Three minutes and counting. I paced up and down my bathroom nervously, John wasn't helping the matter, he just sat emotionless on the edge of the bath. Looking at my watch I saw I had two minutes left. I couldn't stand the wait.

"I can't do this John. I've got to go." As I reached the bathroom door John stuck his arm out,

"You have to do this Jo. We need to know, we need to get everything sorted." I submitted to his logic without a word and counted down the seconds.


It was the moment of truth. Steeling myself for the worst I looked at the pregnancy test, the little stick of plastic that was about to either ruin or save my life, I looked at it and couldn't hold back the tears. Everything was ruined, my life, my career, and most probably my nose when George broke it for having an affair with her husband. John had guessed the result from my reaction. Standing he gathered me up in his arms and held me tight stroking my hair and murmuring words of comfort to me.

We stood like that for what seemed like an eternity, before John released me from his grip and looked at me,

"What are we going to do darling?" I thought about it for less than a second,

"There is in all honesty only one thing that we can do. Only one option is even possibly open for us..."

"Are you sure you can do this?" John's voice was laden with feeling, with care and worry.

"I don't know. At the minute I don't really know anything. All I know is that right now at this very second I have a human being, a smaller version of me and you growing in my stomach, and it is this small bundle of cells that is going to change everything whether I keep it or not." Holding me tight to his chest John kissed the top of my head.

"I have my boys to think about" I reminded John "They're still trying to get over the death of their father, what would this do to them? At best they'd think that their mother had started to have an affair before their father was even cold in the ground and at worst they'd know the truth, that I was busy fucking you as their father lay dying!" John recoiled at my strong language. Pulling away from him I looked in the bathroom mirror. I saw a mess, an adulterous, slutty, heartless mess.