Chapter 3 – We'll Have Us a Knife Fight

Elle Driver and Bellatrix Lestrange circled each other in the luxurious apartment. It was clear from the look in their eyes that neither the blonde nor the brunette would show any mercy. They were both soldiers, professionals. Killing was what they did...and they would fight to the death.

Both of them were holding their knife in a defensive stance, their eyes never leaving their opponent. Both were watching for a slight movement that would signal the start of an attack. Both of them seemed strangely wary of being the first one to strike. Perhaps because neither had met their match before. Elle was one of the world top assassins and Bella was deadly even without a wand.

Elle's blue eye met Bella's dark ones as they continued to circle each other, sizing each other up.

Bella was the first to strike. She darted under Elle's guard, opening a long, shallow cut in the blonde's stomach. Elle grunted in pain, staggering slightly. A long rip had opened in Elle's blouse, baring smooth pale skin.

Bella's were drawn almost irresistibly to the skin and the crimson blood on it. She felt a strange urge to lick the blood off Elle's skin.

The strange thing about it was not her fascination with the blood. Violence and sex had been inextricably linked for Bella for as long as she could remember. It wasn't even the fact Elle was a woman. Bella had experimented with girls a fair amount before she got married. It was the fact Elle wasn't a witch

Bella was a Death Eater. To them Muggles (the magical community's name for non magic people) were vermin, animals. They were obsessed with purity of blood. So much so that they continued to marry only pure bloods despite the fact that their numbers were dwindling. All the pur blood families were interrelated.

No Bella should not be lusting after a muggle. However even she had to admit this one was attractive, despite having only one eye. Bella had always had a thing for blondes. And what she found even more attractive than Elle's beauty was the fact she was clearly a warrior. Merciless, ruthless. Like Bella. Bella couldn't help giving Elle a once over that was definitely more sexual than warrior-like.

A look of confusion came over the blonde's face. She could swear that Bella had just checked her out. She'd given her a look like men did when they were undressing her with their eyes. She quickly decided she must have been mistaken. What did she know about women checking out other women? She'd never looked at another woman that way.

Though now she thought about it...Bella was beautiful. She'd noticed the brunette's striking beauty in the wedding photo. Clearly what ever Bella had been through in the years since then had not dimmed her beauty. She was surprised to find herself actually checking her out. She was even more surprised to realize that yes, she found Bella attractive.

Bella smiled as the blonde gave her a once over. She clearly wanted her... even if she didn't know it yet. Too bad one of them was going to kill the other. She had a feeling she would enjoy playing with this pretty muggle.

Elle saw the predatory look in Bella's eyes. It was clear the fact Bella found her attractive wouldn't stop her killing her if she had the chance. It was Elle or Bella after all..

The knowledge that this woman wouldn't hesitate to kill her jolted her out of her reverie. She couldn't afford to be distracted. Elle never got distracted on assignment. She was too good at her job. Then again she'd never found the target attractive before. She reminded herself of the large sum offered for killing Bella and her natural ruthlessness reasserted herself. Bellatrix was going down.

Elle lunged at Bella, her blade narrowly missing Bella's arm as Bella stepped aside. Bella rapidly counterattacked, whipping her blade in a circle and opening a fairly deep cut in Elle's upper arm. Elle gritted her teeth against the pain and ignored it.

Elle feinted one way and struck the other way, her blade connecting this time. A deep gash opened in Bella's shoulder. Bella groaned as pain seared through her shoulder. That did it. Now she was pissed off.

She leaped at Elle, knocking her to the floor. Elle rolled as she hit the floor, barely avoiding her slashes. She flipped to her feet a few metres away from Bella, muscles screaming in protest at the movement.

Elle leaped of the floor, aiming a great flying kick at Bella. Lightning fast Bella moved aside and caught her as she leapt, throwing her into a chair. Bella heart skipped a beat when she saw her wand in the wreckage of the chair. Unintentionally she had thrown Elle into the chair her wand had been chucked under. If she could just get it she could end this fight.

Elle moaned in pain as she tried to get up and her muscles protested. She could tell she was going to be bruised tomorrow. Bella walked quickly towards her. She could see Elle hadn't seen the wand yet. She wouldn't remain dazed for long though and the wand was right behind her.

She realized the perfect way to distract her. Elle's eye followed her warily as she darted over and crouched down beside her.

The she leaned in and kissed the dazed blonde on the mouth. Elle's eyebrows shot up. What the hell was she doing? And why was she kissing her back?

Elle was so preoccupied with the strange but very pleasant sensation of being kissed by a beautiful woman that she didn't notice Bella reaching behind her back.

Bella's fingers inched across the wreckage of the chair to the wand. Damn it was hard to concentrate on grabbing it when she was kissing someone so gorgeous. It was very distracting. Particularly if the person was a really good kisser...

Finally her hand closed on the wand. She broke the kiss and placed the wand at her throat. Elle looked furious when she realized it had just been a ploy to get at the weapon. Then she looked terrified...somehow she knew that piece of wood could do some serious damage.

"Avada..." Bella said, her voice trailing off "Avada..." Damn it... why couldn't she do it...

"Shit" she swore softly under her breath.

She took her wand away from Elle's throat and Elle let out a sigh of relief..

Then next second she was dumbstruck as Bella disappeared in a wisp of black smoke. Elle looked around as if expecting her to reappear She was gone. Vanished without a trace.