Title: Oops

Rating: G

Notes: This is obviously AU but funny nonetheless. Though it's really short and doesn't really focus on Kurogane or Fai, it does sort of pertain to them and humor at Syaoran's expense is always funny anyway, so enjoy while I go off to think up more ideas for this fic xD

He hated reaching for things in the back of the fridge, Syaoran had come to realize this fact during his travels. Whenever they had a fridge, everything he wished to eat was crammed in the back, and he was constantly digging for it. "Got it!" He said once he got out the pitcher of the strange substance known on that world as Kool-Aid. It was so good and so very addicting that Syaoran had bought sixteen packets of it.

He poured himself a glass and swirled the crimson liquid around. The last time he had had it, it wasn't as thick. Still, he figured that it couldn't have been any different than the last stuff they had made. He set it on the table and carefully put the container back where he had found it, since whoever wanted it would have to suffer as much as he had. When he finally had everything back in the fridge, he turned to his prized glass of Kool-Aid only to find that Fai had taken a liking to it himself and had stolen it.

"Ah!" He said, wiping his mouth. "Thank you, Syaoran-Kun."

"Uh, for what? And that was mineā€¦" Syaoran said as Fai shook his head.

"Thanks for getting out the blood I needed while Kuro-Sama was out."

Syaoran stared down at the empty glass, back at Fai's smile, then ran to the bathroom to heave, though he hadn't drank it, he had sure thought about it and that was disgusting enough to cause him to heave.

Fai smiled as he washed out the dish. "Maybe I should tell him it was only tomato juice?" He thought for a few moments. "Nah." He decided.