"Oh EDY-KINS!" Bella wailed in her screeching voice. "What honey?" Edward replied, the blood running from his ears. "I WANNA HAVE KIDS!" bella screamed back. "Bella, there is no need to scream. I'm sitting right next to you." Edward moaned. Bella glanced at Edwad (Yes, he's a Wad of Ed.) from accross the couch. "OK!!!" Bella grabbed Edy by the foot and dragged him towards the door. "Where are you taking me?!" Edwad cried in hysterics. "Unhand me foul beast!" Bella, happily ablivous to Edy-Kin's plight, pried his hands off the door and hauled him outside, his head bouncing on the concrete. "WE IS GOIN ON A ADVENTURE!" Bella sang/screamed.


"Where are we Bella?" Edwin groaned as he slowly regained conciousness. "WE IS AT MEH LAIR!!!" Bella roared in Edy-poo's ear. Ed sat up and looked around, rubbing gravel off of his forehead. "But we're in the middle of a bunch of rail road tracks." "EXACTLY!" Bella answered, skipping around him in circles. "HOW DID YOU GUESS?!" Edward glared a bella-bob in disbelief. "I just sat up and looked around. Can't you read?" "NOPES!" Bellie shouted back. "LET'S MAKE CHILDREN!" Bella jumped ontop of Edward and ripped of his shirt, revealing him to be naked underneath. "What?" Edward said looking at Bella's astonished face. "You're the one who wears bras." Bella suddenly smiled. "NOPE! NOT ANYMORE! CALL ME SUPER-BOB!" Almost as soon as Bella and Eda got busy, A choo-Choo twain fell out of the sky and crushed them.

And the moral of that story is children, Never steal Jessa's Nacho Corn Nuts. or hide in her laundry and bite her ankles. Foo.

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