Star's 100 Theme Challenge SSBB Edition: Kisses and Hugs

Pairings: PitxZelda, IkexPeach, SnakexSamus and LucasxNana

Greetings, folks! For a long time now, I've been busy with writing for the 100 Theme Challenge found on DeviantArt, and I've been wanting SO MUCH to use the themes for my favourite pairings. So I began writing with the idea I'd ONLY be doing this for Brawl, but that's not going to be the case. For anyone interested in seeing themes for other fandoms, I will also be writing for Kingdom Hearts (A Heart for a Heart), Fire Emblem (Of Support and Secrets) and Pokemon (Catch My Love).

If you're confused or have questions about how I'm doing the challenge, stop by my profile and check the link to my LiveJournal to information and updates on the challenge. So far, my motto and drive is 100 Themes, 4 Fandoms, 25 chapters, Lotta pairings. Leave no stone unturned.

With that said, let's get going on our first theme.


Theme: 1. Introduction
Pairing: Implied-to-be LucasxNana
Summary: First impressions are always the strongest...
Rating: K

"The start of a new friends to meet and new foes to challenge..."

Master Hand's motivational speech was as boring as last year's. Nana yawned and twiddled her thumbs anxiously. She was dying to get together with her brother and Ness and talk about old times. How the three off them were best friends and had their own union as the little smashers, who stuck together through thick and thin. Sure, the other small smashers were their friends. No one could resist Kirby, Pikachu, Pichu and Jigglypuff. But Ness and Popo, as well as Young Link, were more special to Nana. It might have been the human factor or (here was Nana's cue to blush) the fact she always had a crush on Ness. Oh the embarrassment!

"It's too bad Young Link isn't here anymore...I wonder if they will replace him?" Nana thought.

A quick jab from her brother made Nana sit upright. If Master Hand caught anyone not paying attention, he would make that smasher do chores.

The young ice climber raised her head just in time. The newcomers were parading onto the stage. Nana watched, with ever growing interest, at the gathering newbies. There was a blue hedgehog, a pokemon trainer, a wolf with an eye patch, a small man in a space suit, a blue haired swordsman ("As if we need any more swordsmen," Nana thought while rolling her eyes), an angel, a fat guy and a man with a really bad facial hair problem.

Nana smiled even more when she saw a blond boy with beady eyes like Ness's walk on the stage. Another human who was her age! Master Hand rattled off names, but Nana only listened for the blondie's name.

"Lucas, son of Flint and Hinawa."

The young boy shrank back a little, proving his shyness. Unfortunately, since his shoelace was untied, his step back proved to be a mistake. Lucas stepped on his own shoelace and fell flat on his bum, resulting in the whole room erupting with laughter.

Nana chuckled quietly. "Poor kid...not even five minutes as a newcomer and he's already managed to embarrass himself. That's an introduction no one's going to forget."


One down, twenty four to go for this edition.

Next Theme: 61. Fairy Tale.

Pairing: SnakexSamus.

To check up on my progress, see my LiveJournal (link is on my profile page under the Contact Me section).