This is my first fan fic, constructive critisism wanted!

He fleetingly saw the flash in Kaede's eyes as she blocked his last attack. A singular bead of sweat had formed just beneath her scarf. Ever since the fire, she hated for him to see her scars, as if any physical damage could lesson his love for her. She swung around and struck another blow, this time aimed lower; catching him on the hip, as he stumbled back Kaede threw another one directed at his chest, off guard, she caught him, and with a flick of her pole disarmed him.

Throwing his pole back to him the dance started again, dodging, parrying and blocking each other, his desire for her growing with each move. As she twirled the pole above her head preparing for her next onslaught, Takeo created his second self and darted behind her ready to disarm her from behind. When she swung through his image she surprised him again by aiming a blow at his legs, causing him to fall to the floor where she pointed her pole at his chest pinning him.

Takeo pounced back up at her, enclosing Kaede within his strong arms, taking in her warm smell as the copper sun glowed into the room. Her dark eyes were captivating, getting him caught in the intense depth that lay behind her beauty. She blinked up at him, tears starting to form at the corners eyes. His uninjured hand carefully brushed at the tears, and he kissed her forehead.

"What's upsetting you?" He whispered, my lips brushing across her closed eyes, beneath the scarlet scarf tied around her head.

"Takeo, please."

"It can't be so bad,"

"I think I'm pregnant Takeo"

That small sentence, so quietly stated, his heart had never felt such desire, such longing, his beautiful wife, carrying his child; it was perfection, yet; the prophecy. Kaede looked up at him, unknowing of the possible meaning, if she bore a boy, yet, Takeo already had a son, this could not be so bad, he was happy, delighted even, his child growing, developing right beneath where his hand now rested.

"Kaede, I could not be happier than right now"

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I do, what could be wrong?"

"Well, is it too soon? We're only just starting to build up the Three Countries,"

"This is exactly what we need; our child will only perfect what we have now"

He pulled her chin up to his and kissed her softly, feeling her body mould to his as the sun began to set, bringing a whole new chapter into their lives.