Okay, I know I said that I wouldn't start another story until 'A prank gone wrong' was finished and it would be a story that you choose. But I just couldn't resist. I will finish. 'A prank gone wrong'. Heck, I'll update this one and that one at the same time. And as soon as 'A prank gone wrong' has finished I'll start the other one. But I just had to do this. So you would have something else to read while you waited for a long update. So please enjoy. Organization XIII goes to Disney World.

P.S. This story was inspired by 'Organization XIII in Walt Disney World' by bluemoonlightgirl.


Xemnas is about to walk out of his room until he steps on something. It was paper. He picks it up to find that it is mail. He reads them out loud to himself. For it being six a.m no one else is up.

"Evil weekly, bills, bills, Vexen's death threats, more bills, a reply to Saix's ransom note, free samples, Larxene's girly magazine. Sigh, nothing for me, except for shitty bills and my evil magazine. Hm, I don't think it could hurt to be noisy. Just this once."

He opens the death threats to find them quite funny. This person sounded like they were on crack. Funny thing is they were from the same person. But then again no one knew their address. It was most likely Luxord. Drunk on his rum, beer, wine or whatever else contains high amounts of alcohol. The reply to Saix's ransom was quite poetic. Saix was holding Roxas's bear for ransom. And Roxas was pouring out large amounts of munny for him back. He laughed at this sight.

"Hmmm, I wonder what is in Larxene's girly magazine."

He picks it up and randomly turns to a page. He reads out loud.

"Your body and you. It is perfectly natural for....OH MY KINGDOM HEARTS! HOW CAN SHE READ THIS?" He turns the page to find something else. "Okay, clothing. How can that be bad. Pants, shirts, dresses, bras....OKAY. Im done with her magazine. This isn't meant for male eyes."

He drops the magazine on the table and opens up the free samples. Talking to himself, yet again.

"Cooking utensils for Zexion, hair care products for Axel, seeds for Marluxia, tamp...feminine items for Larxene and hello what's this."

Their was a free sample for Xemnas. He opens it up to see what it is. Again being in need of some noise, he reads out loud.

"Need a vacation? Then it's your lucky day. You have been randomly chosen for a free vacation. So please have a fun time at Disney World." He puts the tickets in his dresser draw. "Psh, we don't need a vacation. Were perfectly fine."

He exits his room and slips their mail under their door. But on Larxene's mail their was a note that said. 'EW.' He goes to the kitchen to fix himself some coffee. By eight a.m everyone was up. Xemnas was still in the kitchen enjoying his third cup of coffee. He heard screaming coming from the living room. He put down his coffee and ran into the living room. He looked at everyone who was screaming at someone else. He looks at Roxas and Saix.

"Saix, you give me back my bear!" Roxas screamed.

"I said 5,000 munny not 3,500!" Saix yelled back.

"That's all I have! What else do you want from me!?"

Xemnas turns his attention to Marluxia and Larxene who rarely ever fight.

"Marly! What is with you!?"

"What's with me? You shocked me in the shower!"

"Well excuse me you gay, flower loving, pansy!"

"Well at least im not the type of person who looks at a picture of herself and says 'look at me I am soooo fat'!"

"Well at least it's okay for me to be that. Unlike you who cares to much about your freaking flowers and garden!"

"Well at least im not a flat chested!"

"Oh no you didn't!"

"Yes I did! And if you didn't wear that wonder bra of yours, you could be considered a GUY!"

"I don't wear those! I can fit into a regular, normal ones!"

"Again from the fat ass."


Larxene pounces on Marluxia. Xemnas looks at Vexen and Luxord now.

"Will you stop sending me death threats!"


"That wasn't a question. It was an order!"

"You can't tell me what I can and can't do!"

"Yes I can you drunk!"

"No you can't you prude!"

Xemnas is shocked by his Organization. Until he looks at Demyx and Zexion.

"Demyx! I will not, can not and would not read that!"

"Come on! What's wrong with manga!?"

"Nothing! I just wouldn't read it because you read it."

"Is that an insult?"

"I would think so smart one."

He then looks over at Xigbar and Lexaeus.

"Will you give me back my wallet!" Xigbar yells.

"This is my wallet!"

"Okay. So I swiped it! But still, I was gonna buy me a smoothie!"

"Sorry, but use your own munny!"

He then looks at Axel and Xaldin.

"You are such a pansy you know that, Axel."

"Your just jealous of my hair!"

"Oh it's on!"

By the time he had seen everyone fighting with words. They were now fighting with fists. Xemnas screamed out to his Organization members.


Everyone stopped. They stood up and dusted themselves off. Xemnas looks at them with pure anger in his eyes. Everyone was awaiting his words.

"Meeting. NOW!"

Everyone teleports off and quickly appears in the meeting room. Xemnas is sitting in his chair with angry eyes. He holds up his hand signaling everyone to be quiet. He begins to speak.

"Now, we have gotten mail today. I read them to make sure they were given to the right members. I got mail for something I thought we didn't need. Something that I thought we wouldn't need. But it looks like we need..........sigh a vacation." He says the last part quieter than the rest.

"REALLY!" Everyone exclaims.

"Really. I have gotten thirteen tickets to a place called 'Disney World'. Now I haven't really read over it, but I brought it with me to go over guidelines."

Everyone was on the edge of their seats. While Xemnas was unfolding the paper. Once unfolded he began to read in a monotone voice.

"Welcome to the trip of a lifetime. You'll have fourteen days to relax in the happiest place on earth. You may go to but no excluding in our park Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. You may also leave the park to visit Downtown Disney, Disney Boardwalk and Disney's Wide World of Sports. Just give this procure and tickets to Disney's Polynesian resort. And your adventure can begin."

"Wow!" Demyx squealed.

"He's not done." Saix yelled.

"You may go to any park in any order. You don't even have to go to all parks. Just have a fun time. And at the last day of your vacation our characters will be sure to see you off. Have a fun time. -Walt Disney World Theme Parks."

"Are you serious that we get to go, Superior?" Roxas said.

"It does seem rather fun and relaxing. And all of us have been a little testy lately. So yes. Now before you all go poofing off, there are rules to discuses."

"Awwww." Everyone sighs.

"We will be sharing three rooms for it only allows three. Also we will be using the buddy system. And don't pack your weapons. We'll be relaxing here, not working. Now I've been saving a large amount of munny in case of this. So spend away all your munny. But remember, im only giving you a certain amount. Spend it all and it's gone."

"Anything else!" Larxene snaps.

"We will be eating dinner together. For it'll, as it says in this brochure, 'brings us together'. And we could use that. Also when we leave, we leave. We can come back another day. And for your freedom of choice."

"Like we have freedom." Marluxia says.

"You get to chose your room mates and your buddies. Now you have to have another person with you at all times. But you may have four or five people with you. Or you can have a big group, I don't care just have a buddy. Now we leave tomorrow. So start packing and get a good nights rest."

Everyone teleported, while others ran towards their room. Getting ready to begin their vacation. Xemnas stared in disbelief. He thought that maybe they should do this more often. He then went to his room, to pack as well.

In his room he thought about what he would bring. His weapons were a big no no. So that was out of the question. But he'd figured that he would need something. He got out his black suitcase and began to pack. Before he had zipped it up, he made sure that everything he needed was their. Extra Organization XIII coats, boots, soap, shampoo, brush, and insurance card. In case of Demyx or Roxas falling or needing medical attention.

Xigbar already had his packed before he announced the trip. He knew that they would go sometime so he put it together one day out of boredom. He had extra clothes, bathroom items, 'The Big Book of Guns', an extra eyepatch and his cd player.

Xaldin was in no needs of having a vacation. He would much rather vacation here in the castle. Alone. But sense he had to go, he would have to seem a little excited. He put in the usual clothes, hygiene products, a magazine or two and an extraordinarily amount of hair care products.

Vexen was a little off himself about what to pack. He really didn't even want to go to 'the happiest place on earth'. He would in no means ride rides or enjoy this. This was his time to study and learn new things. He would in no means join the 'party' group. Meaning Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Larxene and Marluxia. He thought about how the last two had gotten dragged into this party life long ago. And shivered at the thought. He packed a bunch of magazines about science. Mostly 'Science, Knowledge and YOU!' or his favorite 'What's New in Science'. He also packed some experimental sleeping pills. For most likely. He would get the room, next to the loud mouths.

Lexaeus, a little confused on the whole thing. Decided to pack very little. Only filling a small duffel bag. Clothes were the only thing that he really needed. For the hotel would supply soap and shampoo, but he did bring his toothbrush. Along with a tv guide. For he would like to see what was on later that night.

Zexion was rather new to the idea. Sure, he was a little weirded out about how Xemnas wanted to get closer to them. But who wasn't? But he thought it would do him good to get out of the castle for a little while. I mean, he could learn to like to explore more than the library. He thought about it and took it back. But, he might actually enjoy himself. He packed four books. One to read in the car. The other three for night reading. He had picked his four favorites. 'The Outsiders', a book by Edgar Alain Poe, 'Twilight' which he had just gotten as a present by Demxy and was curious about it. And the book that no one knew was his favorite. His favorite cheery book.'Charlotte's Web'. The rest was pure essential things.

Saix was a little depressed about leaving the castle. He had never been in a hotel or 'happy place' and really didn't want to be. Before he had left he looked at Xemnas who had given him a big flat NO. He packed what everyone else had. Coats, boots, brush. But he had put a notebook in his. On top titled. 'Why I hate the People I Work With'.

Axel was on top of the world. He could finally take a real vacation from work. And also with his best friends. He packed pajamas, clothing, shoes, a brush and being the smart one he is. A pillow for he knew that they would leave early. Oh yeah, and Vexen's wallet.

Demyx was known for 'over packing'. On his first mission he brought a suitcase with him. But he didn't care. Now he had a real reason for it. He placed in a pillow, blanket, ipod, earphones, clothing, chips, bottles of spirt and much, much more. He also put in his favorite mini sitar plushie.

Luxord was not to happy about being crammed in a car for hours on end. But with a little liquor before the ride, he'll be all ready for his time in a car. His suitcase had been packed but what he was working on was his carry-on. He couldn't deiced what liquor to pack for the car ride and park if he had to. He put some fine wines and a little rum even those little silver bottles. He took a swig of some rum before saying. "This is gonna be awhile."

Marluxia was throwing a hissy fit. His bag was a size smaller than it looked. He had taken out his laptop three times already. It was either that or his pillow. He squished it down to size before being barley able to fit his laptop in. He zipped it up with great success.

Larxene was quite the packer. She had fit all of the essential girl.....wrong term. Larxene stuff in their. She had silly string, balloons, whoopie cushion and everything that she needed for herself. She was the only member who didn't have trouble packing.

Finally, the young Roxas. His bag was still empty. He pushed in a DS and an ipod in their. Also some clothes. Swimming trunks and bathroom things for just in case. He had shoved his pillow in their too. He was about to zip it up before remembering his bear. He shoved that in their two.

Every member was packed and was ready to go. Xemnas was sitting up thinking about the stress. While everyone else was running about, louder than ever. He tried to plan but couldn't for the noise. He called a rental and rented two cars. A van and just some five or six seater. He thought about the members and couldn't help but cringe. He made a list about who would sit in what car. And then went of to bed with a quick. "SHUT UP!"

And a reply from Larxene. Which was very hurtful. But after hearing silence for about a minute or two. Xemnas fell asleep. And everyone else was to excited to sleep. So the only person that was ready, was the leader, himself.


Okay, I forgot to tell you some important things. The reason I choose Xemnas and Roxas for the characters was because I thought it would stand for the Organization numbers I through XIII. Also, this chapter was short for the chapters I'll be writing. Or maybe not. Who knows? Anyhow, the next chapter is the car ride. Oh, how much fun. Bet you can't wait for that. But um, about the top authors note. Um yeah, please don't hit me. I really, really, REALLY wanted to write this. I'll still update everything else. For I don't think I'll ever leave a story unfinished. So R+R and stay tuned for all of my unfinished stories. Have a fun time with the Org.