The Magician and the Ninja


Anywho, this is just a series of (probably) short one-shots involving everyone's favorite Magician and Ninja~

I've found writing for them unbearably fun~ Most of these will likely be based in the anime-verse since I like Happy!Fai much better.

Title: Marshmallows

Rating: PG (some Language xD)

Notes: I was bored xD Tha's about it. Also, there are more chapters to come~

"Syaoran-Kun, Syaoran-Kun!" For once, Fai sounded frantic. It was such an odd thing to hear that at once Syaoran stood up and looked to where Fai was. He nearly attacked Syaoran by hugging him into his chest.

"What's wrong, Fai-San?" Syaoran demanded immediately, trying to pry the man off of him.

"Kuro-Puu, he, he-"

"He's what? Is Kurogane-San in trouble?"

Fai burst into tears. "He touched my stick, Syaoran-Kun!"

"…" Syaoran stared at the blubbering blond. "…He did… what, exactly?"

Fai, even at his best, couldn't stop the smile from breaking through his supposedly crying façade. "He touched my stick, Syaoran-Kun."

"…w-what…?" Syaoran really, really wished he didn't have to ask. However, for the sake of resolving whatever Fai was so intent on, he had to do. "Can you please elaborate?"

"It was horrible, Syaoran-Kun! Just horrible!" He cried, the smile once again gone from his lips. "I was just minding my own business when suddenly he attacked me from behind! I didn't do anything to him, I swear! I was just roasting marshmallows-"

"Wait, marshmallows?" Syaoran interrupted, crossing his arms. "So the stick… you mean a real stick? From a tree?"

"Yeah." Fai replied, the sly smile back on his lips. "What did you think I meant, Syaoran-Kun?"

Syaoran's face turned completely red and Fai knew at once that he had jumped to the conclusion he had intended on. "Er, nothing. G-Go on…"

"Where was I? Oh. Of course. A-And before I knew what was happened he grabbed it and tore it from my hands! It really hurt, Syaoran-Kun. And now… I feel empty inside without it."

Syaoran looked behind Fai to where Kurogane sat at the fire, trying in vain to stick a marshmallow onto a stick. "Damnit!" He shouted. "Now I know why that damn wizard couldn't do it, either!"

Sakura, beside him, easily stuck the marshmallow onto the stick. "Huzzah!" She called, angering Kurogane more.

"Fai-San." Syaoran said, glaring at the blond. "Kurogane-San was helping you with roasting marshmallows, wasn't he?"

"Yeah, but I was still traumatized." Fai replied, then added under his breath, "I mean, normally I'm the rough one…"


"Nothing, Syaoran-Kun~"