to be considered stories. These are all set in my ViCia universe, mainly pre-Shadow arc because most of them were written last year and weren't published until now. Yeah.


"I hate alternate realities."

Vivio spared her mentor a surprised look. "Really, Vita-sensei? I find it kind of cool."

"You would." In a significantly worse mood than her younger student, Vita slumped in the plastic chair, sucking on the straw of her caramel milk carton and a scowl on her face, effectively scaring away half the population. "I'm not too comfortable about the thought of another me running around."

Nanoha giggled, in a surprisingly good mood considering the magical warp that had yanked her and her two companions through time and space into an odd little alternate reality with another version of them running around. "Come on, Vita. It's no different from home. Besides, Hayate-chan—theirs, not ours—said they're doing everything they can. We just have to wait."

Vita grumbled, gulping a mouthful of milk. "I just can't believe it… in this world, Hayate and Verossa actually get married… I'm gonna have to watch that bastard like a damn hawk when we get home…"

While Nanoha attempted to soothe her angry little friend, Vivio watched the passing people with evident curiosity, perched on the edge of her seat and earning some odd looks from the people walking by. In this world, her other self had learned how to handle Mid-Childan magic under the guidance of her mothers and Chrono, and wielded a device called Burning Glory, which was set as a dark blue ring on her finger when not in use. The use of her Belkan-based Parsifal, on the other hand, was the total opposite of her counterpart, and only a threat from both Vitas had kept Mariel from dismantling him on the spot to see what made him tick.

After looking around for a few minutes, Vivio couldn't help noticing that her other self was hanging around the landing area, evidently waiting for something or someone to arrive. Unable to resist, Vivio leaned out and snagged the sleeve of a passerby, which happened to be this world's Caro. "Hey, Caro-nee," she murmured, and the older woman leaned in closer curiously, always willing to help. "Who's Vivio waiting for?"

It took a few minutes for Caro to recall that there were two separate Vivios, looking between the pair quickly to confirm that her eyes weren't playing tricks on her; she smiled. "Oh, Vi's waiting for Lu-chan. She's been on a mission for about six months now, and today she's coming home." The pink-haired summoner laughed. "I think it'll be good for Vivio. She's been going slowly insane since Lu-chan left. It happened right after they got together, too, so that made it worse in some ways, I think…"

A joyful cry of "Cia!" interrupted the conversation, and both girls looked up.

Just in time to see Vivio fly into the arms of Lutecia Alphine, her arms coming tight around the older girl's neck as she kissed her.

Right on the mouth.


Vivio blinked; her jaw dropped.

"I… have a girlfriend in this world?" She blinked several times, trying to process this new information. "B… but… Nanoha-mama said I can't date yet… and Lutecia-chan's four years older than me…"

"What can I say? Love knows no limits." Caro patted Vivio cheerfully on the shoulder as the couple in front of them broke apart and started away, fingers twined together as they spoke in low tones.

Nanoha paled.

Suddenly in a much better mood, Vita chuckled. "Better watch out, Nanoha," she teased, nudging the woman with her elbow. "Your Vivio might start getting some ideas now."

Nanoha narrowed her eyes.

"… I'm watching Vivio like a hawk when we get home."


I wrote this last year after talking with DezoPenguin and realizing that in both our series, Vivio was fifteen when something major happened in her life. It kind of just evolved from there.