Theme: 78. Drink
Pairing: PeachxIke
Summary: There was only one milkshake on the table...and two straws.
Rating: K

AN: This is it, guys. This is the last theme for SSB. I can't exactly say I'm sad to be leaving this behind. In a way, I'm more relieved. Like a weight is getting thrust off my shoulders. I've been in the SSB section for way too long (around three years) and it's time to move on to bigger/smaller and better fandoms (Pokemon and Vocaloid look really appealing).

Enjoy, people.

"Why did I agree to this?" Ike thought to himself. He was sitting in a fast food joint booth across from Peach and eating some weird tasting chicken things while Peach was eating a large burger. They both shared a large french fry helping and dipped in the same ketchup. The chicken didn't taste bad or just tasted different.

Earlier that evening, Peach had announced she wanted to go out for dinner with Zelda but Zelda had to back out because of 'princess paperwork'. Not wanting to give up, Peach asked Ike if he wanted to go with her to 'pig out like teenagers'. Ike wanted to refuse, but Peach gave him the puppy dog eyes and he couldn't say no after that. Peach even offered to pay for dinner and who would pass up a free meal? But now Ike was wondering what other motives Peach had in mind. She kept gazing at him and the mercenary could have sworn he saw a mischievous glint in her eye at one point. (He knew that glint well. Mist got it more than once whenever she was planning something devious that usually involved him or Boyd.)

Ike quickly finished his chicken fingers (which confused the hell out of him, since he was sure chickens didn't have fingers) and was ready to leave when Peach suddenly spoke up.

"Oh good, you're done! Time for dessert!"

"Dessert?" Ike raised an eyebrow. "Like what?"

"I feel like having a milkshake..." Peach looked at the service counter longingly. "What flavour do you like, Ike?"

"Uh...chocolate, I guess..." Ike shrugged. Peach smiled and got up.

"I'll go get it. You just sit tight, okay?" the Mushroom Princess hurried off without waiting for a reply.

"She's up to something. I know it."

A few minutes later, Peach got back with their dessert. "Here we go!"

There was only ONE milkshake on the table.

ONE milkshake.

With two straws.

"Wait a sec...where's mine?" Ike asked.

"Right there." Peach pointed to the single milkshake as she sat down.

"Then where's yours?"

"Right there!" Peach pointed to the same milkshake. Ike was confused until Peach took one of the straws and pointed the other one towards him. Ike realized she wanted to share the milkshake with him. He flushed red and Peach giggled.

"Come on, Ike. It's all for fun!"

Reluctantly, Ike took the other straw and started sipping the liquid ice cream. It really wasn't so bad but Peach's face was so close to his own. Any closer and their noses would touch for sure.

Why did she do this? Was this her idea of a weird trick?

The milkshake was emptied a few minutes later. Peach had a sly smile on her face as she threw away the container. Ike was really curious about sharing the milkshake so he asked, "Peach, what was the point of that?"

"Point of what?" Peach asked innocently.

"You know what. Sharing the milkshake," Ike retorted.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Peach said, still smiling.

"I bet you do. You could have gotten two milkshakes for us but you settled on one. And you got two straws."

"Okay okay, you caught me," Peach said. "I did that so I could indirectly kiss you, Ike."


"Ike, don't shout!"

"You wanted to indirectly kiss me? Why?"

"Because I like you," Peach simply said. "Because I think you're a nice man and because you've been my friend in the castle, aside from Zelda. Is that so wrong?"

"Uh...I guess not..." Ike mumbled. "Sorry, I guess I overreacted."

"It's okay!" Peach replied. They left the Burger King together and started back for the Smasher's castle. Ike was still stunned over Peach's confession. However, he was raised with the idea that two could always play at the same game and Ike got an idea of his own.

When they arrived at the front doors, Peach turned to face Ike. "Thanks a lot for coming with me today, Ike. I hope we can do it again sometime."

"Sure. The food was pretty good," Ike said. Peach smiled and started tu turn away, but Ike grabbed her shoulder and held her still. "Oh princess, I wasn't finished."


"I believe I owe you something for tonight." And Ike kissed her on the lips.

"Still tastes like chocolate."


And with that, I am DOOOOOOOOOOONE!





Not for a very long time.

Maybe in another fifty years.


That's one bad romance I DON'T want.