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The singsong chime of a connection being formed alerted Lutecia to the fact that a call was incoming on her Device; she groaned, rolled over, and shoved her head under her pillow to muffle the sound. Next to her, Miranda muttered sleepily and shifted before settling in, continuing to sleep as if nothing had disturbed her. Thanks to the small size of the hotel room and exhaustion from the mission they had just completed, they were sleeping together in the same bed.

"Asclepius, block the call," the summoner muttered; usually she was more polite about things, but she had just finished an infiltration mission for the NSIS and was trying to catch what little sleep she could before they left the planet in the morning. She didn't even dare glance at the alarm clock beside the small hotel bed.

"Incoming call is Takamachi Vivio."

Exhaustion and the aches in her body had the lilac-haired girl briefly consider blocking the call anyway, just so she could get some sleep. Affection for the girl who was calling made her pull her head out from under her pillow and roll over, holding Asclepius up. "All right, let her through."

There was a confirming beep in response to her command; a moment later, the small holoscreen opened up. Even in pixels, Vivio looked ready to burst with energy. Lutecia shifted a little to get more comfortable, pushing her hair out of her eyes. "Hey, Vi." She tried to smile; it came out sleepy and lopsided.

"Hey, Cia!" On the other hand, her friend was practically bubbling with energy; something good must have happened. An instant later, she realized the state her friend was in and winced, lowering her voice. "I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?"

Beside her, Miranda grumbled; Lutecia chuckled softly. "Yeah. It's all right."

Vivio's shoulders drooped a little. "I'm sorry. I didn't think the time differences would be so big, we just finished eating dinner here…"

"Hey, I said it's all right." Lutecia smiled again, and this time it came out as she intended. "So what happened?"

Seeming soothed by her older friend's reassurances, Vivio's excitement returned full force. "You remember that big Belkan history test you were helping me study for all week?"

"Yeah." She'd spent that week splitting time between the Library and her mission briefings and training. Not a fun week overall, but she didn't regret a moment of it. "Did you pass?"

The honey blonde's eyes lit up. "Yes! I even did better than Corona for once!"

Corona, Corona, Corona… Lutecia wracked her sleep-clouded brain, trying to match the name to the face. It took her a moment, but eventually she recalled the fair-haired girl Vivio was friends with, and that she was the top of her class. Vivio scoring higher than her on a test was a pretty big deal.

"That's great, Vi!" Her delight for her friend was genuine, even if her voice was soft so she wouldn't stir her sleeping companion. Miranda grunted anyway and elbowed Lutecia; without so much as looking at her, the red-eyed summoner plucked up her pillow, reached back, and whacked her partner over the head with it.

"Yeah, Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama were very proud." Vivio beamed, pleased that she had been able to make her mothers happy that way. She leaned in closer to the screen. "Oh, and guess what else?"


Now she practically exploded with excitement. "Nanoha-mama is taking me in tomorrow to get me a Device!"

Lutecia blinked, trying to process this information and remember why it was so important; she eventually did, and laughed softly. "Only took her four years."

"I know." Vivio pouted. "I even asked if I could get it when I was nine, like her and Fate-mama, but she said no."

Personally, Lutecia understood the reasoning of Nanoha's logic; the younger Vivio was given a Device, the sooner she was considered ready and able to be trained for combat. She had already received some light training in the area, but it was only small, physical combat stuff; nothing that could really support her in a battlefield with traps set and spells blazing. Just the thought of Vivio even entering a battlefield at the same age as her mothers made Lutecia shudder.


"Sorry, I was just thinking." She shook it off, then grinned. "But that's great news! You must be excited."

"I am! I'm a little nervous, since apparently the personality has been programmed and everything." Vivio fidgeted. "I hope he or she likes me."

"I'm sure they will, Vivio. It's hard to not like you."

Vivio giggled at the compliment; she leaned back in her chair, satisfied that her excitement in the news had somehow drifted through the screen and infected her friend. The lull in conversation allowed Lutecia's exhaustion to momentarily catch up with her mind, and she muffled a yawn behind her hand.

"Are you coming home tomorrow?"

"If it all works out. I should be home by about…. Um… I want to say noon Mid-Childan time."

"Oh, so you'll be home after I get my Device! Cool, I'll bring him or her over and show you!"

"Sounds like a plan." Lutecia was distracted by another yawn. "I'm sorry, Vi…"

"Yeah, I know." Vivio smiled sheepishly. "I should be the one apologizing, since I woke you up and all."

"It's okay. I'm glad you told me." The older girl smiled sleepily. "You'll have to tell me more about it when I get home."

"I will." Vivio nodded, then hesitated for a moment before she spoke again, softly. "Cia?"


The younger girl smiled at her friend. "Sweet dreams."

Lutecia chuckled again; her eyes softened. "Sweet dreams. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? It's a promise."


The call ended then, with another soft beep to indicate the line being cut; the holoscreen powered down and Lutecia sighed sleepily, grabbing her pillow back from Miranda's hair and setting it down, resting against it.

She was asleep in an instant, lulled by Miranda's soft breathing.

So this is apparently my last drabble from this group that's my most recent, which kind of surprises me. I thought I had more, unless I missed some. Ah, well. We'll see.

On the side, I edited this a bit after Dezo's comment on AS about how his thoughts wandered when he saw Lutecia and Miranda sharing a bed. Hopefully this clears it up!

In the timeline, this is pre-confession and pre-romance, so it's just friendship fluff. Vivio is ten, Lutecia is fourteen.

Ultimately decided to settle on "equal friendship in spite of the age difference", since it makes the romance that follows a little less awkward in some respects. XD