He had heard of her. All of his life he knew of her. His parents told him that one day he would marry her. Yet he had never met her. When he first met her he didn't know she was his future bride. He knew his bride was a pure-blood, beautiful and smart, cold and reserved and he hated that. No one could blame him for not making the connection. The first time he met this girl he fell in love. She was his blond goddess. Her blond hair was straight to her waist and her eyes were blue. She was thin. Cissy was the name. Cissy was warm and passionate, beautiful and smart. Perfect in other words for him. She was exactly what he needed to balance him out. If only he could get up the nerve to talk to her. He shouldn't have this problem. He was a Malfoy. Malfoy's don't have this problem. And they were never afraid.


" Black pay attention" said the potions teacher. Lucius looked back unsurprised to see Bellatrix Black ,a seventh year, talking to Cissy. They were always together. Bella as she preferred sneered at the teacher but didn't say anything. Cissy however looked at her professor and gave him every answer and corrected everything he messed up on. All of the Slytherins burst out laughing. The potions master turned beet red and walked out.

"Cissy that wasn't nice" Bella said laughing.

"Well the half-blood needs to learn his place" Narcissa replied with a frown. That announcement was met with surprise. Andromeda looked horrified. Lucius surprised.

"Um, Cissy how do you know he's a half-blood?" Lucius asked careful not to piss her off since she was close to Bella.

"Narcissa Black you should apologize." her sister Meda said.

"Ah leave her alone Meda," Bella was quick to say.

"Excuse me that's your sister?" Lucius said softly. He was surprised to learn his beautiful goddess was his fiancé.

"Ahh Lucius I forgot you're her fiancé, how do you feel about what she said." Bella said smirking. His grey eyes looked into the blue of hid bride-to-be and just knew their life would be perfect.

"I think she was amazing" he said smiling. Looking into Lucius grey eyes and hearing his words Narcissa, Cissy to her family fell in love and knew that their life would be perfect.


Looking down at her son, Cissy thought life couldn't get any better. His eyes opened at her as though he knew. His eyes were as grey as his fathers and she knew that Draco would be a spitting image of him.

"Lucius isn't he perfect." She asked her husband as he came in. He looked down at his son. Blond fuzz, pale and grey eyes weren't that attractive to him. Blond hair and blue eyes like his wife was what he was hoping for. Yet Lucius said what his wife wanted to hear anyways.

"Yes, dear he is perfect. As is our life together." They smiled down at their son knowing and not knowing what was to come.